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Volume 1307
A Graphic Interpretation of
Edgar Rice Burroughs'
A Princess of Mars
James Killian Spratt

A Fight That Won Friends

A colossal apelike creatue
held me pinioned by one huge foot 
while it jabbered and 
gesticulated to another, 
evidently its mate, 
which bore a mighty stone cudgel --

The thing was about 
to brain me 
when a bolt of 
multi-legged horror
hurled itself
through the doorway 
full upon the breast
of my executioner. 

With a shriek of fear
the ape which held me 
leaped out the window,
and there ensued 
a battle the likes of which 
I had never seen before. 

The guard beast
had sunk his mighty fangs
deep in the ape's breast, 
but the giant arms had 
locked around his neck, 
and were slowly bending 
his head backward,
and choking out his life. 
Suddenly, I came to my wits,
seized the fallen cudgel and, 
swinging with all my strength, 
crashed it upon the ape's skull. 
Scarely had the blow descended than 
the ape's mate had returned! 
In a rage!

I smashed the beast's shins 
with the cudgel,
then landed a very solid right
to the point of its chin, 
and a breath-taking left to its gut. 

It reeled and doubled up, 
and a lightning smash on the skull 
with the stone club finished it. 

Sola, Tars Tarkas 
and some warriors 
had found us in time 
to witness my slaying of the monster --


One of the warriors drew 
an evil-looking pistol, 
and was about to put 
my sorry watch-beast 
out of its misery for failing its duties,
when I struck up his arm; 
I saw no reason for it to be killed. 
I then knelt down beside 
the fearsome-looking thing, 
and raising it to its feet motioned
for it to follow me. 
I had at least two friends on Mars; 
a young woman who cared for me 
with motherly solicitude, 
and a dumb ugly brute 
with a loving, loyal, grateful heart; 
Sola, and Woola, a calot.
I would learn more the depths 
of their devotion 
in the passage of time. 
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