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Ralph Buttigieg
With the news that ERB, Inc. is back in communication with explorers in the Omos star system I have been reviewing the astronomical data provided by Tangor back in 1940.

My conclusion is this unique star system has to be artificial, A megastructure.

Tangor describes the star system as follows:

Around Omos, the sun of this system, revolve eleven planets, each approximately the size of our Earth. They are spaced almost exactly equidistant from one another; the path of their orbits being a million miles from the center of the sun, which is much smaller than the sun of our own solar system. An atmospheric belt seventy-two hundred miles in diameter revolves with the planets in the same orbit, thus connecting the planets by an air lane which offers the suggestion of possible inter-planetary travel;
So, could such a system be natural?

Let's first look  at the planets, my concern was that such an orbit would be unstable with the planets colliding but this is not so. If the planets are of the same size and equally spaced such an orbit is stable .

The question remains how did the planets get there? Remember they have to be the same mass and precisely placed in position. That's an indication of  intelligent intervention.

The biggest indicator however is the interplanetary air belt. Tangor reported the atmosphere on Poloda is similar to Earth. Tangor describes it as:

The atmosphere of Poloda rises about one hundred miles above the planet, and one can fly up to an altitude of about fifteen miles without needing an oxygen tank.
My expectation is that it continues to decrease after the 15 mile breathable limit but never reaches the near vacuum of Earth upper regions instead it merges into the interplanetary atmosphere. The problem is the air belt can not exist, the solar wind would blow it away. The only way I can conceive it to exist is if there was some form of containment.  Some transparent  torus tube or perhaps a force field. In either case an intelligent construct.

But why would the Builders construct such a structure? The clue resides in the small star.

Do note the planets are only one million miles from the star so the star has to be much smaller, probably a red dwarf.  Such stars have the great advantage of being very long lived, lasting trillions of years. If you wanted to preserve your civilization for a very long time moving it to a red dwarf would be beneficial.

Red dwarf stars have the problem of giving off the occasional very powerful  flare. The interplanetary atmosphere and the containment barrier would help protect planetary life.  Readers may object to the star being a red dwarf as no mention was made of any reddish color in the Poladaian sun. However it is a misconception that a red dwarf star would appear red to the human eye , we would only see the visible white light. I recommend watching Isaac Arthurís video:

Colonizing Red Dwarfs

Before I conclude this article some comment on travelling through the air belt. Since the air is thin a pressurized aircraft is required but the gravity would decrease the further away it flew from the planet. Most of the flight would be done in zero gravity, Could there be some sort of life in the air belt? Perhaps water and matter thrown up by volcanic activity would collect together forming little islands with unique life forms.

After passing the half way point the aircraft would be caught by the target planet's gravity and would be falling rather than flying to the planet.

Hopefully Victory Harben's Gridley Wave reports will be able to clear up the matter.

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Ralph Buttigieg became a fan of Edgar Rice Burroughs 
at the age of 14 when he  first read A Princess of Mars
He has had several jobs and was an owner of a Science Fiction and Fantasy bookshop for several years. 
He now works in finance and since the pandemic has happily transitioned to work from home. 
He lives with his lovely wife in Sydney Australia.

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