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ERBzine Summary ~ Guest Stars ~ Date Aired

53. THE FOUR O'CLOCK ARMY PT. 1 ~ 1968.03.01

 (Maurice Evans ~ Sir Basil Bertram, Julie Harris ~ Charity Jones...)
General Basil Bertram and missionary Charity Jones return in this two-part story, 
and this time must ally with Tarzan against a band of slavers
who have been taking people and destroying villages.
No one can agree on how to prevent a forthcoming raid by slave traders.
“If you sacrifice one life, that’s too much. That’s too many.
And it’s wrong. And you don’t make deals with human life, commissioner. I won’t.”
“Miss Charity, are you and Mr. General going to have a war?”
“To the finish!”

Okay so we get a map: a country (?) named Quattarak is at the top and in it are areas called Irumo (?), Uvanga, and Ungue. To the left is a large body of water called Mar de Watombu. Across the border from Quattarak are villages: Bangoola, Kong(!)ola, Mbaba, Rwamba, Akuta, all as part of M’Bolu. To the right is a river and possibly as part of M’Bolu are: Mwako, Bokola, and U’mali. Bokola is attacked, young women carried off, young men and feeble killed. It looks like Mid Eastern men are dragging off young men as slaves with ropes around their necks, too. We see the muscle extra man again just before the attack starts. The same thing happens to U’mali and M’wako, too, all superimposed under the faces of the men and the map?

Water towers fall, things blow up, huge shelters are on fire, huts collapse under fire, and it all feels as if this is stock footage, even if it is not. It also feels, after last episode, tired and very, very old.

To make matters worse, we see stock footage of Tarzan, feet in shot swinging. Now, these are great shots of Ely but we’ve seen them before. I imagine before the age of video, DVDs, home made DVD machines, and cable and services and repeats, people wanted to see repeat footage of such great stuff but now…it just sort of feels old hat and a cheap way of doing something. Not that this show is cheap: far from it. And as ever in both stock and new footage, Ely looks great.

Though the music is performed by William Loose and NOT Nelson Riddle for the first time in a long time, the score feels old, too. All of this made me wonder if somehow this episode were filmed for season one’s end or early season two as it feels, in more ways than one, a huge throw back to earlier episodes. The main theme is still by Riddle.

To add to that old time feel, Ben Wright returns as just “The Commissioner” who explains to Tarzan why official things will not be done to stop the slavers. Three slaves raids in ten days. The commissioner is going to M’Bassa to talk about getting help. The neighboring country is encouraging these attacks, itching for a war with THIS country (clearly in the map Africa) which is not prepared to fight such a war, AND the not so friendly country is also providing guns and ammunition from across the river.  The Commissioner also cannot close the border because it would give the country a reason to go to war. Huh?

Tarzan claims the young men are carried off and the women and feeble murdered but we didn’t see any women murdered of even lying down as bodies in the villages, even when Tarzan walked through it, unless I missed something. In fact, we saw women, and young children, female and male, marched off as slaves. And many men dead and killed.

One of the slavers calls another “O Seelly” or something like that. It’s odd. Is he Moussa Dagh?

What’s new here (not much) is that we see, for the first time, his men carrying huge ivory tusks! Yeek! Also young children are marched with ropes around their necks (surprised this got through the censors) as slaves.

But once more, Tarzan walks through a defeated village, it smoking and filled with dead bodies.

I’m sorry but I don’t understand the politics of this. If the commissioner can’t make deals why is the retired British officer able to? This is, of course, Sir Basil Bertram, returning character.

Johnny had ten apples. He gave three apples to Peter, two apples to Mary, and four apples to Sarah. Peter gave back one apple, Mary gave back one apple, Sarah gave back two apples, Johnny gave Paul three apples, how many apples did Johnny have left. This is a math problem Jai is working on and asks Cheetah for help! He gets two.

They are sitting on a wrought iron chairs and a table of similar look and design and a huge building near by? Jai goes to show Basil but Basil is sleeping. This precludes us seeing a reunion scene as they’ve already been reunited and that is disappointing. In fact, Jai is ecstatic to be reunited with Tarzan.

