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Volume 1987
Dum-Dum 2007 
Hosted by George T. McWhorter
Louisville, Kentucky -- August 2 - 5, 2007
Galt House on the Ohio RiverGTM and part of the McWhorter Memorial ERB Collection: U of L
Galt House and the Ekstrom Library, University of Louisville
Home of the Edgar Rice Burroughs Memorial Collection
There will be a formal dedication of the Bob Hyde Collection.
Updated program and info at:

Above photos by Jim Thompson

The Art of Richard Hescox
Richard Hescox is known to Burroughs fans for his beautiful paintings for the Venus stories, pictured on the covers to the Ballantine/Del Rey paperbacks of 1991. He was born in Pasadena, California, and soon rose to prominence in the art world with over 130 cover paintings fo rmajor publishing houses, and Hollywood advertising and design artist for such films as E.T., The Never-Ending Story, and The Time Bandits. In his spare time he has turned to fine art painting, and has been exhibited at many American art galleries and The Society of Illustratros in New York City. He recently moved to Reno, Nevada with his wife and son, and we are happy to introduce him to Burroughs fans at the 2007 Dum-Dum in Louisville. Much of his work is featured at:
Denny Miller's face is well known to Burroughs fans, and to the rest of the world, which is why he called his autobiography, Didn't You Used to Be What's His Name? In addition to playing Tarzan the Ape Man in 1959, he has made over 100 films and 37 TV commercials. Besides that, he is one of the greatest human beings ever to tread the planet, so we are pleased and privileged to welcome him back for Dum-Dum 2007. 

He and our other special guests will be featured on our "Meet the Artists" panel, followed by audience participation in a questions and answers session. See also ERBzine 1480

Tarzan the Musical from Disney Theatrical has taken two continents by storm over the last year generating record attendances and excitement from fans and critics alike. The Disney people have promised to send a representative to regale the Bibliophiles with  behind the scenes information. The ERBzine editors have attended both premieres -- Broadway and Netherlands -- and share many photos and reviews at: (Broadway production) (European production)
Herman Brix / Bruce Bennett and Gordon Scott will be remembered at a special panel discussion moderated by Mike Chapman who wrote the Brix bio. Another panel discusses the Bibliophiles, past, present and future. Dorothy Howell and Joan Bledig will entertain with a slide show and Burroughs Jeopardy! game. Bob Hyde's three children will be on hand for the dedication of their father's ERB collection to the University of Louisville Library and some of the outstanding items in this collection will be on exhibit.


At the University of Louisville Library
Bob Hyde Collection Dedication & Exhibition
Guided Tours of the Burroughs Memorial Collection
Meet the Artists Question & Answer Panel
Burroughs Bibliophiles Panel Discussion & Board Meeting
ERB Jeopardy! Game Hosted by Joan Bledig
Burroughs Slide Show by Dorothy Howell
Reception for Guests and Members
At the Galt House
Annual BB Auction (Saturday Afternoon)
(Donation of auction items invited)
Awards Banquet (Saturday Night)
Farewell Breakfast (Sunday Morning, Magnolia Room)

20 tables @$35 ~ Thurs. a.m. thru Sat. Eve.

The Galt House
140 N. 4th Street, Louisville  KY 40202
Call 1.800.589-52008
and ask for the Dum-Dum Rate (until July 2)
Double: $104 ~ Triple: $114 ~ Quad: $124
Limo from the airport: $10/person ~ Taxi $16.95
$65 advance or door
Cheques to "Burroughs Bibliophiles"
Mail to: Burroughs Collection, 
University of Louisville, Ekstrom Library, 
2301 South Third St.,
Louisville, KY  40292


Louisville Dum-Dum 2007 and Bob Hyde Collection Dedication

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