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Code Indicating Source of the ERB Book Titles:
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50s Notebook presented by Danton to the McWhorter Memorial Collection ~  Displayed in Black
Titles in the present Danton Burroughs Collection dictated to Bruce Bozarth ~ Displayed in Red
Titles Collated by George McWhorter from the Porges Papers: Displayed in Green
Burroughs Library List Compiled by Phil Burger: Displayed in Grey
Lost Editions Uncovered by Hillman Research in Gold
ERB Books Read After 1943 Retrieved from the Porges Papers by George McWhorter in Purple

Overlaps and duplicates are left in for reference.
Inscriptions are underlined.

1000 Years of Russian History   parts of


ABBOT, Willis J.: The Nations At War
ABBOTT, Eleanor Hallowell   Old Dad
ABBOTT, Jane   Aprilly
ABBOTT, Jane   Mingle Streams
ABBOTT, Lawrence F.: Letters of Archie Butt
ABYSSINIA, S SOMALILAND, KENYA Colony, Zanzibar, the Camnoros, Madagascar. (NY, Century, 1925)
ADAMS, Frederick Upham   John Burt
ADAMS, James   Revolutionary New England 1691-1776
ADAMS: Revolutionary New England
ADAMS, Samuel Hopkins   Wanted A Husband
ADE, George  In Babel
ADE: In Babel
ADE, George   The Slim Princess
ADE, George: The Slim Princess
ADLER, G. J. : Adler's German English Dictionary
AELUR & GRENAUGH?: Latin Grammar
AHEARN: How to Commit a Murder
AKELEY, Carl E.: In Brightest Africa (no publisher or date listed)
AKELEY: In Brightest Africa
AKELEY, Carl E.   In Brightest Africa
        Autographed "Edgar Rice Burroughs   Tarzana Ranch   Nov. 20, 1923"
ALCOTT, Louisa May   Flower Fables
ALCOTT, Louisa May   Jo's Boys
ALCOTT, Louisa May   Old Fashioned Girl
ALCOTT, L M ~ Under The Lilac - Kingsport Press - Office File Copy 12 4 1893 run 5,075 printed 5,075 G&D in DJ
ALCOTT: Under the Lilacs
ALDER, W. F.: The Isle of Vanishing Men
ALDRICH, Thomas Bailey   The Story of a Bad Boy
ALEXANDER, Grand Duke Alexander Mikhailovitch of Russia: Once a Grand Duke
ALLEN, Lucy ~ Table Service - Lucy Allen, Little, Brown A7
ALLEN: Table Service
ALLEN, Lucy G. Table Service. Boston: Little, Brown, and Company, 1920.
ALLEN, Frederick Lewis: Only Yesterday
ALMANAC: World Almanac 1944
ALTSHELER, Joseph A.   The Great Sioux Trail
AMMUNDSON, Roald: My Life As An Explorer (2 volumes)
ANDERSON, Hans Christian   Fairy Stories
ANDERSON Hans Christian   Fairy Tales
ANDREWS, Roy Chapman: On the Trail of Ancient Man: A Narrative of the Field Work of the Central Asiatic Expeditions (NY, Putnam)
ANSELL, Mary   Dogs and Men
      Album on Animals
n/r  Boy's Book of Big Game Hunting
n/r  Boy's Book of Cowboys
n/r  Boys Book of Pirates
n/r  Christmas Carols
n/r  Comical Hits by Famous Wits
n/r  Mark Twain's Boyhood Home
n/r  Mother Bedtime Stories
n/r  Prize Stories of 1924
n/r  Technique '94
n/r  The Arabian Nights
n/r  The Merry Widow
n/r  The Rain-Girl
ANTHOLOGY: Great Story Tellers
ANTHOLOGY: Prize Stories of 1924
ANTHONY, Irvin    Revolt at Sea
ARABIAN NIGHTS: No author cited
ARMIGER: Titles - A Guide to the Right ause of British Titles and Honours
ARNOLD, Edwin Lester   Phra the Phoenician
ARNOLD, Edwin Lester:  Phra the Phoenician
ARTICLES: Africa (magazine articles)
ASBURY, Herbert    The Gangs of New York
ASH, Fenton   Trip to Mars
ASHFORD, Daisy   The Young Visitors
ASHMUN, Margaret   Including Mother
ASHMUN, Margaret   Isabel Carleton at Home
ASHMUN, Margaret   Isabel Carleton's Friends
ASHMUN, Margaret   Isabel Carleton's Year
ASHMUN, Margaret   The Heart of Isabel Carleton
ASH, Fenton  A Trip to Mars
ASTHON-WOLFE, H.    Warped in the Making