Also of note is Jai is missing a tooth and one might be growing back and he’s wearing what appears to be his OLDER sandals which again, makes me wonder if this episode was shot much, much earlier than the recent spat of episodes. The baby elephant is also back.

Before Tarzan shows up at the gov’t BUILDING (or wherever Basil is lounging in a hammock), Basil is, in what would NEVER be done today, ordering around African Samuel, tricking him into claiming it is 4pm instead of 3:30 and demanding from him liquor instead of tea, ordering him around like…well a slave or a military man, which he must be.

Basil appears to be at the border with a wired fence…and…roses? On the other side of the fence, an old fashioned car drives by. It’s fast but it looks ancient like from the 1940s!?

Tarzan calls Jai son once again just before Jai jumps into his arms and is raised up. Jai looks younger than in last episode, too.

Tarzan explains the situation to Basil, who knows nothing about it. Tarzan tells him to sell slaves the slavers have to go north and Basil believes the slavers would have to cross two borders and that the correct thing to do would be to close the border.

Basil also comes out and says the slavers are Arab.

In the jeep on the way, Samuel holds onto Padilla as if the boy needs support and for the first time ever, Padilla looks ill or something and there is dust everywhere. In the longer shot just before they see the rhino, it looks like he’s better and his hair is slightly different and Samuel is a bit further away from him.

In M’Bolo, as Charity sings FOR JESUS IS MY CAUTION, the black board behind her changes what it says. It starts out saying, TO SEE WHAT HE COULD SEE but then in a different shot it says THE WORLD. Then, once she dismisses the children, declaring school over for the morning, the board goes back to the first saying! She’s seen with Bernie Hamilton as Chaka!

Tarzan knows Chaka, the chief. He introduces him to Basil. We do get a reunion scene between Jai and Charity. For some reason this and other introductions are done in long shot! Once Jai runs off we get medium shots of Basil and Charity so maybe it was that the camera men were afraid of the censors to show Jai’s near nakedness?

Not sure who’s idea it was to put Charity and Basil in the same two parter but that’s a brilliant idea. They don’t start fighting right away but it isn’t longer than before a few minutes that they do start!

For once this beachfront tribe seems to have hundreds of people!

There’s the black haired Ely in stock swinging with Cheetah behind him and setting up a blockade in the water using vines to stop a river boat. This is also a huge throw back to the earliest of episodes. Russ Tamblyn can be seen briefly in the stock of the tug boat from an earlier episode AND the man driving it seems to be the villain from that episode. When the boat hits, it is all stock of the former villains AND Tarzan sneaks aboard and fight the men on top the boat, ALL stock footage! WTF? As Jai later explains to an irate Charity, Tarzan is stealing guns and ammo from those providing it to the slavers.

I’m sure audiences forgot the scenes or maybe not but a more obvious way of padding is soon to happen. As Jai watches Charity lead the women to the scene of Basil’s training and she tries to burn the effigy used for training practice for military purposes toward war, and Charity and Basil argue for peace (her) and defense (him) along with Chaka, Jai has flashbacks to when he first met both Basil and Charity.

While these flashbacks occur, Jai, for the first time and possibly for the first and ONLY time in the show’s entire run for any character, has an internal monologue running about how he thought Basil and Charity had changed but how he realizes now that they are the same as when he first met them.

The flashbacks happen in that swirl of what looks like water again, again using old techniques from earlier episodes. Another odd thing is that in the flashback with Basil, Jai has a tooth missing in what seems to be the same place or close to it.

The camera usually loves Padilla but here it absolutely adores him in the flashback with Charity as we get a close up of his face in orange and brown light as his long, black hair blows in the wind.

As Charity interrupts marching practice, Jai gets another round of flashbacks and an internal monologue again. AND we get a stock footage from another episode of Tarzan entering a nearly deserted village with a radio tower and one dead man or more. In that episode that this was lifted from one man, still alive and yet insane, sort of, attacked him. I almost expected the whole sequence repeated here but it is not.

