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My first real Tarzan book was THE RETURN OF TARZAN discovered back in 1955. It was a birthday gift from my mom, Louise, on January 11. 

Since the late '40s I had been a Burroughs fan: Star Weekly colour Sunday pages, daily strips, Big Little Books, Lex Barker films, radio shows, and comics. Actually, my first exposure to John Carter was the 1952 Dell comic. I bought it from our local drugstore -- coverless -- for 5 cents. Dealers would tear off the covers of magazines and comics and return them to the distributor for refund. Many dealers then sold the coverless comics for half price. It would be another 15 years before I saw what the original cover of that comic looked like.

We were going through a bit of a stressful time in January '55 since my grandfather, John Campbell, had just been hospitalized in serious condition. I sought solace in reading my birthday gift -- a really exciting Tarzan tale.

Curled up on the chesterfield with our pet cat on my lap, I had reached Chapter XXV: "Through the Forest Primeval," when my mom answered the phone. The news was not good -- Grampa had just died. Mom screamed -- I leaped up and the cat fell from my lap. As the cat fell, her claws ripped a gash across a page in my new ERB book. I still have the book and every time I reach page 295 the memories of that day come rushing back.

I eventually went on to purchase all the GD books in that series, but was disappointed to learn that Tarzan of the Apes, The Beasts of Tarzan and The Son of Tarzan were not offered. I contacted booksellers across Canada and England and bought as many ERB books as I could find -- or afford on my weekly allowance money. I already had a torn, ragged copy of The Chessmen of Mars that I had rescued from our school trash bin a year before. Four years later I finally found an English edition of Tarzan of the Apes at Smart Booksellers in Brandon -- a store where I bought many UK ERB editions and which also fed my passion for Zane Grey books.

My lifelong quest for all things Edgar Rice Burroughs had begun. Along this +60-year journey I have gathered many wonderful memories and ERB treasures, but these first ragged copies remain among my most valued.




 Adapted from our 1996 Webpage ERBzine 0006

 Until the ACE, Ballantine, UK, and Canaveral editions flooded the market in the '60s, 
 finding these titles was a major accomplishment for a kid. 
With blissful ignorance, I lovingly entered my name, address and date of purchase
into each book as it fell into my hands. 
Now, I'm sorta glad I did perform this sacrilege since it brings back some great memories. 


Chessmen of Mars - old ragged G&D                 1954
Return of Tarzan - new '50s G&D                    January 11, 1955
Tarzan and the Jewels of Opar - new '50s G&D     June 7, 1955
Tarzan and the Ant Men - new '50s G&D            June 7, 1955
Tarzan, Lord of the Jungle - new '50s G&D         June 7, 1955
Tarzan and the Forbidden City (Whitman)            June 7, 1955
Jungle Tales of Tarzan - new '50s G&D              1955
Tarzan and the Golden Lion - new '50s G&D          1955
Tarzan the Untamed - new '50s G&D                  1955
Tarzan the Terrible- new '50s G&D                    1955
Tarzan and the City of  Gold (Whitman)               1955
Beasts of Tarzan - Burt                                January 1956
Pellucidar - old G&D - Pinnacle Pb                     1957
Gods of Mars - G&D                                    July 24, 1957
Warlord of Mars - McClurg                             July 24, 1957
Thuvia, Maid of Mars - old G&D in DJ                 July 24, 1957
Tarzana and the Lost Empire - old G&D                July 24, 1957
Tarzan of the Apes - old G&D                          July 24, 1957
Son of Tarzan - Burt                                    August 24, 1957
Tarzan and the Lion Man - ERB Inc.                    August 24, 1957
Tarzan and the Lost Safari - Whitman Movie Adapt.  September 4, 1957
Mastermind of Mars - G&D                             November 8, 1957
Monster Men - old G&D in DJ                          January 11, 1958
Tarzan the Invincible - G&D                            February 15, 1958
Tarzan and the Leopard Men - ERB Library Binding    February 15, 1958
Tarzan's Quest - ERB Library Binding                  February 15, 1958
At the Earth's Core - McClurg                         April 1958
Bandit of Hell's Bend - Early G&D in DJ               April 1958
Tarzan at the Earth's Core - Metropolitan             1959
Tarzan of the Apes - Br. Methuen                     1959
War Chief - G&D                                        1960
Tarzan and the Foreign Legion - ERB Inc.              1960
A Princess of Mars - G&D - Methuen                   May 1961
Outlaw of Torn - PB Pinnacle                            May 1961
John Carter and the Giant of Mars (Pulp) - Amazing Re-issue April 1961
Tarzan the Magnificent - Methuen                      June 1961
Cave Girl - G&D - Dell PB                June 19, 1961 & September 1961
Beyond Thirty and the Man Eater - SFFP        June 1961
Lost on Venus - G&D                              September 1961
Swordsman of Mars (OAK)  Ace                  September 1961
The Mucker - G&D                                April 1962
Eternal Lover - G&D                               April 1962
Thuvia/Chessmen/Mastermind (Dover)               April 1962
Outlaws of Mars (OAK) Ace                      April 1962
Moon Maid - Canaveral                            July 7, 1962
Fighting Man of Mars - Canaveral                 July 7, 1962
Jungle Girl                                         July 21, 1962
Synthetic Men of Mars (in Argosy pulps)          July 21, 1962
Man Without a World (JCB/HB in Thrilling Wonder pulp) July 21, 1962
Llana of Gathol - Burroughs                        August 1962
Land that Time Forgot - Canaveral                 December 27, 1962
Tanar of Pellucidar - Canaveral                     December  27, 1962
Port of Peril (OAK) (Avalon)          January 23, 1963 & Aug.31, 1964
Girl from Hollywood - Macaulay                     February 14, 1963
Swords of Mars - ERB                               February 14, 1963
Land That Time Forgot/Moon Maid - Dover         November 21, 1963
Tales of Three Planets (Canaveral)                1964
Tarzan and the Madman (Canaveral)               1964
Skeleton Men of Jupiter (Pulp) Amazing           January 1964
Mad King - G&D                                    January 28, 1964
Apache Devil - Burroughs                           January 28, 1964
Tarzan Twins  (Canaveral)                          January 31, 1964
Land of Terror (Canaveral)                         January 31, 1964
Escape on Venus (Canaveral)                        January 31, 1964
Savage Pellucidar (Canaveral)                       January 31, 1964
Lad and the Lion (Canaveral)                       1964
John Carter of Mars (Canaveral)                   1964
Planet of Peril (OAK) Ace                          February 4, 1964
Prince of Peril (OAK) Ace                          February 14, 1964
Heins                                                1964
Carson of Venus (Canaveral)                        1965
The Girl from Farris's - Greystoke                 1965
Tarzan and the Castaways (Canaveral)              January 14, 1965
Efficiency Expert - Greystoke                      1966
Tarzan and the Valley of Gold (Leiber)             1966
I am a Barbarian - ERB 1st                         1967
Treasure of the Black Falcon (JCB) Ballantine       1967

After our 1971 meeting with Hully, Joan and Jim Pierce at ERB, Inc. Tarzana, 
they sent us a huge box of all the Burroughs editions plus a stack of dust jackets. 
This was in appreciation for the reel-to-reel tapes of 
the 1932 Tarzan radio show that we had given them.

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