ASHTON, John ~ English Caricature and Satire of Napoleon, John Poland, 1884 London
ATHERTON, could be "atherton" unreadable
ATHERTON, Gertrude   A daughter of the Vine
ATHERTON, Gertrude   Rezanor
ATHERTON: Rezanov ~ 1906 Authors and Newspapers Association
ATHERTON, Gertrude   The Crystal Cup


BACHELLER, Irving   Keeping up with Lizzie
BACHELLER, Irving: Keeping Up with Lizzie
BAILEY, Carolyn Sherwin   Wonder Stories
BAILEY, Liberty Hyde : Rural Science Series
BAILEY, Irene Temple   Contrary Mary
BAILEY, Irene Temple   The Dim Lantern
BAILEY, Irene Temple   The Gay Cockade
BAILEY, Irene Temple   Glory of Youth
BAILEY, Irene Temple   Mistress Anne
BAILEY, Irene Temple   Peacock Feathers
BAILEY, Irene Temple   The Tin Soldier
BAILEY, Irene Temple   The Trumpeter Swan
BALDWIN, Hanson W.    The Caissons Roll
BALDWIN, James   Fifty Famous Stories Retold
BALDWIN, John Dennison: Pre-Historic Nations; or, Inquiries Concerning Some of the Great Peoples and Civilizations of Antiquity (NY, Harper, no date)
BANGS, John Kendrick   Paste Jewels
BANKS, Edgar James: Bismya: Or, the Lost City of Adar...Explorations of the Ruins of the Oldest of the Buried Cities of Babylonia (NY, Putnam, 1912)
BARBOUR, Ralph Henry   Fourth Down
BARON SPIEGL ~ Adventures of the U 202 -  - Century Book ~ Ed's Book plate 1917
BARRETT S.M.: Geronimo's Story of His Life ~ 1907 ~ NY: Duffield & Co.
BARRIE, J. M.   The Admirable Crichton
BARRINGTON, E.   The Divine Lady
BARLETT, John: Familiar Quotations - Bartlett (10th Ed.)
BARTON, George   Thrilling Triumphs of Crime Detection
BASSETT, John Spencer  Ph D    A Short History of the U S - 1492-1938
BAUM, L. Frank   Glinda of Oz
BAUM, L. Frank   Rinki-Tink in Oz
BAUM, L. Frank   The Yellow Hen
BAUMAN, John Edmiston: Out of the Valley of the Forgotten (2 volumes) or, From Trinil to New York
BECKER & MARA: Spanish Idioms
BECKWITH, EGA: Soldier's Language Manual by EGA Beckwith
BELASCO, David   The Girl of the Golden West
BELL, Sir Charles: Tibet
BELL, Pearl Doles   Sandra
BENCHLEY, Robert C.   Love Conquers All
BENCHLEY, Robert C.  My Ten Years in a Quandary
BENNETT, Arnold ~ Elsie and the Child
BERGE, Victor and Henry Wysham Lanier: Pearl Diver Adventuring Over and Under Southern Seas
BERTINI, EMMA: English Italian Comp Idioms
BIBLE: New Indexed Bible
BIERCE, Ambrose ~ Devil's Dictionary -  World Pub 1943 (1906)
BIGGERS, Earl Dere    The Chinese Parrot
BIGGERS: The Chinese Parrott
BIRMINGHAM, George A.   Spanish Gold
BLACK, Dorothy   Romance The Loveliest Thing
BLACKBURN, Henry   Artists and Arabs
BLACKBURN, Henry   Normandy Picturesque
BLANCK, Jacob: Peter Parley to Penrod: A Bibliographical Description of the Best-loved American Juvenile Books ~ ©1938
BLEACKLEY, (Duchess of Hamilton & Duchess of Argyll)     The Story of A Beautiful Duchess
BONNEY, Thomas George: Story of our Planet
BONSELS, Waldemar   The Adventures of Maya the Bee
BOOK: No Author ~ Mr. Grey of Monte Carlo
BOOK: No Author ~ Soldiers of Fortune
BORDEN, Mary   Three Pilgrims and a Tinker
BOTT, Capt. Alan MC   Cavalry of the Clouds
BOURKE, John G.: Apache Medicine-Men
BOWEN, Marjorie   Stinging Nettles
BOWEN, William   The Outcast Gnome
BOYESEN, Hjalmar Hjorth.   Gunnar
BOYESEN, Hjalmar Hjorth   The Modern Vikings
BRADY, Cyrus Townsend    Richard the Brazen
BRAND, Max   Alcatraz
BRAND, Max   The Untamed
BRERETON, Lt. Col.   With the Allies to the Rhine
BRINGOLF, Lieutenant: I Have No Regrets
BRISBIN, James: Trees and Tree Planting
BRITANNICA: Britannica Book of Years (5 volumes) ~ 1944-1948
BROCK, H. I.   Meddlers  "Too stupid. Couldn't read."