It occurs to me about 30 min in that no one has directly confronted the villains yet, which, oddly, is somewhat refreshing. What is Basil doing looking down the barrel of a rifle with one eye? The beach here looks wonderful.

Charity talks about the Waziri….are these Chaka’s people? If so, weren’t the Waziri in the show before and as former violent warriors?

There was a whole year here without bloodshed and now there is literacy and a school. The mortality rate for infants and children has been cut down by half and there is a whole new concept for communal living.

When Charity enlists the women and at least one old man to stop firing practice, Jai has a third set of flashbacks! And internal narrative. Sigh.

It seems uncharacteristic for Jai to run away like this without even discussing anything with either Charity or Basil or both. Also: in the tree hiding sequence, Jai’s feet are, unusually totally bare.

More stock (sigh) as Jai runs with Cheetah. There’s even more stock and put together badly as a lion stalks Jai and Cheetah, then attacks (Jai’s hair length and age seem to change between moments), leaping. Jai screams. Two lions fight.

Does the henchman Arab slaver actually say, “Now that Allah is with us?” ? Or something else? In long shot and after MORE Jai stock footage, he captures Jai while Tarzan watches. Jai almost gets Tarzan caught, too. Again, this is most uncharacteristic of Jai. Also: Jai smiles when he finds the villains’ tent camp. Why? Again, in another badly edited sequence, Tarzan seems to be watching something…or probably Jai’s capture with no emotion commiserate to what he should.

Jai’s rescue consists of new and stock footage. The Arabs that fire on Jai and Tarzan seem to be mere boys! The hench man Tarzan chokes down in order to save Jai is shown, deliberately, to be still be alive.

In what looks like MORE stock footage, Tarzan swings with Jai on his back and we can see it is NOT stunt men or stunt boy, it is both actors.

This entire thing: Jai leaving, the rescue, all of it, seems like a huge forced padding and it really seems to sink the episode and the premise, though Charity and Basil carry on in their “relationship” she sleeping on his shoulder until 5am or so the next morning, both worried about Jai. He seems to lament he didn’t join the Navy like his father’s advice suggested to because they leave their women where they should be—on shore, according to him.

After Charity leaves with Jai and Cheetah, evacuating the old and the women to the rear of the village and in the jungle there, Jai seems to have a huge dirt spot on his butt.

As Tarzan and the men with Basil go into their positions, more animal stock footage is thrown in, including cute baby foxes.

What’s really weird here is that an African man in a safari hat and outfit and holding a rifle is also shown. This is stock from a different episode. What were they doing in this episode? What were they thinking?

There are also deer, baboons, elephants, lions, and birds of every kind stuck in there. What the…?

Also: HOW did Tarzan and the others know the Arabs were going to be attacking at this moment?

Jai is not seen with Charity but he runs away again, against Tarzan’s express wishes and I suspect more stock footage as Jai watches the battle that does happen.

In the cliffhanger, the men find their guns are not working or aren’t loaded and they are overtaken by the Arabs. Tarzan is surrounded by dozens of men beating him and capturing him; Basil seems to have the same happen to him; and Jai seems captured again.

The others scramble for the river with the Arabs literally feet away from them. Some Arabs fire guns at them but we don’t see what happens. NOT ONE of the Waziri seem to go down but Basil does hit some of the Arabs.

What happened to the guns? Was it Charity?

Sigh. I don’t know where this episode started to go wrong but it’s a huge mess. In contrast to last episode, it’s the worst one where as that one was the best. What was going on?

I can only guess that maybe some footage was shot and then the story abandoned and then was picked up again later with new footage? Who knows? What’s left is a total mess of lots of stock footage and Tarzan not acting like Tarzan (he wants war!), Jai not acting like Jai (he runs away for really no reason and those reasons are never discussed, though Basil asks the boy why he ran away, Jai doesn’t answer and Tarzan says they will discuss that later but never do). The only thing that this episode has is the sparks between Basil and Charity and frankly, while, fun, that’s not enough to hold this mess together. It’s really that bad.

