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Preview: New ERB Commemorative Stamp from USPS

Exciting new ERB projects in the works at Sequential Pulp Comics
which are being co-produced with Dark Horse Comics.

Edgar Rice Burroughs'
CASPAK: The Land That Time Forgot
It is a lost land of legend, once believed to exist only in the minds of madmen.  No explorer who set out to discover the hidden secrets of Caspak had ever returned alive.  Within its hellish volcanic valleys, savage swamps, and sulfurous skies lurk the monsters of nightmare, prehistoric horrors unseen on Earth since the dim, dark days of its primordial past.

Lost at sea during wartime, submarine adventurer Bowen Tyler finds himself and his crew marooned upon Caspak's perilous shores.  Surrounded by gigantic beasts, menacing ape-men, and the treacherous mutiny of his own companions, Tyler must struggle to survive against all odds to rescue the woman he loves from a hideous fate.

Sequential Pulp Comics presents writer Martin Powell and artist Will Meugniot collaborating on an epic new graphic novel of Edgar Rice Burroughs’ immortal masterpiece of science fiction adventure: "The Land That Time Forgot."

Edgar Rice Burroughs'
NUMBER 13 (The Monster Men)
Within his hidden jungle laboratory the brilliant Professor Maxon had discovered a scientific secret so incredible that cost him his sanity—he has created artificial Life.

A dozen crazed experiments succeeded, resulting in a band of deformed and dangerously deranged monster men.  The last and most successful of Maxon’s labors was something very different.  He was almost human.  Said to be soulless, he possessed enough love in heart to lead his monstrous brethren in pursuit of the cruel abductors of the mad scientist’s beautiful and courageous daughter.

They called him Number 13.

Sequential Pulp Comics presents writer Martin Powell and artist Tom Floyd combining forces on a new graphic novel of horror, adventure, and suspense, based on “The Monster Men” by Edgar Rice Burroughs.

Edgar Rice Burroughs'
She was savage and fearless, and a beautiful enigma.  Her name was Nadara, a prehistoric princess who survived on her primeval island with her wits and prowess.

Waldo Smith-Jones was a spoiled Boston blue-blood, shipwrecked, helpless, and terrified upon the same dreadful land of ferocious beasts and subhuman primitives.

Through a clumsy series of coincidences Smith-Jones unwittingly convinced the cave girl that he is a heroic warrior, and won her heart.  Suddenly, a new threat loomed which could expose him as champion or a coward, and likely cost their lives.

Sequential Pulp Comics presents writer Martin Powell and artist Tom Grindberg team-up on a new graphic novel based upon Edgar Rice Burroughs’ timeless, romantic adventure tale: "The Cave Girl."

ERBzine C.H.A.S.E.R.: Illustrated Bibliography
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The Land That Time Forgot
The Monster Men
The Cave Girl

The Remarkable Enid Markey: First Lady of the Tarzan Films
by Brian J. Bohnett

The tentative release date is for Brian' Bohnett's latest book is June 2012.
He has decided to release the book with two different covers,
so that it will appeal to both the Tarzan and the silent film collectors.
The project is nearing completion, but Brian would appreciate
receiving additional information and/or photos that could be included in the book.

See more of Enid Markey in our 
ERBzine Silver Screen Section
Enid Markey Photo Gallery

New from McFarland
Forry: The Life of Forrest J Ackerman
By Deborah Painter

Forrest J Ackerman (1916-2008) was an author, archivist, agent, actor, promoter, and editor of the iconic fan magazine Famous Monsters of Filmland; a founder of science ction fandom; and one of the world’s foremost collectors of sci- , horror and fantasy lms, literature, and memorabilia. This biography begins with a foreword by Joe Moe, Ackerman’s caregiver and close friend since 1982. It documents Ackerman’s lifelong dedication to his work in both literature and lm; his interests, travels, relationships and associations with famous personalities; and his lasting impact on popular culture. Primary research material includes letters given by Ackerman to the author during their long friendship, and numerous reminiscences from Ackerman’s friends, fans and colleagues.
See the ERBzine visit to Forry's ACKERMANSION at:
ERBzine 0185 and ERBzine 0186
Forry's 1940s Visit with ERB
ERBzine 0211
Read 14-year-old Forry's correspondence with ERB
ERBzine 2857
Read Guillermo del Toro's Tribute to Forrest J Ackerman
ERBzine 3392
TARZAN, THE GERMAN EATER : The Story Behind the Wahrman Translation 
Translator Wendayne (Wendy) Wahrman (1912-1990) 
  was married to Forry Ackerman until her death.
ERBzine 3295
Forry's Entry in ERB's 1946 Autograph Book
ERBzine 2797
ERBzine 2142
ERBzine News Reports of Forry's Death
News Archive 26
Help Andy Briggs Design a Gorilla for Your School ~ July 24, 2011
The king of the jungle is back in a thrilling new book Tarzan: The Greystoke Legacy and to celebrate publication and support endangered apes we are offering you the chance to create a unique design for a gorilla sculpture.

