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Photos by Bill and Sue-On ~ Captions by Sue-On

A Fantastic Retreat Hosted by Robin Maxwell and Max Thomas
East of Eden

High Desert Rules of the Road
While ridin' in to Pioneertown we are faced with a decision.
No wild horses, outlaws, stagecoaches, 
or cattle stampedes in sight, so. . .
We decided to risk it and go through the frontier-style stop sign.
Entering Pioneertown we drove past rustic windmills,
water wagons, corrals, and the Pioneer Bowl.
Originally, Roy Rogers had built a bowling alley here
where he spent long hours between film shoots.
The Hillmans at the OK Corral - Pioneertown, Calif
Not quite the same as the original OK Corral
that we visited a few years back at Tombstone, Arizona.
Bill made the rounds socializing with the old-timers
at the Likker Barn and the Red Dog Saloon.

alt 1 ~ alt 2
Full of courage from the Red Dog visit, 
Bill moved over to the Post Office
where he "entertained" the posties and customers.
Following numerous complaints,
Bill is summoned to the Sherrif's office next door
where evades jail time by turning in his guitar. 
Pioneertown is a dangerous place.
Gunfights often break out on Mane Street.
To the relief of the locals, 
Bill has traded his guitar for a camera.
He captured all the violence on his camcorder.
The cast from "Showdown at the OK Corral". 
The audience was mainly Rotarians from Italy!
...and a couple crazy Canucks ;-)
Bill resting on one of the Mane Street name posts. 
These all bear the names of famous cowboy movie stars: 
Roy Rogers, Gene Auntry, Cisco Kid, etc. 
This was William S. Hart Road.
Pottery Shop owned by our friend Robin Maxwell's friends. 
Unfortunately, Amara and Thomas were away 
with their wares at a festival.
Sue-On is ready to shop!!!
One of the many display shelves in the pottery shop
Some of the wares in progress in the workshop
The workshop at the back of the store.
Two of the kilns
Sue-On and some of the prints on display.
 Bill is allowed to retrieve the confiscated guitar . . .
IF . . . he promises to get out of town!
Joshua Tree Inn, at Joshua Tree in the Yucca Valley
where one of our favourite musical influences died: 
Gram Parsons
Read about the bizarre story of Gram Parsons's OD death, 
his friends' attempts at fulfilling his wishes, and 
where they had taken his body for "cremation"
The Joshua Tree Inn front office
Bill attemps to gain access to the infamous Room #8.
Gram Parsons's elderly aunt lives in the desert,
a total recluse.

Disappointed, but respectful departure.
Time to head east to Winslow, Arizona . . .
and then on to Clovis and Lubbock to visit Buddy Holly.

Hillmans' High Desert Eden Adventure

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