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26. The Perils of Charity Jones, Pt. 1  ~ 1967.03.10
(Julie Harris ~ Charity Jones, Woody Strode ~ Chaka)
A missionary from America's midwest enlists Jai's help to fulfill her father's last wish 
and deliver an organ to a primitive tribe, but their boat is disabled. 

Ron Ely’s TARZAN
Episode 26. The Perils of Charity Jones, Pt. 1
Review By Charles Mento

“Jai, I’m with Tarzan.”
Tarzan: If you move or make a sound, you’re dead.

We have a second two parter story. Carey Wilber who wrote for LOST IN SPACE, wrote this.

And again most of the cast seems to have worked for or will work for Irwin Allen’s shows: Edward Binns as Pedro (what, really?) is the boss of the scheme to get ammunition for the tribal warfare leader’s guns. The leader is played by Bernie Hamilton who we’ve seen before and is named Shambu here (yes, really).

Binns played the only wife beater in all of Irwin Allen in VOYAGE TO THE BOTTOM OF THE SEA’s THE GHOST OF MOBY DICK (where he knocks June Lockhart down). Michael Pate, also in VOYAGE TO THE BOTTOM OF THE SEA (and TIME TUNNEL) more than once, is the evil British guy this time out and his name here is Griggs. He fouls the bad guys’ plans up by his drinking but he’s not a nice man, menacing Jai with a machete at one point and willing to blow up the entire boat and kill everyone on it…not to mention, even more beastly, all the animals he’s transporting (for capture?). One thing: if the ammo is on the river boat, why blow it up before the evil tribal men in canoes can get there with Pedro?

Rounding out the cast is Abraham Sofer (LOST IN SPACE, THE TIME TUNNEL, Haji in I DREAM OF JEANNIE) as the ill advised governor who faces Tarzan’s wrath by promising that Jai, taken from Tarzan on orders from America via the annoying Charity Jones (sorry, she is), will be returned to Tarzan in a few days. Things do not go as planned in the jungle or in this show! Though there is no blood, Pedro and Shambu’s men (as well as they themselves?) use spears to stick into and kill the swimming captain and crew of the boat. It’s a violent scene and is witnessed by Jai mostly and the end of it is witnessed by Charity. This leaves Jai and Charity on the boat fleeing from Pedro and Shambu’s men…right into Walizi country.

Now I’m not going to say the Walizi (or are they called the Warzari?) are the scariest tribe thus far in the series but they come pretty close to first place and take second place. The build up in this episode to their evils is sparse but they are to be avoided so the tension in the mounting build up to their first and brief appearance at the end and into the cliffhanger is great. And the one native up on the tree is terrifying.

This is mostly a character study and not a bad one. Yes, at times, it’s slow. Charity Jones once helped her grandfather run a train or something on the Buffalo Rochester in Pittburgh. She’s religious and dresses like someone from LITTLE HOUSE ON THE PRARIE, aka the 1800s. She’s also opinionated and stubborn. I’m not sure but it must be because he’s the hero that Tarzan includes her in his desire to save Jai because SHE’S the reason Jai was taken in the first place. The contrast between Charity and Jai is featured throughout the structure of this first episode and it’s an interesting one. She regards her family organ (in her family since 1847) as all she has left of them. She seems to want a child of her own.

Jai questions her about this. He protects her by providing the education of the jungle Tarzan taught him and the very thing she took Jai away from Tarzan for. She held all of that in very little regard. Jai fishes for food, cuts down leafs to cover the boat and hide it from the river and the pursuing killers. Charity helps where she can. She also covers him with a blanket and lets him sleep under it with her when she detects he is cold. He abandons her formal wear that she made him wear. She works the sabotaged engine so that it functions properly; he steers the boat. She helps him freeing the captured animals so they do not starve.

It’s possible last episode we saw a mike shadow and this one as well, just before the engine blew or whatever it did. If it blew up, wouldn’t it be unable to function again?