BROMFIELD, Louis   Possession
BROMFIELD, Louis   The Green Bay Tree
BROOKS, Amy ~ Dorothy Dainty
BROOKS, Amy Brooks ~ Dorothy Dainty at Crestville
BROOKS, Amy Brooks ~ Dorothy Dainty at Foam Ridge
BROOKS, Amy Brooks ~ Dorothy Dainty at Gem Island
BROOKS, Amy Brooks ~ Dorothy Dainty at Glenmore
BROOKS, Amy Brooks ~ Dorothy Dainty at Home
BROOKS, Amy Brooks ~ Dorothy Dainty at School
BROOKS, Amy Brooks ~ Dorothy Dainty at the Mountain
BROOKS, Amy Brooks ~ Dorothy Dainty at the Shore
BROOKS, Amy Brooks ~ Dorothy Dainty at the Stone House
BROOKS, Amy ~ Dorothy Dainty in the City
BROOKS, Amy ~ Dorothy Dainty in the Country
BROOKS, Amy ~ Dorothy Dainty's Gay Times
BROOKS, Amy ~ Dorothy Dainty's Holidays
BROOKS, Amy ~ Dorothy Dainty's New Friends
BROOKS, Amy ~ Dorothy Dainty's Vacation
BROOKS, Amy ~ Dorothy Dainty's Visit
BROOKS, Amy ~ Dorothy Dainty's Winter
BROOKS, Amy ~ Dorothy's Playmates
BROOKS, Amy ~ Princess Polly
BROOKS, Amy ~ Princess Polly At Play
BROOKS, Amy ~ Princess Polly by the Sea
BROOKS, Amy ~ Princess Polly In School
BROOKS, Amy ~ Princess Polly's Gay Winter
BROOKS, Amy ~ Princess Polly's Playmates
BROOKS, Amy ~ Prue at School
BROOKS, Amy ~ Prue's Jolly Winter
BROOKS, Amy ~ Prue's Little Friends
BROOKS, Amy ~ Prue's Merry Times
BROOKS, Amy ~ Prue's Playmates
BROOKS: Lee of Virginia
BRUST, (?) Inspector, Scotland Yard     I Guarded Kings
BUCHAN, John   Book of Escapes and Hurried Journeys
BUCK, Pearl S.: The Promise
BUEL, J.W.  Heroes of the Dark Continent or How Stanley Found Emin Pasha
BURBRIDGE, Ben: Gorilla: Tracking and Capturing The Great Ape-Man of Africa
BURGESS, Thornton W.   Blacky the Crow
BURGESS, Thornton W.   Bobby Coon
BURGESS, Thornton W.   Bowser the Hound
BURGESS, Thornton W.   Chatterer The Little Red Squirrel
BURGESS, Thornton W.   Grandfather Frog
BURGESS, Thornton W.   Happy Jack
BURGESS, Thornton W.   Jimmy Skunk
BURGESS, Thornton W.   Jimmy Skunk
BURGESS, Thornton W.   Johnny Chuck
BURGESS, Thornton W.   Lightfoot the Deer
BURGESS, Thornton W.   Mother West Wind "How" Stories
BURGESS, Thornton W.   Mother West Wind "When" Stories
BURGESS, Thornton W.   Mother West Wind "Where" Stories
BURGESS, Thornton W.   Mother West Wind's Animal Friends
BURGESS, Thornton W.   Mrs. Peter Rabbit
BURGESS, Thornton W.   Ol' Mistah Buzzard
BURGESS, Thornton W.   Old Granny Fox
BURGESS, Thornton W.   Old Man Coyote
BURGESS, Thornton W.   Old Mr. Toad
BURGESS, Thornton W.   Paddy the Beaver
BURGESS, Thornton W.   Poor Mrs. Quack
BURGESS, Thornton W.   Prickly Porky
BURGESS, Thornton W.   Reddy Fox
BURGESS, Thornton W.   Sammy Jay
BURGESS, Thornton W.   The Adventures of Bob White
BURGESS, Thornton W.   The Adventures of Danny Meadow Mouse
