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Volume 1306
A Graphic Interpretation of
Edgar Rice Burroughs'
A Princess of Mars
James Killian Spratt

I Elude My Watchdog

She stared into the
brute's wicked-looking eyes,
muttered a command,
pointed to me, 
and left the chamber.

This ferocious-looking monstrosity
surveyed me intently for a moment, 
crossed the room 
to the only doorway 
that led to the street, 
and lay down full length 
across the threshold.

Shortly Sola returned 
bearing both food and drink.

Sola, alone, 
among all the green Martians, 
disclosed characteristics 
of sympathy, kindliness, 
and affection . . . 
She seated herself 
a short ways off 
and regarded me intently . . .

After eating 
I was soon asleep. 
I woke some hours later, 
very cold. 
Suddenly a hand 
reached out of the darkness
and pulled a fur over me, 
shortly adding another . . . 

Martian nights are
extremely cold.

I awakened at daylight. 
The five other occupants of the room, 
all females, were still sleeping, 
piled high with a 
motley array of silks and furs. 
Across the threshold lay 
the guardian brute.
Gently I slipped out of bed 
and onto my feet . . . 
so did he . . .

I wondered what he would do
if I tried to escape, 
so, with a shuffling gait 
with which 
I could retain my balance and 
still make progress, 
I advanced slowly. 
The brute backed away and let me pass, 
then fell in behind me. 
I set out to explore the city . . . 

Evidently his mission was
to protect me only, I thought,
but when we reached
the edge of the city 
he suddenly sprang before me, 
uttering strange sounds and 
baring his ferocious tusks. 
Thinking to have some fun
at his expense, 
I rushed towords him and 
leaped some thirty feet over him. 
He charged with the most appalling speed 
I'd ever beheld. 
I could see immediately 
that I could never escape 
the beast straightaway, 
so --

I jumped for a window 
about thirty feet up the face 
of one of the buildings 
overlooking the valley. 
I gazed down at
the baffled animal . . . 


. . .  when a huge hand grasped
me by the neck --

-- and jerked me
violently backwards into the building! 

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