So just as I was wondering what happened to that episode where Jai was going to school, comes this episode which confronts that head on. Tarzan tells a questioning Charity (who he and Jai go to rescue from a run in with a bossy Griggs) that he teaches Jai and his education is in villages and bases like the one they are at. She gets Jai taken away from him and will accompany him to a mission school at Timku by way of Maboro (?). Sofer’s character promises it is a formality and he fears America taking away his funding. The boat, the Jungle Queen, is a river steamer. The commissioner warns her the Wazili and the Kafu are feuding.

What is it Charity takes out of her hair and puts in Jai’s pocket? Also once on the jungle beach, there is a screaming bird in the background. What is that all about?

What’s important here, aside from a very tight script and the interesting character study of a very sad woman (Charity, like Basil and even Dutch before her, seems to have had a sad life and a lonely one and at present not happy with their current state; Charity and Basil will meet in a two parter second season story), is that Tarzan’s never had such wrath in this show. Sure, he has shown anger and has killed, fiercely and with might and right but here, he first cries when Jai is taken away and also kisses him goodbye. He admits to Charity that Jai is NOT his son. Charity asks what Tarzan and Jai mean when they say Jai is with Tarzan.

When Tarzan returns to the governor’s office, he basically destroys it, threatens the governor who is cowering, and beats up several of defensive men, both big and little. His anger has never been like this and he displays it well and Ely is up to the task of both being sad as Jai leaves and the anger in the “wreck the office” scene, which doesn’t end till he walks out the door, dropping a large clock structure off the wall.

In addition, when he catches up to Shambu, he has his knife at the man’s neck while the man sleeps, taking no prisoners. He grabs his hair like a gorilla might and presses the knife at various times at his neck and nose. He threatens him with using his skin for drums if anything’s happened to Jai and/or Charity. We totally believe Ely’s Tarzan ---and in the past---he’s been totally convincing---but here in his savage, fury state---we really believe Tarzan will do what he says. During this, Ely barely blinks, his eyes wide with rage and bloodthirstiness. And he punches the man anyway even after the man gives him more info (Shambu considers himself king of kings or something?).

Driven by his love for Jai, his violence knows no end and we believe he will not relent. It’s an amazing and daring performance and script. Not sure but I think he kills a few of Shambu’s men along the way.

As we expect Jai and Charity to make it from their makeshift bed on the beach/jungle to their raft, it is shocking that the Wazili catch up with them…and a lot of the natives are around them so that there is no escape. Roughly, Charity…and Jai are manhandled by them and that’s where this cliffhanger ends!

A totally riveting episode if you can get over Charity being one of those self righteous religious people who seems to have a heart of gold buried beneath her annoyance and who starts off the trouble by taking Jai away from Tarzan. Of course, she’s not to blame for the gun and ammo runners and the tribal warfare conflict, and does stick up for Jai and the animals against the letch Griggs, threatening to thrash him if he teases the animals or bothers Jai again. Jai tosses his trousers (and presumably the rest of the itchy looking suit) into the river. Cheetah is not in this episode.

Hmmm. Jai and Charity mean to cover the boat from sight but it doesn’t look any more covered to me. They also mean to let the animals loose but we see only one lion let loose. The others were but the elephant is still on the boat and helps them get the organ off. In addition, there’s the whole conflict of Charity not believing Jai and Tarzan can talk to animals until an elephant sneaks up behind her to rendezvous with them as per Jai’s instructions!

Shambu apparently sleeps with his sun glasses on (maybe afraid his men will steal them?).