The winner will receive a gorilla sculpture for their school, plus a special set of paints to recreate the design on the sculpture, and Tarzan author Andy Briggs will visit your school to unveil the finished work of art! The sculpture is being supplied by Bristol Zoo as part of their WOW! Gorillas campaign, in which decorated gorillas will be placed all over the city this summer in support of these majestic animals, of which only a few hundred remain in the wild.All you need to do is visit our website to find the template on which you can design your gorilla. Once designed you can either post your entry to the usual address or email it to putting Gorilla in the subject box.

Watch Andy Briggs at talking about Tarzan and the ape campaign.

The Andy Briggs Tarzan Project I
Promos, Articles, Reviews, Interviews 
Featured in ERBzine
Over the Last Year from 
ERBzine News and Eclectica
The Andy Briggs Tarzan Project II
Covers ~ Opening Pages ~ Promo Blurbs
Review and Interview 
from Elizabeth de Jager

Philip José Farmer's Hadon of Ancient Opar
Christopher Paul Carey to complete the concluding novel in the series!
Philip José Farmer's published Khokarsa series consists of the novels HADON OF ANCIENT OPAR and FLIGHT TO OPAR. The third and concluding novel in the series was never completed. Christopher Paul Carey has announce that he has been authorized to complete the third, and concluding, novel in the series. The final book will be titled THE SONG OF KWASIN and published in 2012.

The publisher has not officially announced the book yet, but in the Spring of 2012 Subterranean Press is slated to bring out an omnibus encompassing all three novels in the series: HADON OF ANCIENT OPAR, FLIGHT TO OPAR, and THE SONG OF KWASIN. Carey also co-authored a 20,000-word novella with Farmer called “Kwasin and the Bear God,” which will be available in the anthology THE WORLDS OF JOSÉ FARMER 2: Of Dust and Soul.

British Library, Google in deal to digitize books
Beta.News ~ June 21, 2011
LONDON (AP) — A treatise on a stuffed hippopotamus, an 18th-century English primer for Danish sailors and a description of the first engine-driven submarine are among 250,000 books to be made available online in a deal between Google and the British Library.

The agreement, announced Monday, will let Internet users read, search, download and copy thousands of texts published between 1700 and 1870. It is a small step toward the library's goal of making the bulk of its 14 million books and 1 million periodicals available in digital form by 2020. The deal marks another step in Google's effort to make digital copies of the world's estimated 130 million books. The company, based in Mountain View, Calif., touts the ambitious project as a way to enable anyone with an Internet connection to tap in a vast reservoir of knowledge. Google, though, stands to make more money if it can build the world's biggest digital library.

By stockpiling millions of books that can't be easily found elsewhere, Google gives people another reason to use its search engine, which already processes about two out of every three queries on the Web. Generating more search requests gives Google more opportunities to show ads that bring in revenue each they are clicked upon.  The books will be available on the websites of the British Library and Google Books. Google has scanned more than 15 million books into its search index during the past seven years, but has only been able to show snippets of many of them because of copyright restrictions. The company tried to remove the U.S. copyright obstacles in a settlement of a class action lawsuit with authors and publishers only to have the agreement rejected by a federal judge three months ago. The books that Google will be scanning from the British library are no longer protected by copyrights. Last year, the British Library announced plans to digitize up to 40 million pages of newspapers dating back three-and-ahalf centuries.

Of interest to all lovers of books is the
Edgar Rice Burroughs Personal Library Site
1,200 titles with cover and interior art, publishing information, links, bios, e-text, etc.

