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Volume 5996

CLASH OF THE GODS  ~ 1934.10.21
When the surly, mysterious white man demanded "Who are you?"

The ape-man answered boldly: "I am Tarzan. Who are you?"

The man ignored the ape-man's defiant manner and replied with haughty pride: "I was John Drinker, sailor. I am Dester Momlu, god and ruler of the Waioris.!" As he spoke, the savage warriors pressed forward, perplexed by the manifest enmity between the two they thought were gods. The god-king rose suddenly. "I am the first white man to visit Ramalex," he said. "You are the second, the island is not big enough for both of us!"

So saying, Dester Molu drew his revolver. As he fired, Tarzan leaped upon him, and the bullet buried itself in an overhead beam. Dester cried out in the language of the Waioris, and the bewildered tribesmen hastened to aid him who had been their first white god. Tarzan, borne down by force of numbers, fought free of his attackers; but when he arose he found himself encircled by archers and spearmen.

Dester chuckled venomously: "I have told them that you are the evil one, but my magic has lessened your powers and made you vulnerable to human attack. The savages began a wild, stirring chant, and slowly worked themselves into a frenzy. Then suddenly they set upon Tarzan as if to tear him to pieces! Their ruler commanded them to halt, but they heeded him not. Then he fired into their midst. One fell screaming to the floor. The natives drew back in terror, for Dester had spoken with tongue of fire and the voice of death. Now John Drinker addressed Tarzan. "Dester has not spared you. He has merely changed his mind. He shall kill you soon enough... when you have served his special purpose!"

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