It’s odd because I thought Tarzan would only feature at the start and the end of the story but the story turns out to be, at least partly, ABOUT his wrath and anger that has only been hinted at in the past. I wonder what he would have done to Charity if Jai had been killed and she wasn’t? He does threaten to return to the governor after finding Jai and Charity.

the end theme has about ten seconds or more of music added on to the very end

ERBzine Summary ~ Guest Stars ~ Date Aired

27. The Perils of Charity Jones, Pt. 2  ~ 1967.03.17
 (Julie Harris ~ Charity Jones, Woody Strode ~ Chaka)
Tarzan rescues Charity and Jai from hostile natives, 
but then the trio are pursued by another tribe who are after the guns that Jai has hidden. 

Ron Ely’s TARZAN
Episode 27. The Perils of Charity Jones, Pt. 2
Review By Charles Mento

“If you intend to devour me, then get on with it!”
“Jai’s a very unusual boy, Miss Jones, even if he doesn’t wear trousers.”
“He will only beat  you when it is necessary.”
“Tarzan says that when things are very bad, you must wait. And be patient because everything has to change sooner or later.”

“I am not going to be that savage’s fourth wife.”
“Why not? Maybe you can do him a lot of good. You can teach him to read and write. And wear trousers.”
“I suppose I deserve that, coming from you.”

Okay, before I forget, let’s mention this: there’s a publicity photo of Tarzan holding what looks like a dead or dying Griggs, who appeared in part 1 and was last seen jumping into the river. Last seen. He’s not in part 2 and I don’t remember this scene from part 2 unless I’m just not paying attention, which I was!?

Who is in part 2? Well, the great, big Woody Strode as Chaka, the leader of the Warziri who, hilariously, wants Charity as his fourth wife. Things are actually quite funny as Charity reacts to this and then plays the organ, bravely leaving the hut she and Jai were thrown in. It gets funnier as Tarzan arrives and claims Charity is “his woman.” Comedy sitcom has never been funnier. As this is a Woody Strode episode (he’s been in this show at least three times before), we KNOW there’s going to be a face off between he and Tarzan, so the funny has to stop for a bit. That’s expected and done well here, even if they’re once more fighting over a pit and on a bridge. This time the pit has a roaring fire in it and it looks VERY dangerous for real. Not sure these are special effects or very real stunts but it looks great. Tarzan wins of course and becomes the king of this tribe!

There’s also a dance that …Jai takes part in!? Things seem calm and very funny and then…

…the savage happens! Unexpectedly, the men led by Shanbu (gosh, if TARZAN had just killed him when he could have, lots of this might have been avoided?) and the awful Pedro (played by a white actor this is sort of offensive these days) attack the village and there is lots of carnage. Tribal members are shot on screen but we see almost no blood, thank God. Shanbu’s men are speared (one seems to die here but I thought, maybe wrongly, that I saw him later on). It turns out the entire village of people are killed except for a few men, which is sad as previously we saw a lot of women and children.

Shockingly, Tarzan, as he sits on his king’s throne, is shot in …the side of his stomach! He goes down! Didn’t expect that. Being what it is, he gets Jai and Charity out of the carnage and to a safe spot, somehow. This being Tarzan and TARZAN, he’s hurt but not that hurt. He later theorizes that this bullet Charity digs out of him passed through something or someone else before it hit him. He was worse affected by the fever that followed and charmingly Jai and Charity have to use their body heat to warm him up as he experiences chills (we don’t see too much of the chills or the fever to be honest). Also warmly, Jai and Charity hold hands across Tarzan’s chest. Charity sends Jai out to get some more food and he’s captured off screen.

Jai leads the men back to the boat if they promise to leave Tarzan and Charity alone. Tarzan and Charity head that way, too, after some nice scenes of them walking. This episode has some scenes taken at twilight or sunset or sundown with the redness of the sky and the darkness of the foreground during such scenes. At first, Jai and Charity had been bound by their…necks! Eeek! In any case, Tarzan confronts Chaka again and asks for his surviving men’s help against Pedro and Shanbu. He relents and helps.

The guns (not just ammo spoken of in part 1) are hidden under the floor boards of the boat and with animals all over the boat, Pedro figured no inspector would want to be nosing around. Tarzan, earlier, wondered why they would be shipping animals on the route they were, which was unusual.