Marvel AND Disney Publishing Worldwide Announce
John Carter: World of Mars
Peter David and Luke Ross tell the story before the upcoming movie! ~ July 18, 2011
JOHN CARTER: WORLD OF MARS #1 cover by Esad Ribic

Marvel Entertainment and Disney Publishing Worldwide are proud to announce JOHN CARTER: WORLD OF MARS, an all-new comic prequel to the upcoming Walt Disney Pictures feature film, "John Carter," which will hit theatres on March 9, 2012. This October, JOHN CARTER: WORLD OF MARS #1 reveals the shocking events that transpire before the motion-picture story begins by showing fans just how John Carter, Princess Dejah Thoris and Tars Tarkas are set on the path that would bring them all together. Amidst this brutal thousand-year war, find out what decisions were made that let events escalate this far—and why. This blockbuster, four-issue limited series comes straight from New York Times best-sellers Peter David and Luke Ross, two of the most acclaimed talents in comics.

“We’re thrilled to bring fans their first look at the world of John Carter before the blockbuster film wows audiences next year,” said Axel Alonso, Marvel Editor In Chief. “It’s been a pleasure working with Disney, Peter and Luke to craft a powerful story that will appeal to both the legions of John Carter fans and those who are new to this exciting world.”

Director Andrew Stanton adds, “I am really thrilled to be collaborating with Disney & Marvel on this project and look forward to audiences exploring the world of John Carter via this exciting comic offering. I have wanted to see this property on the big screen since I was a young boy and hope that John Carter: World of Mars will excite and inspire fans of the series much like I was inspired many years ago.”

Before John Carter’s arrival on Mars, what events shaped the conflict that would change his destiny—and that of the universe—irrevocably? Find out this October as war, love and inescapable destiny collide in JOHN CARTER: WORLD OF MARS!

For more on this project, head over to Comic Book Resources!

WARLORD OF MARS Volume 1 TPB - Coming in September!
(W) Arvid Nelson ~ (A) Stephen Sadowski, Lui Antonio ~ (C) Joe Jusko

The original warrior of Mars comes to Dynamite! Warlord of Mars is an incredible enhancement of the classic Edgar Rice Burroughs story, Princess of Mars. If you thought you knew the story, think again! Featuring John Carter, an ex-cavalry officer in the Confederate Army who finds himself mysteriously transported to Mars, joined on his adventures by Tars Tarkas, his Martian comrade, and Dejah Thoris, a Martian Princess.

Collects the first 9-issues of the hit series, along with bonus material and a complete cover gallery featuring such great artists as Alex Ross, Joe Jusko, J. Scott Campbell, Lucio Parrillo, and more.
SC, 7x10, 230+pgs, FC $24.99

Follow the long history of ERB heroes featured in Comics:

July 2011:
Dear Bill: My husband, a carpenter, found a gold ring with the initials "ERB" inscribed on the front and the words "Denizens 1911" inscribed inside within the wall of an old home located in Worcester MA.  A google search led me to your website.  I am just curious as to whether this ring may have belonged to Edgar Rice Burroughs or any information regarding this ring. Either way, it was quite interesting for me to view your web-site and learn about this man!
Thank you,
Erica Matthew
Erica: An intriguing find. I've searched my files and I can't find a connection between ERB and Worcester or "Denizens 1911".   1911 was an important year for Burroughs (ERB Bio Timeline) . . . during the first half of the year he and his family were really strapped for cash. . . and pawned some of wife Emma's jewelry to survive. Later in the year however, his he made his first sale as writer and his career was launched. Possibly there is some connection, but I haven't yet come across it. If you would like to send a photo of the ring I could post it on the Website and one of my readers might be able to provide some info. ERBzine Ed.
Thank you Bill.  I did also notice the connection between the year 1911 and ERB was that was it was when he was first published.  I thought I had seen something about a friend of his who visited Peru and later became a senator (or something like that) and the year 1911, too.  Was the term "denizens" first used in his first published story in 1911?   I will send a photo ASAP. Thanks for your input. I'm thoroughly enjoying your website.  My grandfather was an avid reader of Burroughs and similar authors, he would have loved investigating this! ~ Erica

Hi Bill: Here are the images of the ring.  Thanks for putting them on your website!  It will be interesting to see if a connection to ERB is found! ~ Erica

This is a picture we found that looks like he is wearing the ring.