BURGESS, Thornton W.   The Adventures of Mistah Buzzard
BURGESS, Thornton W.   The Adventures of Old Mr. Toad
BURGESS, Thornton W.   The Boy Scouts in a Trapper's Camp
BURGESS, Thornton W.   The Boy Scouts on the Lost Trail
BURGESS, Thornton W.   The Goop Encyclopedia
BURGESS, Thornton W.   Tommy and the Wishing Stone
BURGESS, Thornton W.   West Wind's Children
BURGESS, Thornton W.   Whitefoot the Wood Mouse
BURKE, Thomas   Limehouse Nights
BURNETT, Frances Hodgson   The Head of the House of Coombe
BURNET: Head of the House of Coombe
BURNETT, Francis Hodgeson ~ Emma's book - Sara Crew and...
BURNETT, Frances Hodgson   The Land of the Blue Flowers
BURNETT, Frances Hodgson   Little Lord Fauntleroy
BURNETT, Frances Hodgson   Little Lord Fauntleroy
BURNETT, Frances Hodgson   The Lost Prince
BURNETT, Frances Hodgson   Robin
BURNETT, Frances Hodgson   The Shuttle
BURNHAM, Clara Louise   Jewel
BURNHAM, Clara Louise   Jewel's Story Book
BURNHAM, Major Frederick Russell, D.S.O.: Scouting on Two Continents
BURROUGHS, Edgar Rice: E.R.B. Books
BURROUGHS, Edgar Rice: E.R.B. Books
BURROUGHS, Edgar Rice: Letters
BURROUGHS, Edgar Rice: Old Clippings
BURROUGHS, Edgar Rice: E.R.B. Personal Diaries
BURROUGHS, Edgar Rice Burroughs: Tarzan of the Apes Original 1st Editions (2 copies)
BURROUGHS, Mary E.: Memoirs of a War Bride
BURTON, Beatrice ~ Footloose
BURTON, Beatrice ~ Her Man
BURTON, Beatrice ~ Lovebound
BURTON, Beatrice ~ The Flappers Wife
BUTLER, George F.: Travail of a Soul
BUTTS, Archie: Letters (from the personal aide to President Theodore Roosevelt).  (NY, Doubleday, l924)
BUTTS, Archie  The Letters of Archie Butts (Personal Aide to President Roosevelt)  Doubleday Page & Co. 1924  N.Y.
        Fly leaf: "Merry Christmas to Papa with a world of love from Joan   December 25, 1924"
        (ERB expressed constant admiration for Teddy Roosevelt) No notations in these books at all
BYRNE, Donn   Blind Rafterty

CABLE, George W.   The Cavalier
CACKMAN, George ~ Norton's American Indian Vol 1&2 15$ Gilt design, 1926 GRANT
CAINE, Hall   The Eternal City
CALHOUN, Frances Boyd   Miss Minerva and William Green Hill
CAMERON, Commander V. Lovett ~  Savage Africa - London/New York 1903 T Nelson and Sons
CANFIELD, Dorothy   Her Son's Wife
CANFIELD, Dorothy   The Brimming Cup
CANOT, Captain Theodore: : Adventures of an African Slaver
CAPES, W. W. (William Wolfe): The early empire, from the assassination of Julius Csar to that of Domitian
CAREY, Arthur A.   Memoirs of a Murder Man    Formerly Head of NY City Homicide Squad
CARLSON: Swedish Grammar
CARLTON, William Carlton ~ Willie Reilly and his Dear Collie Vaughn Ins: Charles Burroughs, Ellison Iowa DEC 15 1894.