All the stock makes it tedious. By the time a smiling Jai finds the enemy camp and heads for it and then hides amid stock footage, we’ll find we don’t care anymore and even Ely can’t save this as his Tarzan watches impassively as Jai is captured and manhandled by the henchman, who he leaves alive.


Not only does this seem to be a throw back to earlier episodes, it is not even better than those episodes and the setting is nice, the old music okay, and some of the stock nice…Tarzan is seen swinging with Jai…almost none of this holds together to make anything resembling an entertaining episode and it’s sad because the idea of having Charity vs Basil is a good one. It just needed a together script and perhaps should have been a less padded ONE parter instead of a boring two parter.

ERBzine Summary ~ Guest Stars ~ Date Aired

54. THE FOUR O'CLOCK ARMY PT. 2 ~ 1968.03.08

 CAST: (Julie Harris ~ Bernie Hamilton ~ Waziri Chief)
After the village is burned and Tarzan, Jai, the chief, and numerous villagers are captured by the slavers, 
General Bertram and Charity must work together despite their differences. 
Tarzan escapes his captors and comes to their aid. 
He decides to follow behind the slavers to discover who is leading them.
Tarzan goes after the slave traders, whose prisoners include Jai. 

Ron Ely’s TARZAN

“I’m not worried, Tarzan will come.”
“He loves that boy very much, doesn’t he?”
“Don’t we all.”
The reprise is 6 min and 16 seconds, plus with the credits AND more reprise from the end of last episode we get almost 7 and a half minutes taken up. The Arabs leave the hidden women and children alone, take the men and Jai as slaves…and Tarzan unconscious on a truck and burn the village. The chief vows to wash his hands in the blood of the leader of the Arabs.

Somehow and unbelievably Basil has been left behind, a knock on the head is all he had and he realizes that the guns they were using were only practice rifles. The firing pins are missing.

Wait. Did that vulture just wake Tarzan up? Tarzan escapes immediately into more stock footage of animals and himself with blacker hair and from about two years ago. While he seems to track the captives, Charity ignores Basil’s orders and goes with him to rescue them, too. Their rapport is almost worth this. They start to like each other more.

Stock or not, we’ve not seen this beautiful shot of Ely running toward the camera across the land with the sun behind him during twilight (or even dusk). It does make this episode worth it. On a whole, so far (20 min in) this episode is far better put together than the first part. It doesn’t even matter that the water is behind him, we saw him dive into water so…it’s great.

As Basil tries to comfort Charity’s blistered feet, he tells her that he never thought about marriage much after his wife and son were killed in the bombing of London and when he did, it was too late. He keeps saying things about women that would never be allowed on TV today!

After Tarzan finds Basil and Charity and then leaves again to find the camp where Jai and the men have been taken as slaves, Tarzan sneaks up on the camp and…suddenly in the copy I have, day becomes night. WTF?

When Tarzan sneaks up on the captives, taking out a guard with a bolo and another by hitting him (dead?), he does not look happy that Chaka wants the life of the Arab leader but Tarzan frees just Jai, imploring Chaka and Samuel that he needs the Arabs here to lead him to the other captives of the other villages, otherwise he will never be able to find them. Chaka agrees. In this scene Ely seems to be wearing some kind of footwear and in the whole episode Jai seems to be wearing the sandals from long ago instead of the boots.

As he gets Jai out, we get the third time of stock of him swinging with Jai on his back and then intending on sending the vine back for Cheetah but instead going back for the chimp himself. Frankly, it still looks magnificent but one can’t help but feel this footage was shot LONG ago and Jai looks very young here as does Ely.

Tarzan’s plan to sabotage their jeeps and let the villains get away in trucks so he can use the jeep is a good one and it works. He also gets water and dried goats’ flesh for food (ewl). Tarzan, at first, wants Charity to take the jeep, Jai, Cheetah and Basil to safety but she implores him to take them with him. He then agrees, knowing it will kill Basil to leave Tarzan alone.