That's a neat find, Erica . . . I'll look around to see if I have a higher resolution image of that photo. I'll feature your photos in the Eclectica section of ERBzine to generate some feedback. ~ Bill

All, another piece of the puzzle was found when i went to the jeweler they found a hallmark, an anchor turned to the right with a K. When I researched the hallmark I came up with the Ripley-Howland Mfg. Co.. Boston, Mass also located in New York. The jeweler tested it and said it was 14k but the info I found on the hallmark says it is 10k. the jeweler said the ring as is not knowing the owner would sell for about $1,000.00. ~ Thanks, Eric Edstrom

Dear Bill: I'm looking for information about a Tarzan movie prop in my collection. It is a leather bound, painted canvas shield, mounted on a wooden frame. I was told it was made as a prop for one of the first movies made? It's approximately four feet tall, in an oval shape, with a wooden handle and a hole cut or carved in center, to hold the shield. There is a painted symbol or design covering the entire canvas. In which movies were such props used?

 l have run searches and spent hours and hours over the past decade, at your websites, you have like a trillion!, and have never found any shields to authenticate, or saw mine in any pics or stills. I once saw a similar one on a poster, with different design, but it was the same shape and looked like it was put together same way.  I received the shield as a birthday gift about 20 years ago.  Thank-you for your help, if you can give any information please contact me.
Sincerely, Michelle Wafer

Follow the day-by-day adventures of Edgar Rice Burroughs from 1875-1950

Shuttle Cockpit Panorama
Interior 360 degree view of Space Shuttle cockpit.
Atmosphere Factory on Mars located:

YouTube1  |  YouTube2 |
Rising star with vaulting ambition
The Independent ~ July 10, 2011
Don Bragg was the first pole vaulter to clear 4.70m in the Olympic arena. When the American did so, in the Stadio Olimpico in 1960, he delighted the Roman crowd by celebrating with a Tarzan yell. Four years later, he was playing the lead role in the filming of Tarzan and the Jewels of Opar, swinging from vine to vine, when a court order halted production because of copyright infringement. More>>>
The Year You Were Born
Click on year of your birth below, then type in the year and hit go. The screen is going to fade to black; have your glasses on, and follow the instructions below. You'll be pleasantly surprised with this one... Type the year only!! Then click the question (?) mark! Sit back and enjoy!!
Year of your birth
Latest Image of Vesta Captured by Dawn on July 17, 2011
NASA's Dawn spacecraft obtained this image with its framing camera on July 17, 2011.
It was taken from a distance of about 15,000 kilometers away from the protoplanet Vesta.
Vesta is 530 kilometers in diameter and the second most massive object in the asteroid belt.
Image credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech/UCLA/MPS/DLR/IDA
NASA Science News for July 20, 2011
Astronomers using the Hubble Space Telescope discovered a fourth moon orbiting Pluto. The new satellite was uncovered in a Hubble survey searching for rings around the dwarf planet. FULL STORY HERE

Tarzan inspires man to see Africa
Moose Jaw Times-Herald ~ July 13, 2011
Ralph Courtnage poses atop Waterberg Plateau in northern Namibia
It all started when he was a boy, peering through his comic books. “I was a great lover of Tarzan in the comics as a kid,” said Ralph Courtnage. “That’s what inspired my interest in Africa.”

Covering Courtnage’s complete African trip would take a book in itself. Some highlights of his 8,000-kilometre trek included visiting the Kalahari desert in Botswana, seeing Victoria Falls, Lake Malawi and Zanzibar Island off the coast of Tanzania, and seeing wildlife in Serengeti National Park. Overall, it was not the Tarzan comic he envisioned as a child. “I didn’t see any jungle the whole time I was there,” Courtnage said with a chuckle. “There were no vines to swing on.”

One of the most significant visits of his African trip was with the sand bushmen of the Kalahari Desert. In a strange way Courtnage felt like he was meeting long lost relatives. “I read quite a bit about them and had my DNA tested by National Geographic,” he said. “They’ve linked DNA from all over the world to these sand bushmen.”