CARMANY: Among the Apaches
CARR, Harry: Old Mother Mexico
CARROLL, Lewis ~ Alice in Wonderland 1908
CARROLL, Lewis  Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass
CASE: Thirty Years with the Mex
CASEY, Robert J.: Easter Island: Home of the Scornful Gods
CASEY, Robert J.: Four Faces of Siva
CASTLE, Agnes & Egerton ~ Rose of the World
CASTLE, Egerton   Young April
CATHER, Willa   The Professor's House
CATHERWOOD, Mary Hartwell   Lazarre
CATLIN, George: North American Indians (2 volumes)
CATLIN, George. North American Indians; Being Lettera and Notes on Their Manners, Customs, and Conditions, Written During Eight Years Travel Amongst The Wildest Tribes of Indians in North America, 1832-1839. 2 volumes. Edinburgh: John Grant, 1926.
CELLENI, Benvenuto    Autobiography of  Celleni
CHAILLER: In African Forests and Jungle
CHALFANT, W. A.: Death Valley (1933...(no publisher listed)
CHALFANT, W. A.: Story of Inyo
CHAMBERS, Robert W.   The Crimson Tide
CHAMBERS, Robert W.   The Dark Star
CHAMBERS, Robert W.   The Fighting Chance
CHAMBERS: The Fighting Chance
CHAMBERS, Robert W. The Fighting Chance. New York: D. Appleton and Company, 1906. Flyleaf inscription: “To Dear Old Husband from his Dear Old Wife, September first nineteen hundred and six. Ed Burroughs, 194 Park Avenue, Chicago.”
CHAMBERS, Robert W.   In Search
CHAMBERS, Robert W.   The Slayer of Souls
CHAMBERS, Robert W.   Who Goes There
CHAMBERS: Who Goes There
CHILVERS, Hedley A.: Seven Wonders of South Africa
CHURCHILL, Winston   Richard Carvell
CHURCHILL, Winston   The Crisis
CHURCHILL, Winston   The Crossing
CLARKE, Donald Henderson    In the Reign of Rothstein
CLAUDY, C. H.   Tell Me Why
COATES   Children's Book of Poetry
COBB, Irving S.   Goin' on Fourteen
COBB, Irving S.   Speaking of Operations
COBURN, F.D. Swine in America; A Text-book for the Breeder, Feeder & Student. New York: Orange Judd Company, 1916.
COBURN: Swine in America
COHEN, Octavus Roy   Polished Ebony
COHEN: Polished Ivory
COLUM, Padraic   The Island of the Might
COLUMBUS: Columbus Series
COLUMBIAN EXPOSITION: Official Views of the Columbian Exposition - Dept of Photo. 1893
COLVER, Alice Ross ~ Babs at College
COLVER, Alice Ross ~ Babs at Home
COMPOSITION: New Handbook of Composition
COMSTOCK, Harriet T.   Joline
COOK, John: Cook's Voyages (1902); DAVIS, George Wesley: Alone: A Beautiful Land of Dreams (Los Angeles, Times Mirror, 1922)
COOKE, Marjorie Benton   Cinderella Jane 1917 A.L. Burt
COOKE,  Marjorie Benton   Cinderella Jane
COOPER, Courtney Riley     Ten Thousand Public Enemies
CORBET, Jim ~ The Maneaters of Kumayal?- Jim Corbet's tigers - Oxford 1946 1st American Edition
CORCORAN, Brewer   The Princess Naida
CORNELL, Hughes   Born Rich
COWARD, Noel   Present Indicative
COZZENS: Samuel Woodworth. The Marvelous Country: Three Years in Arizona and New Mexico, the Apache's Home ~ 1873   Shepard and Gill, Boston. (pp. 409-413).
CRANE, Edward A.: The Second French Empire (1905)
CRANE, Leo: Indians of the Enchanted Desert (Boston, Little/Brown, 1925)
CRAWFORD, F. Marion    Don Orsino
CREMONY, John Carey: Life Among the Apaches
CRIMMER: With Grant at Shiloh (See Crummmer, Wilbur F.)
CROFT, Freeman Wills   Pit Prop Syndicate
CRANE: Indians of the Enchanted Desert
CRAWFORD: Dan Orsino
CROSS, Ruth   The Golden Cocoon
CRUMMER, Wilbur. F. (45th Regiment, Illinois Volunteer). With Grant at Fort Donelson, Shilo and Vicksburg; And an Appreciation of General U.S. Grant. Oak Park, Il: E.C. Crummer and Company, 1915. Flyleaf inscription: “To Edgar Rice Burroughs, compliments of the author Wilbur R. Crummer, Oak Park, Ils, June 20, 1917.”
