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Volume 7568

Number 8 ~ October 1964
This was my first issue, produced mostly during my senior year of high school and into the summer just before going off to college.  It was 28 pages, mimeographed, with offset covers (the inside back cover was blank).  Joe Miller’s back cover illustration (an etching on Bristol board) was his only contribution to the issue.  He viewed his fandom days as history and he really did not want anything to do with a new Barsoomian.  The dedication on page 2 is to a woman who gave me a hand-cranked mimeograph machine she no longer needed.

My editorial provides some additional background on the publishing history, the transition to Taurasi, and Joe’s submissions to Pete Ogden’s Erbania.  Most of this issue was reprinted articles from other fanzines and their sources are noted here, so I won’t repeat all of it.  As I noted with issue #6, John Harwood’s “Morf and the Valley of the Old Ones” was originally written for Joe Miller.  But Joe quit before it could appear and James Taurasi wanted nothing to do with fan fiction.  As Harwood explains in his “Afterwod”, it later appeared in Norb Reinsel’s “Norb’s Notes” #10 for January 1962.  I honestly don’t recall much about Roger David Chambers, who contributed a very brief book review and a promo for his “Contan” creation.  Whether or not Contan ever made an appearance elsewhere I don’t know, but I was also done with fan fiction.

As noted in the reprint data, I included additional artwork by Ken Webber and David Kohr Jr. that had been available to me when the original issue was published.  It didn’t get used because I couldn’t afford additional offset work, particularly for the Contan illustration. Conversely, I omitted two pages of material from the original edition in the reprint.  One was a listing of fanzines while the other was my personal sales list.  The reprint was 16 pages and I couldn’t see going to 20 pages to include them.  So, for completeness, I have included them in these scans (just before the back cover illustration).  It’s a pretty good listing of the fanzines popular then and, as always, it’s fun to see the ridiculously low prices on used books.

One other note.  I sent courtesy copies of The Barsoomian #8 to Hulbert Burroughs.  He wrote a nice letter back and thanked me.  He also said he wanted to buy four books and one magazine from my sales list.  As it turned out, we did a trade for some dust jackets.  This was pretty heady stuff for a kid just out of high school -- I never dreamed I’d be selling ERB books to ERB’s son!

~ Paul Allen
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Barsoomian Newsletter #1 – April 19, 1965
This turned out to be a one-shot, even though I was naive enough to think I could do it quarterly.  It came about thanks to a visit David O. Kohr Jr. made to my parents’ home over a school break that April.  The back cover “Unofficial Dum-Dum” contains all the details of the visit.  Aside from a couple of article reprints on the cover, it simply featured news and fanzine reviews.  And it was produced largely because we had Dave’s “Amtorian” #2 printed while he was visiting.  I loved the logo that John F. Szuch created for it and I wish I could have done more with it.
~ Paul Allen

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