One other trip milestone was going on safari in Tanzania’s Serengeti National Park. “I just couldn’t believe the animals that we seen,” he said. “You see all these animals here in the zoo and then you see them there running around free.

He described riding around in a protected vehicle by day and sleeping in a contained building by night. “The humans are in the cages in Africa and the animals run free,” said a smiling Courtnage. “It’s just a completely different world.”

He recalls one long night when the group camped outside in the unprotected wilderness. “I was sleeping in the tent and I could hear this munching outside and I thought it was just some little animal,” he said. “But a couple girls next-door got up, turned on their lights and saw something as big as a tank... They ran right back into their tent.” It was a hippo enjoying a late night snack.

His wife, Juanita, who enjoys more comforting and relaxing travel will have to wait until Ralph gets the Tazarn-esque adventure out of his system. For more information about Courtnage's African adventure visit his blog

View 800 High Resolution Photos of Africa with Accompanying Notes
Photographed by my retired university mentor and colleague: 
Dr. John Tyman ~ Cultures in Context
 Studies of the Maasai, the Luhya, and Nairobi's Urban Fringe 
ERBzine 3390
Mirrored from

Aristocrat’s Tarzan 'Lord of the Jungle' slot machine
Gaming Today ~ June 21, 2011
A few weeks ago Aristocrat’s Tarzan Lord of the Jungle video slot game arrived at the Fiesta in Henderson. It is almost impossible to walk by this machine without stopping to watch. It has a huge screen, fabulous graphics and great sound. There were four machines but I had to wait for one to open so I could play. That was fine because there was a lot to watch – wheels spinning, elephants stampeding, Tarzan yelling while swinging across the screen and, best of all, the oooohs and ahhhh’s of people winning. The game has 30 lines and a +20 credit ante bet with a 50-credit minimum bet and a 150-credit max.

"Tarzan" has four progressive jackpots that include Mini, starting at $10; Minor, starting at $30; Major, starting at $500; and Grand, starting at $250,000. You have to be playing the max to be eligible for the Grand progressive. Tarzan Lord of the Jungle’s exciting bonus features include: Tarzan, Stampede, Kerchak Free Games, Monkey, and Progressive Wheel. In the Tarzan bonus, our hero swings across the screen causing one reel to be replaced by three SPECIAL WILD symbols. All reels are held for additional Tarzan bonus spins. In the Stampede bonus, a random number of bonus symbols appear above the reel area. The game pays all symbols as scattered in any position, including bonus above the reel area. In the Kerchak Free Games feature, all wins are multiplied by two, three, five or 10 during the free games. It’s all business in the Monkey bonus feature. When the monkey appears, it will randomly select any symbol in the reel except Tarzan. All instances of the selected symbol turn into a SPECIAL WILD. When three or more scattered wheel symbols appear the Progressive Wheel Feature is triggered. You can win progressive jackpots along with bonuses, credits or free games.

Musical 'Tarzan' set to premiere ~ July 10, 2011
The world premiere of the Disney musical"Tarzan" is presented at North Shore Music Theatre in Beverly, Tuesday through July 24. David Henry Hwang wrote the book of the musical based on both the 1999 Disney film and the original Edgar Rice Burroughs story, "Tarzan of the Apes." He is now working with North Shore Music Theatre on revising the Broadway script for future productions. The cast includes Brian Justin Crum as Tarzan; Andrea Goss as Jane; and 12-year-old Jack Favazza of Gloucester as Young Tarzan. The show also features a new 14-piece orchestration of music written by Phil Collins. Read more

Disney's TARZAN at North Shore Music Theatre
BWW TV: July 19, 2011
The first video footage has just been released from North Shore Music Theatre's new regional production of TARZAN playing through July 24, 2011. For tickets and information, visit ~ More>>>

Brian Justin Crum (Tarzan) and ensemble

Andrea Goss (Jane) and Brian Justin Crum (Tarzan)

Andrea Goss (Jane)

Jane and Tarzan

Christopher Messina (Terk)

Christopher Messina (Terk) and Brian Justin Crum (Tarzan)

Christopher Messina (Terk) and Giacomo Favazza (Young Tarzan)

Tarzan and Kerchak (Todd Alan Johnson)

Robyn Payne (Kala)
Broadway 2006
Tarzan: The Musical
Featured in ERBzine at:

Disney 3D revival ~ July 9, 2011
All those kids who didn’t get a chance to watch Simba sing ‘Hakuna matata…’ on 70 mm can now relive memories of The Lion King in 3D. It was after re-releasing Beauty And The Beast in 3D last year, that Walt Disney Studios realised the potential of the technology on animated properties. “Beauty And The Beast was a huge hit, and that encouraged us to look for other such films to bring back.There is a whole generation that missed out on The Lion King. Given the current excitement around 3D, this was a perfect opportunity to present it.” The film is due to hit the US market on September 16.

