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Volume 5994

THE UNSEEN ENEMY  ~ 1934.10.07
When the arrow whirred past Tarzan. He quickly commanded his friends to fall to the ground for protection. "Tarzan fights in the open!" the ape-man cried to his stealthy, unseen enemy. Though his words might not be understood, his gesture was plain. But in the forest the mysterious enemy thrust a brown hand into a quiver of arrows and strung his bow anew. Bohgdu saw; and swung quickly down through the trees to stay the winged shaft of death directed at his master. As the archer took careful aim at the shadowy figure of Tarzan the great ape dived full upon him! The savage bowman cried out in terror. A company of his comrades heard, and hastened to his aid. 

When they saw Bohgdu, they were taken aback, for never had they beheld a creature so strange and monstrous. But they rushed in to save their comrade, and the ape's defiant cries mingled with the excited shouts of the warriors. Tarzan heard the tumult. Swiftly he swung through the trees -- the quickest rout to the scene of combat. "I come!" he cried to Bohgdu.

But the ape answered: "Stay away! Our enemies are too many. Let me die -- fighting; but save yourself. The lord of the jungle paid no heed. He came to the field of battle and plunged downward to the fray!


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