Before the attack on the boat, Pedro, somehow gets all of Shanbu’s men against Shanbu and one of his men shoots Shanbu in the back as he tries to get away. Then, the attack on the boat happens and there’s more carnage. I do not remember so many violent scenes watching this when I was younger. Again, we see NO blood or as little as possible as men one both sides are shot and speared.

Pedro gets away and later, shoots and kills (?) Chaka down as Chaka was leading Charity to safety (?!). He also gets Charity and holds her for Tarzan and company to back off. Charity knocks his gun to the side but is SHOT IN THE BACK! Tarzan tells his company that Pedro is their’s and they rush him and in a horrific scene (not that he doesn’t deserve it!) they back him to a tree and he slides down it as they kill him (the actual penetrations of bullets and spears and knives are all off screen…just).

Okay, no one really wants Charity to die (right?) but her recovery after getting shot in the back looks downright miraculous. To be fair, we do not know how much time she spent in the hospital from the scene where Jai asks if she is dead and Tarzan says she’s hurt very, very badly to the finale scene where Tarzan and Jai bid her goodbye. Tarzan kisses her on the cheek, almost roughly.

Brilliant. Well, sort of. It’s fun, it’s action filled, and it has some memorable scenes and dialog along with some great character interplay. Tarzan straddles being nice to Charity to giving her mean asides as did she earlier in the two parts (“I didn’t think…” “No, you didn’t…”). If Charity had died, it would have put an extra glumness on the proceedings. Also, Tarzan being shot in the stomach…he recovers remarkably well. Ely looks as if he does have a scar on that spot so I wonder if that happened earlier and the writer wrote it into the script. Manuel also has a bruise on his inner arm just above the elbow.

We have seen a lot of this before. Chief falling for white woman? Maybe not? But the villagers all being killed, fight over a pit and with Woody, Jai and some stranger bonding, Tarzan wounded, an attack on a boat, witch doctor going against the wishes of his chief (sort of, as he tries to spear Charity and is knocked down), Tarzan trying to elicit a fight in beaten down natives, and more but here it’s done with such flair, it’s forgivable. In fact, it’s probably been perfected here and this approaches movie quality in cinematography, sets, stunts, costumes, and acting. Julie Harris is a force to be reckoned with but all the cast are from Ely to Manuel to Woody to the actors playing the villains.

As a convention, I’m sure that Woody’s Chaka and his witch doctor are speaking in their native tongue to Charity’s ears but to ours they are talking English and Jai is translating for Charity. The same happens later when Tarzan and Chaka are conversing in English and if Jai can hear them, so can Charity but she asks what they are saying so Jai has to translate again. I’m sure this is just a convention of the viewers needing to hear English. It could have been done another way, with sub titles or just Jai translating but it’s fine the way it is here.

Jai tells Charity that each Warziri warrior thinks he’s king of everyone else. They go by the old ways. They are not cannibals. They think everyone else are their enemies. Jai can unfree rope bonds on wrists with his teeth!

Charity playing the organ for the tribe is one of those magnificent scenes that’s underrated and marvelous.

Also charmingly, Jai sleeps with a baby lion cub in one of the cutest things ever. This cub seems to have some marking on its forehead between but above the eyes. I hope it wasn’t painted on or anything like that.

I half expected the “ammo” to be in the organ, the wooden box.

I’m also not sure but when Tarzan and Charity trek to the Waziri country and seem to be on some kind of desert ground or beach again, either it’s meant to be raining with special effects, it really IS raining (but they’re not getting wet) or the existing copy of this part of the film is damaged beyond belief…there’s lots of grainy lines filling the screen but only during these brief scenes. It’s very distracting and I can’t believe it was deliberate unless Harris didn’t want to get wet so they faked it? I can’t imagine Ely caring about getting wet so either it was her or it’s just badly damaged film stock?