CUMMINGS. Edward   Marmaduke of Tennessee
Curious Questions
CURTIS, Alice Turner ~ Grandpa's Little Girls
CURWOOD, James  A Gentleman of Courage
CURWOOD, James   Back to God's Country
CURWOOD, James   God's Country and the Women
CURWOOD, James   Isobel
CURWOOD, James  The Alaskan
CURWOOD, James  The Ancient Highway
CURWOOD, James   The Black Hunter
CURWOOD, James   The Courage of Marge O'Doone
CURWOOD, James   The Danger Trail
CURWOOD, James   The Flaming Forest
CURWOOD, James   The Golden Snare
CURWOOD, James   The Grizzly King
CURWOOD, James   The Hunted Woman
CURWOOD, James   The River's End
CURWOOD, James   The Valley of Silent Men
CUSTER, My Life on the Plains - by Custer - 1881 Sheldon and Company
Cyrano ~   Pub 1899 Chicago 1903 Ed's sig

DANE, John Colin   Champion
Darkest Africa
DARSLEY: Mans Own Show - Civilization
DARWIN, Charles ~ Descent of man, to Hully from mom and pop 1929
DARWIN: Descent of Man
DAVIS: Bob Davis recalls 60
DAVIS, Britton: The Truth About Geronimo
DAVIS, George Wesley    Alone ~ A Beautiful Land of Dreams (Los Angeles, Times Mirror, 1922) 166 pages ~ illustrations
DAVIS, George Wesley    Alone
DAVIS, Richard Harding   Captain Macklin
DAVIS, Richard Harding   Captain Macklin
DAVIS, Richard Harding   The Cuban and Puerto Rican Campaigns ~- Scribners - 1898. Early ERB sig - (Fort Grant Book? Danton speculation)
DAVIS, Richard Harding   The Exiles
DAVIS, Richard Harding   The Exiles (etc.)
DAVIS, Richard Harding   The Lion and the Unicorn
DAVIS, Richard Harding   The Lion and the Unicorn
DAVIS, Richard Harding   The Scarlet Car
DAVIS, Richard Harding   Soldiers of Fortune
DAVIS, Richard Harding   The West From a Car Window
DAVIS, Richard Harding    West From a Car Window
DAWSON, Charles   Success With Hogs
DAWSON, Coningsby   Old Youth
DE CHAMBRUN, Countess   Playing With Souls
DEFOE, Daniel. Life and Adventures of Robinson Crusoe. With one hundred illustrations on wood by J. D. Watson. London & New York: George Routledge and Sons, n.d. Flyleaf inscription: “Edgar R. Burroughs from Colonel Hill, September 1, 1883.”
DEHAN, Richard   One Braver Thing
DE LA RAMEE, Louise   A Dog of Flanders
DELL, Ethel M.    A Man Under Authority
DELL, Ethel M.   A Man Under Authority
DELL, Ethel M.   Charles Rex
DELL, Ethel M.   Great Heart
DELL, Ethel M.   Rosa Mundi
DELL, Ethel M.   Tether Stones
DELL, Ethel M.   The Black Knight
DELL, Ethel M.   The Keeper of the Door
DELL, Ethel M.    The Knave of Diamonds
DELL, Ethel M.   The Lamp in the Desert
DELL, Ethel M.   The Obstacle Race
DELL, Ethel M.   The Odds
DELL, Ethel M.   The Passer By
DELL, Ethel M.   The Rocks of Valpre
DELL, Ethel M.   The Safety Curtain
DELL, Ethel M.   The Swindler
DELL, Ethel M.   The Tidal Wave
DELL, Ethel M.   The Top of the World
DELL, Ethel M.   The Unknown Quantity
DENESEN: Writers' Tales
DERIEUX, Samuel A.   Frank of Freedom Hill
DE ROHME?, Roy ~ Numa Pompilius 1858 Paris, Very old book.
