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Sue-On ~ Eddie Gilbert ~ Bill Hillman with Bob Zeuschner in background
Sue-On ~ Eddie Gilbert ~ Bill Hillman

"Ed Gilbert first discovered Burroughs’ work at the age of twelve in 1925. Two years later, he met Burroughs and a friendship developed,  blossoming into a romance between Burroughs and Gilbert’s older sister, Florence Gilbert Dearholt. Florence and Burroughs married in 1935 and Ed Gilbert became the brother-in-law to his favorite author for the six-year marriage. Burroughs was extremely generous to Gilbert, and not only autographed many of his books for Gilbert, but also rendered original drawings, the most special being an original watercolor drawing of Tarzan holding Tantor the elephant over his head on the front endpaper of Gilbert’s first edition of Tarzan of the Apes."
Pacific Book Auction Galleries
Eddie Gilbert 1937
November 15, 2001 ~ 133 Kearny St., 4th Fl., San Francisco, CA  94108

The main references used in the description of the Gilbert auction items:
A Golden Anniversary Bibliography of Edgar Rice Burroughs by Henry Hardy Heins
ERB: The Exhaustive Scholar's and Collector's Descriptive Bibliography of
American Periodical, Hardcover, Paperback, and Reprint Editions by  Robert B. Zeuschner

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The Gilbert collection with its many ERB inscriptions and other rare items was first brought to the attention of ERB fans at the 1999 Dum-Dum in Tarzana, California. Burroughs fan, collector, scholar and author, Bob Zeuschner, prepared a Commemorative Burroughs Bibliophiles booklet for this event: Edgar Rice Burroughs: Artist and Humorist ~ A Selection of Drawings and Inscriptions from the Library of Edward Gilbert. This item is truly a collector's item as there were only 300 copies printed. Fittingly, Mr. Gilbert was also the popular Guest of Honour at this convention and he graciously autographed many of the booklets which made them all the more special. Many of the inscriptions and sketches featured in the accompanying ERBzin-e online tour of Eddie's ERB collection (most adapted from the Online Catalogue: PBA Galleries Auction ~ November 15, 2001) are featured in the rare Gilbert/Zeuschner BB booklet.

Above photos from the Robert Zeuschner Collection

Bob Zeuschner ~ Lee Ashton Chase ~ Caryl Lee ~ Eddie Gilbert
Bob Zeuschner ~ Florence's Children: Lee Ashton Chase and Caryl Lee ~ Eddie Gilbert

Florence Gilbert BurroughsEddie Gilbert at Tarzana Dum-Dum 1999 ~ George McWhorter in backgroundFlorence Gilbert publicity still

Eddie Gilbert Guest of Honour at Dum-Dum 99 - Tarzana, California
Eddie Gilbert
Bob Zeuschner reported in ERBzine 0368 that: 

"Eddie Gilbert, the brother-in-law of ERB, passed away in the hospital two weeks ago (June 27, 2000). Eddie was a wonderful and intelligent man who loved to reminisce about his relationship with ERB, and  loved to share his great collection of books with fellow fans. He also had lots of great stories about the many movie stars who bought books at his bookshop on Hollywood and Vine over the decades. "The Burroughs Bulletin published an interview with Eddie several years ago, and will publish one more piece by Eddie in an upcoming issue. Our heartfelt sympathies go out to his wife Claire and his family. Eddie and Clair would have celebrated their 61st wedding anniversary this year." 
Eddie was Guest of Honour at the Tarzana Dum-Dum 99 where his warmth and his sharing of many ERB anecdotes will be long-remembered by Burroughs fans. 

Honeymoon to Honolulu: Mr. Burroughs and the former Florence Dearholt, after their airplane elopement to Las Vegas in 1933.
ERB with bride, Florence - 1935
1935 Associated Press release 
photo of "Creator of Tarzan."

Original press release caption read: 
"Edgar Rice Burroughs, 59, author, whose chief
bid for fame is founded on his stories of the
Strange Adventures of TARZAN, is seen with his
new bride, the former Mrs.Florence Gilbert
Dearholt, Actress, on their return to Los
Angles, Calif.,after their wedding at Las
Vegas, NV." 
They are emerging from a Western Airlines
airplane with stewardess in the backround.

Eddie and Claire Gilbert with Danton Burroughs ~ April 1990

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