Charity was born in Tasmania and her father had a church there. When her mother died when Charity was very young, her father took her back to Massachusetts. Her mother was a dutiful woman but Charity is not sure if her mother was happy. Charity, before she met Tarzan and Jai, thought happiness is a delusion and is an excuse for weak people.

Tarzan drowns a good looking spear holding guard. And during the attack, speared another attacker. Pedro’s last name might be Gaitano. He seems to call himself Pete. He also, at times, seems to be a close talker, holding Shanbu close to his face.

ERBzine Summary ~ Guest Stars ~ Date Aired

28. The Circus ~ 1967.03.24
(Chips rafferty ~ Dutch Jensen)
Jai and Dutch encounter a fugitive who is trying to evade a manhunt by joining the circus.

Ron Ely’s TARZAN
Episode 28. The Circus
Review By Charles Mento

“I promise you, sonny, you’ll never live to tell him you saw Bull Thomas.”

Tarzan, I’m sorry to say, always has that danger of becoming a Saturday Morning Kid Show and not the good kind like the Filmation Animated Tarzan or Johnny Quest but more like PHOTON, that outrageously bad---so bad it’s funny---live action POS. In a way, that 27 episodes before this avoided ALL of that and made TARZAN a show to be reckoned with was an outstanding achievement. If things slide into kiddie territory it can get bad but this show never seems to get really bad. This episode comes close.

Yes, this episode is more like a Saturday Morning live action and/or animated episode than any other. Not that it doesn’t have its great moments…it does have some moments but they are only moments.

This being a Dutch Jensen episode, which starts out with Jai having a flashback nightmare, there’s always the danger of it becoming a comedy and a dark comedy to boot or just an out and out laugh out loud kiddie adventure. It’s sort of all of those and none of those. I also don’t see how the title THE CIRCUS is that applicable as…sure, there IS a circus but it’s not really about THE circus. As a kid I used to love the zoo and the circus, seeing all those animals, but as times evolved and well, evolved, I came to realize that both are really cruel to animals unless they are preserves like Stephanie Powers runs or used to run. I actually visited one of those once, I think it was in Texas. Don’t like the zoos or the circuses now.

In any case, I’ve written this before and I’ll write it again: SHOULDN’T TARZAN AND JAI BOTH BE AGAINST CIRCUSES and anyone that’s capturing animals for exploitation? Here, they’re clearly not. It feels wrong. At one point, Cheetah balances on a tightrope, quite impressively, while holding something in his (her?) hand and using feet to cling onto the rope from underneath when spilling off it. Jai laughs at this. He laughs a lot in this and it feels forced some of the time.

Anyone who’s read any of my reviews will realize I love Manuel Padilla Jr AND Jai and when he’s featured, TARZAN always seems a better show. This episode, despite his fine efforts and everyone else’s, does not have that, mostly thanks to the script. Manuel does a great job again though and his rapport with …well, Dutch, and everyone is great.

And again, at first, it felt like Ely would be absent for most of the episode but while he’s not always front and center, he is featured. His impressive fight with the main bad guy Bull (?) Thomas is well done and it IS totally hilarious that Tarzan, after soundly defeating Thomas into submission, sits and watches as the man, who can barely stand, tries to make it to the border guard post while he flounders to this knees and crawls and while the guards point guns at him. Ely excels as ever in this stunningly funny and unexpected comedic moment that fits.

A few things here: the bad guy Thomas (the overpowering and bullish Leo Gordon) and his sort of unwilling accomplice Bellak (the wonderful but here, sort of subdued Jack Elam) have plans. Without yet capping the episode and effectively seeing it twice for the moment (I add details later), the nearest I can figure is the following: Bull is on the run (an official who seems not to speak at key moments, maybe because they will have to pay the actor more money if he does enlists Tarzan’s help to find him) and plans on crossing the border into another country, finding or meeting OTHER men and accomplices that will help him issue border raids, get weapons (gunrunning again) and start a revolution and a war for profit (yes, again).

