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Episode 1603: THE WRITE STUFF
When a writer is murdered at a literary event,
Canada's First International Convention of Novelists,
Rudyard Kipling, Lucy Maud Montgomery and a struggling new author
Normal Bean (actually Edgar Rice Brroughs) played by Adam Butcher
come under Murdoch’s scrutiny.

I've been a fan of CBC-TV Canada's Murdoch Mysteries for over 16 years
and have nearly all of the 250 episodes in my AV Library.
I've made many suggestions that this series set in early 1900s Toronto
would be an ideal spot to feature Edgar Rice Burroughs.
They had previously done and episode involving a burrowing machine to the earth's core
At last, the ERB character has finally appeared in Season 16's episode 3.
I've done scores of screen captures from that episode . . . 45 of these will are featured below.

Some literary licence is taken with Burroughs's character. 
This season's episode is set in 1910 about two years before ERB turned to fiction. Burroughs' first novel was published by a pulp magazine in 1912. 

 ERB's first novel UNDER THE MOONS OF MARS which would eventually be named A PRINCESS OF MARS had been submitted to All-Story magazine under the penname "Normal Bean" suggesting that the author of this fantasy fiction wasn't really crazy -- the typesetter ruined the joke by misreading the name as "Norman Bean". To add a bit of mystery to the Murdoch plot, the screenwriters had ERB use the name "Norman Bean" when he attended the Writer's Convention in Toronto. 

ERB recognized the policeman investigating a murder at the event as being Constable George Crabtree -- one of his favourite authors. Crabtree was flattered and let this struggling writer follow him around as he investigated the murder. But ERB was eventually suspected of being the murderer. 

When cleared of the crime and after George had read the manuscript for ERB's TARZAN OF THE APES (actually ERB's third novel), the two express each author's admiration for the other's writing. George suggests that ERB use a different name than Norman Bean and is impressed when ERB tells him that his real  name is the much more appropriate EDGAR RICE BURROIUGHS. 

Crabtree suggests that the name for ERB's jungle hero "Zantar" sounds like a magician's name and that the alternate "Tublat Zan"  sounds more like a creature from outer space than a super human man-ape character. He suggests that the names be reversed and ERB agrees that a much better name would be "Tarzan the Apeman." 

The two new friends leave for the pub to enjoy a pint together. 

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