I am not sure what superstitions or legends the henchman thinks Tarzan’s cry is but the leader doesn’t fall for it.

Tarzan uses a blow gun with poison darts (to kill). One of the slavers (the first one hit and apparently named Yacob? Or Yacof?) looks like the muscled extra AND he is African.

Jai accidentally sticks his finger on a spike on a tree.

Tarzan’s poison kills two men and his Tarzan cry stirs up the men to leave.

Did Charity give Jai a haircut while waiting for Tarzan?

The henchman second might be called Missmala or is he Hassan??? The leader orders him to take Chaka and tie him to a stake and call for the man with the knives to make an example to the others not to resist.

As Chaka is threatened, Tarzan, audibly for us, hears his own words as he pledged his life for Chaka’s safety. Internal monologue. Tarzan rushes in and throws his knife right into the belly of the knife thrower to save Chaka, the knife thrower ordered to put a knife into Chaka’s heart. As Tarzan and Chaka escape as the other slaves attack the guards, Charity, hilariously, starts a dynamite stick. Jai seems to think that’s hilarious and also his hair is much longer than in the last scene where his finger got stuck and it looked like he had a haircut from Charity!

Charity was high school soft ball captain.

Tarzan briefly smokes a cigar to lit dynamite.

Okay so with the two main villains being chased into a launch, Chaka dressed in an Arab garb and Basil, clearly not, get the Arab in another launch to come to them so Tarzan can use the parachute? Huh? AND not one guard shoots any of the attacking slaves? This episode just went south. Still, it’s superior to the last episode but that’s not saying much.

Chaka cannot bring himself to kill the already downed leader. Tarzan smiles at Chaka.

I can’t decide if this is one of the most spectacular stunts ever done on the show…Tarzan smoking a cigar to drop dynamite over a speed boat of three escaping villains (one is the driver) while on a parachute attached to a boat steered by Basil or one of the most bizarre out there things ever. How can Basil get far enough out for Tarzan to catch the boat of the villains so fast when the bad guys had a HUGE head start? Then, after all that effort of some terrific shots of Ely in the sky smoking and dropping dynamite (surely the wind would have put out the attached wick to the dynamite!), Tarzan drops as the two main villains take to the sand again. Wouldn’t it have been easier to just have him blow up their boat? He then fights them in a traditional fight.

What about the slaves on the ship? Were they rescued? We are never told. There had to be more men on the ship? Didn’t Tarzan and company cross the border? Nothing was said about that either.

Instead we get a comedy routine about Charity tipping over the boat when Basil wants her longer oar. Tarzan figures the two are already friends and he and Jai take off.

I don’t really know what to make of this episode. It sure had its moments and is far superior to last episode’s mess of a first part and has far less filler. It also seems to make some semblance of sense and milks the Charity/Basil thing for what it is worth. Were they heading for a romance between the two? Hardly likely but who knows? In any case, not a terrible episode but not one of the best. It was entertaining at least and not embarrassing as last episode was and with far less stock footage used and when it was used it was used far better than last episode. I still feel as if with the older producer’s name on this, this was a hold out episode from earlier in this season and never aired or maybe even from season one?

In any case, almost done. Three more to go!

ERBzine Summary ~ Guest Stars ~ Date Aired


(John Vernon ~ Dan Burton, Laraine Stephens ~ Doria)
After poacher and arsonist Dan Burton escapes from custody, 
Tarzan tracks him and his adoring girlfriend to an oceanside cliff, and a fateful encounter. 
But Burton's girlfriend and two henchmen later track Tarzan down 
and force him to lead them back to the scene.
Tarzan pursues a fugitive couple who are armed with hand grenades. 

Ron Ely’s TARZAN
Review By Charles Mento

“He’s a bloody magician.”

“Hurry up, commissioner, Tarzan needs help!”
“I’m hurrying! I’m hurrying. He always needs help.”