Not the brightest of plans. Why not just start a new life over the border? Their OTHER plan is to use the circus for cover but they abandon the circus at one point in two large trailer vans (possibly Fords?).

The OTHER plan is to cause an accident to the kindly puppeteer Dominic (who Bellak/Elam at least once pronounces the feminine version of the name Dominque) as a cover, too, IN the circus. You see, somehow Bellak causes the hood of a car to explode and horribly burn Dominic’s face and hands. When Bellak gets him into the trailer, alone, Thomas is waiting there with a rope to strangle him! Despite Bellak not wanting to kill anyone (he planned on getting Dominic to a hospital) Thompson, off screen, must kill him.

Later, the two men take the body, wrapped up, into the woods. The jungle here looks less like a jungle than in any other episode and more like a forest and the woods. Dutch later finds the body and examines it. This is grisly stuff for an episode that started out with Jai, a kid, watching the circus acts (acrobats, tightrope walker, a fire eater, dancers, a sadly muzzled bear, clowns that aren’t funny, etc), and laughing, almost as extended filler. During the brief acrobat scene, there’s a native kid…on the other side of the river…wearing a red cape?

As you can read, the plans of these two villains are sort of…well, stupid. Thomas wears bandages and impersonates Dominic but the curious and questioning Jai impedes that plan. So, the two take off from the circus with the vans…and take Ilona because she knows the border patrol but also Jai and Dutch follow, too. Later the two villains seem to be kidnapping Jai, Dutch, and Ilona (the great Sally Kellerman; see BACK TO SCHOOL, also one of the first STAR TREK episodes made, and the forgotten but hilarious MOVING VIOLATIONS) when they see Dominic’s body and can be witnesses.

Maybe it’s just me but I don’t understand the villains’ plans: are they buying the animals or selling them? Why does Matumba consent to give them to Dutch for free? Why, if they are crossing the border do they allow Jai and Dutch to follow in the other van? How does Thomas plan to make money? Or does he have it already? Jai leaves Cheetah with the circus people for a few days when they leave them to drive the already dead Dominic—but that he’s already dead is unknown to Jai, Ilona and Dutch---to the hospital but the villains are really heading for the border to do so and to cross it.

If Bellak isn’t stupid enough, he uses scissors to cut the bandages off Thomas once they are found out (quickly) and puts them down and never notices that Ilona’s taken them and tossed them into the van where Jai and Dutch are tied up…so the two cut themselves free.

Despite this being a bad episode, Ilona is one of the most independent women in TARZAN thus far. She doesn’t seem to scream at all, doesn’t call for Tarzan much, and is basically effectively working against the two villains as much as possible, at one point getting away in the van despite Bellak, who’s changed his mind about killing, shooting at her. Despite being one of the most courageous and self-sufficient women in TARZAN, she does fall into a lake or river and has to be rescued by…Dutch! After falling into it because a panther growl scared her! Impressively, both actors take the plunge rather than use stunt doubles! Ilona is elected to do the cooking so maybe my theory is gone: she is not that liberated as she does the cooking without complaint.

After the adventure she makes Dutch a major part of her circus and gives him the van he talked about (the funny supposed to be we think he’s talking about her) as his own. She also has to combine up with another circus to make her circus a profit so I guess she’s not that independent! She seems amused by Dutch from the beginning. BTW, Jai tells Dutch he’s supposed to stay with him for a couple of days but I thought Tarzan said a couple of weeks.

Okay, there’s one scene that could NOT be done today and that is outrageously bad and poor and now would be considered offensive. It also does not make sense. The villains are using drums and a tribe (which have no discernable personality) to get a message to their ally or allies (another plan the villains had was to buy animals from Matumba and in a scene that makes little sense, he gives the animals to Dutch and Jai for nothing but then no one seems to take any animals?). Fine. Then they walk away. But…

Outrageously, Jai and Dutch want to sneak to the drums and give Tarzan a message of their own. First, WHY didn’t Tarzan hear the villains’ drum message and figure THAT out?

