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Book One: Chocolate COOPBook Three: Chocolate COOP

Chocolate Card 104

These 2.2" x 3.1" cards were issued in Belgium by Coop Chocolate in the late 1940s. They are from a large set of picture cards showing scenes from the Tarzan movies starring Johnny Weismuller (Tarzan), Brenda Joyce (Jane) and Cheetah the monkey (as himself). The front of the card shows a photographic type image of Tarzan and Jane, while the back of the card is blank. The cards, printed on thin stock, were given as a free premium with the purchase of chocolate.

Chocolate Card 103
Book Two: Chocolate COOP
Coop Chocolate Cards ~ 1949
Descriptive Note by Ron de Laat and Rob Donkers 
There are 3 books containing 100 cards each. Because they were made in Belgium, the books and cards were produced in French and Dutch (so 6 books were produced).
A. De Avonturen van Tarzan
1. Tarzan de Aapmens (Tarzan The Apeman) 01 ~ 14
2. Tarzan en zijn gezellin (Tarzan and His Mate) 15 ~ 25
3. Tarzan ontsnapt  (Tarzan Escapes) 26 ~ 46
4. Tarzan vind een zoon (Tarzan Finds a Son) 47 ~ 72
5. De verborgen schat van Tarzan (Tarzan's Secret Treasure) 73 ~ 89
6. Tarzan te New York (Tarzan's New York Adventure) 90 ~ 100
B. Nieuwe Avonturen van Tarzan
1. Tarzan tegen de Nazi's (Tarzan Triumphs) 101 ~ 128
2. Tarzan in de woestijn  (Desert Mystery) 129 ~ 155
3. Tarzan en de Amazonen (Tarzan and the Amazones) 156 ~ 176
4. Tarzan en de Luipaardvrouw (Tarzan and the Leopard Woman) 177 ~ 200
C. 2 Avonturen van Tarzan
1. Tarzan en de Serenen (Tarzan and the Mermaids) 101 ~ 150
2. Tarzan en de jagers (Tarzan and the Huntress) 151 ~ 200

Chocolate Card 137Chocolate Card 126Chocolate Card 159

Chocolate Card 101Chocolate Card 119Chocolate Card 120Chocolate Card 127Chocolate Card 128Chocolate Card 135Chocolate Card 136Chocolate Card 138Chocolate Card 140Chocolate Card 143Chocolate Card 144Card #145Chocolate Card 148Chocolate Card 153Chocolate Card 169Chocolate Card 173Chocolate Card 174Chocolate Card 177Chocolate Card 182Chocolate Card 183

Volume 0463

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