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Volume 0376
Edgar Rice Burroughs
Guest of Honour
Mary Burroughs

John Coleman Burroughs

Mary Burroughs portrait by John Coleman Burroughs

Mary Burroughs captivated the ERB fans in attendance with many Burroughs family anecdotes and a tribute to her late husband, John Coleman Burroughs. The painting above is from the cover of the limited edition booklet written by Mary and Bill Hillman - especially for ECOF 2000. Many of the features displayed in the booklet may be found in ERBzine Online Fanzine.
JCB painting from the Mary Burroughs CollectionJCB painting from the Mary Burroughs CollectionJCB painting from the Mary Burroughs Collection
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Bob Hyde's Photo of John and Mary Burroughs in the Early '60s
Christmas at John and Mary's Home in Malibu
Bob Hyde ~ Dian ~ Mary & John ~ Danton ~ Hulbert Burroughs
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year - Mary and John Burroughs and Family
Christmas card from Mary & John Burroughs and Family
Featuring one of John's paintings

Mary - Bill Hillman - Jim Thompson - MarySue-On and Bill Hillman - Mary - Linda Thompson
Mary with friend, MaryMary with friend, Mary
Mary with Bob Hyde and Tom YeatesMary with Bob Hyde
Mary admiring Jim's Moon MaidMary with Jim and Linda Thompson
Mary displaying some of Tom Yeates' sketchesMary with John Tyner - displaying the Official Panthan T-Shirt

Volume 0376

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