We dive right in with the action after the credits. The individual ep credits are shown over shots that were in the promo pre credit taster, which gave us great shots of Ely minus the captions of director, which is nice. There’s lots of stock footage here, too, though as we’re shown the fire and a black haired Tarzan again, then he leading natives (Tanga and his hunters) in a run through the fiery blazing jungle of the savannah. There’s a man with a flame thrower and two other men watching, obviously the villains, who are using fire to trap animals. The B words.

We’re back to Nelson Riddle music, some of it stock or maybe all of it. It works though.

The main villain, the flame thrower one, Dan Burton is played by John Vernon, who has a huge career. Tarzan says, “Dan Burton, again,” meaning he has had conflict with him before or at least knows of him by reputation. This has been a mainstay of the show, a world larger than what we see where past conflicts have happened for Tarzan, often not his first encounter with villains but not every episode. Don Knight plays Odges and Terry Wilson is Claude, his two main henchmen who escape.

Booth Colman is Commission Lacing. He relates to us that the last time Burton used a flood to get animals. Burton is sentenced to two years in prison and will be transported to the proper authorities.

Though Dan seems American, his two henchmen seem to be Australian. One uses a boomerang (Odges) to kill (though the downed man is seen moving after the villains leave, one of them stealing the jeep) one of the men transporting Dan and the other (Claude) uses a rope around one’s neck and over a tree. While it is predictable that Dan would be freed en route (Tarzan should know better that only HE can bring someone to the authorities…hasn’t he learned from past episodes such as the one with the Colonel?), the manner of his freeing is unpredictable and solid. So far, this episode moves fast. Doria is Dan’s girl.

The “boys” make a phony trail with the jeep while Dan meets up with Doria.

The surviving transporter man is shot by Dan after the man followed him and aimed a rifle at him. Amazingly, this man seems shot in the heart (?) or near it is still alive. What is he? Tarzan? He’s seen with a female doctor not named with a name in the credits.

Not sure but in the compound where the doctor works we see a makeshift fan for the first time and an older boy in a bed, sick.

Jai is back to wearing his later second season boots. Tarzan smartly stops Jai from coming with him as he will track Burton from the trees. He seems to be growing again and his loin cloth needs to be redone. For some reason they’re not giving Jai medium shots or even too many close ups.

Why does Dan leave his hat behind just in front of the grenade (sigh, again?) trap for Tarzan?

Subverting our expectations from other episodes and Tarzan movies, a few things happen here. For one, Dan seems to really care about Doria and rather than be using her, he REFUSES to leave her behind and really seems to love her, romantically. He will not sacrifice her for himself, unlike most villains in this show. He also seems more multi layered than other villains and hopes to have a new life with her on the other side of the ocean. The cliff top over the ocean that Tarzan catches up with Dan and Doria on is one of the most beautiful of the entire series.

Tarzan and Dan fight and in another unexpected happening, Dan goes over the side of the cliff seemingly to his death (though, sadly, we see the stunt man or actor in the water treading water, clearly alive after the terrific fall shot of the stunt dummy).

The third or rather second thing to notice here is that…a lot of this is played during these moments from Dan and Doria’s POV, marking Tarzan as the villain who manhandles Doria and kills Dan! And it works. Doria shoots Tarzan and then as he is groggy (yes, Ely’s Tarzan is once more shot and lives and shot in the head again and grazed and just passes out), he seems to view Doria kill herself by walking off the Cliffside. Interesting.

All this is highly unexpected and intriguing. The episode is hardly over at 25 min or so in.

What will the rest be about?

In an unprecedented move, it is six weeks later (as Tarzan tells us) and Commissioner Lacing tells us that the hospital Tarzan was in told him it would be two months before he was on his feet again. It took six weeks. Jai wants to go home until he learns he has a lot of reading, writing and numbers to catch up on. Lacing tells Tarzan that they never found Burton’s girlfriend so either she followed him over that cliff or was able to survive some other way? Huh? I guess Tarzan doesn’t remember he saw her fall or rather walk off the cliff?