Walt Disney has no plans to bring back any other older properties for now. But they are looking forward to sweep the 3D market clean with John Carter Of Mars and their first Marvel release, The Avengers, in 2012. “We’ve always taken technology as one of our focus areas. You can see that the number of 3D titles coming from Disney is way more than any other studio,” says Seshasaye Kanthamraju, executive director, marketing and distribution, Walt Disney Studios, India

Cybill Shepherd: I wanted to play Tarzan ~ July 3, 2011
Cybill Shepherd would rather play Tarzan than Jane. The outspoken actress loves to defy gender stereotypes and has been that way since she was a little girl. If she’d been asked to appear in a movie involving jungle hero Tarzan, she would have rather portrayed the muscular hunk than his partner Jane. “I never wanted to play Jane, I wanted to be Tarzan,” she told Empire magazine. “I used to be able to do his call and beat my chest. I need to do it by myself to get it back into my body.”

Cybill must have Tarzan on the brain, as she also revealed that her first movie crush was the most memorable actor to play the character, Johnny Weissmuller. “I like thinking of him in that little loincloth. Mmm,” she joked. It's not the first time Cybill has spoken about her wish for playing Tarzan. She once admitted he was a character she’d spent a lot of time thinking about. “I didn`t want to vacuum the tree house. I wanted to swing from the vines,” she said.

New from ERBzine Silver Screen: Tarzan's Peril Lobby Display I
The 1999 film, Introducing Dorothy Dandridge, starring Halle Berry
re-enacted a scene from Tarzan's Peril with an unknown actor playing the role of Lex Barker.
Lex Barker and Dorothy | "Tarzan" and Halle

The Tarzan's Peril scene from Introducing Dorothy Dandridge

Full Coverage of Every ERB Film at:
ERBzine Silver Screen

New at ERB C.H.A.S.E.R. The Gods of Mars
A C. C. Beck tryout cover painting for 
ERB's The Gods of Mars ~ 1946
"Wanting to leave Fawcett and captain Marvel, Beck submitted this painting to Edgar Rice Burroughs as the cover for The Gods of Mars which was to be one of the first publications under Burroughs own imprint. 

"Apparently Burroughs was horrified by the massive amount of blood and the partial nudity and rejected the painting. Beck was not pleased and put the painting in storage until it was sold after his death." 

~ Russ Cochran Auction

One of the illustrations included in THE MARK WHEATLEY GALLERY -
a new color art book available from the artist (with a sketch included)
at the INSIGHT STUDIOS booth #2308 at the San Diego Comic Con.

Edgar Rice Burroughs Painted Dining Room Door - $995 (Beverly Hills)
Date: 2011-06-18, 3:36PM PDT
Reply to:
(door is wrapped in plastic so photos may be a bit distorted-door and paintging is in excellent condition) $995"

Note: Our investigation into this proved that it is the work of an artist going by the name, Rice Burroughs, who is currently working out of the Los Angeles area.

Photo Taken by WWII Military Photographer Hulbert Burroughs
An original WWII negative of USAAF General Walter J. Reed of the Air Service Command in perfect condition taken by or for 7th AF photo unit commander Hulburt Burroughs, son of Tarzan author Edgar Rice Burroughs. Burroughs noted that the photo was taken in March 1943. The negative is one of many, many negatives acquired in the mid-eighties, all having been taken by or under the command of Burroughs in the Pacific from immediately after Pearl Harbor and through the key early battles in the Pacific: Guadalcanal, Midway, etc. Approximately 2.5 X 2.5 and in perfect condition. Shown is a contact print. eBay Link
Much more ERB art in the
ERB Artist Encyclopedia
ERBzine Illustrated Bibliography
More about Hully's wartime work in
ERB: The War Years


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