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Volume 1325
James Killian Spratt's Graphic Interpretation of 
Edgar Rice Burroughs' A Princess of Mars 

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Page 218

It has been a difficult thing 
to obtain sufficient voluntary labor 
to work the great isolated mines 
and farm lands of Mars, 
which are all owned by 
the governments where they are located. 
Convicts, prisoners of war, 
delinquent debtors and confirmed bachelors, 
unable to pay the high celibate tax, 
work off their debts to society
at these necessary labors.

When they had heard my story--
I omitted all reference to Dejah Thoris 
and the atmosphere plant--
they advised me to seek military service. 
One of them explained, 
"We are warlike people on Barsoom,
and save our richest favors 
for the fighting man."

Page 219

The Ptors were the personification 
of cordiality and hospitality, and 
I stayed with them for several days, 
resting and recuperating from my long 
and arduous experiences.


This was my first opportunity
to study red Martian people
in their normal life, 
and I found the experience fascinating 
and extremely enjoyable.


Page 220

Martian nights are --


-- very cold.


Page 221

The farms,
situated on the canals 
which stretch from pole to pole, 
are necessarily located
in remote, isolated parts --

-- in wild stretches of
uninhabited country
peopled only by --


Page 222

-- wild animals, some of which are --


-- extremely dangerous, --


Page 223
 -- and --
wilder men.

Page 224
Page 225

Page 226

Only courage --


-- sets one free.


Page 227
Most of the year the Martian days are very hot, and Barsoomians wear very 
little attire --
-- seemingly to enhance the figure, not conceal it.  But what they do wear is 
important to them, as it indicates every individual's nation, tribe, house --
-- and social status.  They particularly enjoy celebrations of notable events 
and reward ceremonies --
-- for heroic deeds --

Page 228
-- and every form of warlike, competitive pursuit, --
-- with all manner of weapons, some far superior to any I had ever seen.

Page 229

They cut my hair 
in the prevailing fashion and 
equipped me 
with the metal and harness 
of the House of Ptor, 
and gave me a bottle of pigmented oil
to color my skin 
so that I might pass anywhere
as a Red Martian.

They also gave me 
a small sack of oval coins
to finance my journey onward, 
to be repaid 
when I was better established.

When I was ready to depart
they furnished me 
with a small domestic bull thoat, 
a gentler, smaller replica of
its huge, wild cousins, 
and bidding me farewell 
they watched me 
until I was out of sight 
upon the broad, white turnpike.

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