Okay then Tarzan and Jai play with a kind of football (?) and see a brush fire. Tarzan goes to investigate, telling Jai he can follow as long as Cheetah goes with him to get him out of danger by detecting the fire and smoke (huh?). Tarzan sees a figure in a flame protective suit just like Dan wore and we clearly see it is NOT Dan and NOT Doria. Only later, Doria emerges from under the helmet, she and the henchmen having captured Tarzan. This is sort of shocking in a way but then Doria tells him that Dan himself is waiting for Tarzan!!

Odges tells a questioning Tarzan that he smuggled himself aboard a freighter and didn’t know it was coming to Africa. He escaped a prison and was hunted, almost died in the desert but didn’t.

It seems to me that Doria’s logic is totally flawed: every human being has the right to a fresh start. If he had done his stint for two years in prison, he could have had a fresh start. Tarzan counters and is even less logical, “Not Burton, he gave up that right a long time ago.”

Out in stock footage it would seem Jai and Cheetah avoid a lion and hide and listen to the foursome.

After Tarzan frees a caught Cheetah from the rope of Claude, he seems to call Cheetah, “Little lady,” in trying to get the chimp to go back into the jungle but it is said fast and murmured so it’s hard to decipher.

Jai is seen in the trees alone for maybe only the second or third time in the series and counting the times he’s been with Tarzan in the trees, maybe number only in the single digits, maybe five to six times and one of those in stock footage?

Jai taking out his knife is conveniently blocked by foliage and I can detect the network censors here. I can imagine them not wanting to show a young boy taking out a weapon, though he’s been seen with guns in past episodes.

Something is in Jai’s hair that fell from the tree. What is the purpose of Jai and Cheetah’s calls from the tree? Distraction? Jai already dropped a knife onto the tree behind Tarzan so Tarzan can cut himself out. Tarzan’s escape is cut short by the boomerang.

Claude was stuck here when a wild west show went broke so maybe he is from America? He wants to go home if as Odges says a dame from the Gold Coast doesn’t get his attention first. Claude seems to want to be free of Odges.

Jai said Tarzan told him to get to the commissioner for help but when? We never saw that and Tarzan didn’t have time to do that. Was that scene cut? It had to be between the time Tarzan went to the trees and got knocked down by the boomerang.

It’s unlikely the commissioner would bring Jai with him and his men to go help Tarzan, especially when they go on foot after finding the tree Jai points out.

As they go up a steep hill, Tarzan helps Doria up.

Unbelievably Dan is in a wooden wheelchair. What? Does this make sense? He falls, his body was never found I guess? And nor was Doria’s? And yet he had no use of his legs and he wasn’t found? And Doria and he remained in the area?

When Dan starts talking to Ely, behind Ely we see a vehicle driving!?

Things go fall apart a bit. Doria thought they were just going to take Tarzan hostage and keep going? If so, why wouldn’t they have just kept going when they had six weeks to? This makes all of them stupid. Dan doesn’t want Tarzan dead but wants him broken in two when he goes over the cliff just as Dan was broken in two.

Wow. The resulting fight has a lot happen. Doria gets a grenade thrown by Dan out of the way, Tarzan gets her down; Dan accidentally shoots Odgers (but he’s still moving); and Dan goes over the cliff again after the other grenade goes off. Not sure but it looked as if Dan threw the grenade under Claude who was under Tarzan on purpose OR he was trying to throw the grenade at Jai and company as he saw them coming up the mountain!

The plunge of Dan off the cliff in the wheelchair is excellent though with today’s tech you can tell it is a dummy, it looks rather stunning and as Dan hits his head several times, he’s not going to survive this one.

Both henchmen survive. Doria saved Tarzan but has to serve two years but feels free for the first time.

This was an okay episode but in the end, logic does NOT win out (see above for the unlikely reasoning that Dan survived, hid, and wasn’t caught…also the image of Doria going down the hill …how do we explain that?). It was almost a great episode with all the twists and turns and the surprises in the first half of the episode. It slows down a bit in the second half with typical, almost cliché stuff but then picks up again with the excellent climatic fight on the cliff. In the end, Dan was so twisted by his being in the wheel chair and crippled and hurt that his desire for revenge took precedence over Doria and anything she wanted.


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