Second, how do Jai and Dutch figure Tarzan is even in ear shot of the drums to hear ANY message on the drums? And third…Jai knows how to beat the messages so he has to dance to show Dutch, who is at one of the drums, the message by dancing with his feet?

Fourth and worst of all, in order to look like the natives (I’m sure Jai could have passed without doing what happens next) Jai and Dutch not only wear black face but blacken their whole bodies! Dutch loses his crotch coverings and his polka dotted underwear show and give him away. The tribe laughs but he and Jai run and are almost captured again. They throw rocks the bad guys. Yes, really. Do I need to write more about this outrageously bad scene? It’s so bad it is funny. I mean it looks like it belongs to THE LITTLE RASCALS or THE THREE STOOGES. Somehow the two are out of black face and black body quickly. Gosh.

What was the sense of using all of that and then wearing masks to cover their faces when it looked like no other native was wearing a mask at all!? And does not one member of the tribe know how to translate Jai and Dutch’s message to Tarzan? Isn’t that a way to get caught by them when, among his other plans, Bull sets out a reward and gifts for any tribes member that finds and turns in Jai and Dutch?

Another shocking scene and hard to believe that NBC allowed it: Jai is seen pointing a gun at Thomas when Thomas leaves the van to come at Dutch and Jai. It makes sense and is a brave shot (!) but Jai doesn’t shoot. Dutch beans Bellak with a piece of wood and it seems he’s killed him. In a way, it is intelligent writing and makes Jai look smart, plus Thomas threatened Jai’s life as soon as the others found out that the bandaged man was Thomas and not Dominic.

Like all the episodes before this one, this one has a great guest cast, looks amazing, and has good music and stunts but…somehow it does not work other than a sort of camp version of other episodes. The villains are just too stupid, the circus not involved, and scenes that are outrageous.

One thing that Jai’s nightmare sequence had me wondering is this: in 28 episodes now we’ve never seen Jai and Tarzan sleeping AT HOME. There’s one brief mention early in an early episode (maybe DEADLY SILENCE or some other episode) of a tree house but we’ve never seen a tree house and NEVER saw Tarzan and Jai at home anywhere in the series, let alone sleeping domestically away from a survival adventure situation). And we still haven’t. Here, they seem to be sleeping in a modern bed at a government base community (Golana Government House). BTW, Tarzan sounds like he says, “Bull Thomas” and the search will take a couple of weeks.

Tarzan is familiar with Dutch’s case and problems with the law and trusts that he will reform, yet he leaves Jai with Dutch mostly because Jai doesn’t want to go to school if he stays with the commissioner’s family here at the base. Tarzan and Dutch shared maybe one scene in the previous Dutch episode but here seem to share more dialog in the one scene at the end.

I can’t say this episode was boring, though the first 15 minutes or so DO drag a bit and the rest is entertaining but mostly for all the wrong reasons. Oh and Jai’s nightmare has …surrounding it a water effect that looks a lot like a toilet bowl flushing…sigh.

Tarzan sleeps with a knife under his pillow. Jai’s hair is very long in the first few scenes. Dutch remembers a time in 1939 when he sailed out of Singapore in an open junk.

Jai with a gun…more on this later in A GUN FOR JAI…

Everyone looks like they had a good time making this episode…probably more than we had watching it! BUT again, I hate to be too critical because it’s entertaining.

At this point, that Jai music (the only real piece of music that fills episodes over and over again) seems embedded in my mind… and memory, for better or worse!

I know the finale scene is supposed to be at the gov’t base again but…is it a resort? Two women walk by in bathing suits! Dutch looks like he’s had cigarettes in his pocket this entire adventure. Fool.


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