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Volume 2979
James Killian Spratt's Graphic Interpretation of 
Edgar Rice Burroughs' A Princess of Mars 

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Page 261

Diving my fleet craft at top speed 
I overtook them in seconds and 
rammed the sharp prow of my little flier 
between the shoulders of the nearest. 

The impact hurled the fellow's headless body
over his thoat to sprawl upon the moss. 

The other two thoats squealed in terror 
and bolted in opposite directions. 

  I circled and slowed 
and landed at the feet 
of the astonished Zodangan. 
He thanked me warmly and 
assured me that my rescue 
would be well rewarded, 
for he was none other than 
a cousin of the Jeddak of Zodanga, 
and I had truly saved his life. 
We did not dawdle to talk,
and hastened to repair his craft 
before the green men returned.

Page 262

We had almost finished 
when the green men came back, 
but their terrified beasts 
would not come close 
to the strange machines,
so they dismounted and 
came for us on foot with drawn longswords.
I advanced to meet the larger one--


-- and finished him with little effort.


Page 263

I looked to my companion 
to see that he was indeed 
in desperate straits. 

He was wounded and down 
with the huge foot of his antagonist 
upon his throat,
the great sword raised 
for the final stroke.


With a bound 
I cleared the fifty feet
between us and 
drove my sword completely
through the green man,
killing him.


Page 264

The Zodangan had no mortal injuries,
and after a brief rest 
we completed the repairs to his vessel.

He asserted that he was fit to pilot himself, 
so together we rose
into the cloudless Martian sky, 
and with no further mishap
we returned to Zodanga 
at great speed.

As we neared the city 
we discovered 
a mighty concourse of civilians and troops 
assembling upon the plain before the city. 

The sky was black with naval vessels 
and private pleasure-craft, 
flying flags and banners of gay colors, 
and silk streamers of odd, picturesque designs.

Page 265

My companion 
signaled me to slow down, 
and coming close alongside, 
suggested that we approach 
and watch the ceremony, 
which was for 
the conferring of Honors
upon individual officers and men 
for bravery and 
other distinguished service. 

He then unfurled 
his own ensign of royalty,
a little flag which he placed 
upon the prow of his vessel.

Page 266

we made our way 
through the low-lying vessels
and took station--


--directly above
the Jeddak and his staff.

Page 267 
 I was amazed by the splendor of all the brightly-colored trappings, banners, finery and feathers, 
all of which created a startling resemblance to a horde of red Indians of my own Earth. 
Now aware of our presence hovering above him, Than Kosis motioned for my companion to descend.

Page 268

As they waited 
for the troops to assemble 
the two talked earnestly at some length, 
Than Kosis and his staff
occasionally glancing up at me.


The last troops fell into formation 
and the ceremonies began. 

I watched with great interest 
as an officer loudly recited
the nature of each act of heroism 
and placed a metal ornament
upon the recipient. 

Ten men had been so decorated 
when I was astonished 
to hear an aide call out 

Page 269

Never in my life had I been so surprised, 
but the habit of military discipline
is strong in me,
so I quickly landed my craft 
and approached the officer on foot 
as I had seen the others do. 

The officer returned my salute
and announced, 
in a stentorian voice 
to the entire assembly:


"In recognition, John Carter, 
of your remarkable courage and skill 
in defending the person 
of the cousin of the Jeddak Than Kosis, 
and single-handedly vanquishing 
three green warriors,
it is the pleasure of our Jeddak 
to confer upon you 
the mark of his esteem."

Page 270

At that point 
Than Kosis, 
the Jeddak himself, advanced 
and placed the Order upon me, saying: 

"My cousin told me 
of your wonderful prowess,
and I have decided to appoint 
you Dwar of my personal guards. 

You will be quartered
in my palace hereinafter,
and join my staff
as of this moment."

 I thanked him 
and took an unobtrusive position 
with the Jeddak's staff 
as they carried on 
with the ceremonies. 

I could scarcely believe my good fortune.

Page 271

After the ceremony 
I returned my battered machine 
to its storage dock 
high upon the roof of
the Air Scout squadron barracks 
and turned it in for repairs.


With an Orderly to guide me 
I reported to the 
Officer in Charge of the palace.

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