DE SOUZA, Baretto: Elementary Equitation
DICKENS, Charles: Charles Dickens Set (8 volumes)
DICKSON: The Black Wolf's Breed
DICKSON, Harris   The Black Wolf's Breed
DICTIONARY: Author's Dictionary Latin-Eng & Eng-Latin
DICTIONARY: English Russian Dictionary
DICTIONARY Websters   Insc. Los Angeles ~ October 19, 1916
DIXON: From Melbourne to Moscow
DIXON: The Influence of Racing
DIXON: Radio Writing
DIXON JR, Thomas   The Traitor
DOLE, Helen B.   Rudolph Baumbachs Tales
DOUGHTY, Charles Montagu: Travels in Arabia Deserta (2 volumes)
DORRANCE, Ethel and James  Glory Rides the Range
DOWER, Kenneth Gandar    The Spotted Lion    "Swell"
DRAGO, Harry Sinclair   Susanna
DRAGO, Harry Sinclair   Suzanna
DRANT, R. Palasco . Hell Up to Date; The Reckless Journey of R. Palasco Drant, Newspaper Correspondent, Through the Infernal Regions, as Reported by Himself. With Illustrations by Art Young. Chicago: Schulte Publishing Company, 1892. (Illustrations highly reminiscent of ERB’s own editorial cartoons.)
DRESBACH, Glenn Ward   The Road to Everywhere
DRESBACH: The Road to Everywhere
DU CHAILLU, Paul: Lost in the Jungle ~ 1874
DUNCAN, Norman   Billy Topsail and Company
DYATT: Silent Highways of the Jungle
DYER, Ruth O.   The Sleepy Time Story Book

EDDY, F.J. Is Christianity a Failure? N.p., 1922. (Possibly self-published.)
EDDY: Is Christianity a Failure
ELIZABETH   Introduction to Sally
ELLIOTT, Emilia   Joan's Jolly Vacation
ELLSBERG: On the Bottom
ELSON, Henry W. & Cornelia E. MacMullen  The Story of Our Country
EMERSON, Alice B.  ~ Ruth Fielding in Moving Pictures
ENCYCLOPAEDIA: Encyclopaedia Britannica (24 copies)
Encyclopedia Britannica
EVANS: The Second French Empire ~ Evans

FABIAN, Warner   Flaming Youth
FAIRBAIRN: Fairbairn's Crests of Leading Families (1911)
FAIRBANKS, Janet A.   The Smiths
FARAGO, Ladislas   The Axis Grand Strategy    "Read 162 pgs only. Repetitious"
FARJEON, J. Jefferson   No. 17
FARRELL: What Price Progress
FARRELL, Andrew: John Cameron's Odyssey (1928)
FARRELL, Hugh: What Price Progress; the Stake of the Investor in the Development of Chemistry. (NY, Putnam, 1926)
FARREN, Henry Desmond     Sabotage
FARRINGTON, Margaret Vere~Tales of King Arthur &d his Knights of the Round Table
FARRINGTON: Neanderthal Man
Fauntleroy 1888 Scibners
Fauntleroy - June 1893, Emma's book from Auntie Hempstead 1897, World's Fair stamped inside, Chicago, Emma graduated 1893 Brown school, and Plant Leaves inside, rotted, many notes written inside, Emma and Ed's writing
FAVERSHAM, Lucie Opp   The Squaw Man
FERBER, Edna   Fanny Herself
FERBER, Edna   So Big
FERRERO, Gugliemo ~ Women of the Caesars -  Chattanooga Inst. 1911 Putman and Sons - History.
FEZANDIE, Clement   Through the Earth
FEZANDIE: Through the Earth
FIELD, Eugene    A Child's Garland of Verses
FIELD, Eugene    The Tribune Primmer
FINGER, Charles J.    Bushrangers
Fingerprint Instructor - hand in gold gilt - 12/16/1930 1927 New York belonged to FM Danger
FINN, Frank   The Wild Beasts of the World
FINNEY: Death Watch
FITCH: Junipers Serra?
FITZGERALD, Edward    Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam
FITZGERALD, F. Scott  The Beautiful and Damned
FITZHUGH, Percy K.  Tom Slade with the Boys Over There
FLAHERTY: My Eskimo Friends
FLAMMARION, Camille: Astronomy for Amateurs...translated by Frances A. Welby (NY, Appleton, 1904)
FLAMMARION: Astronomy for Amateurs
FLEMING, Brandon   The Crooked House
FLETCHER, J. S.   The Secret Way
FOLEY, James W.  Sing a Song of Sleepy Head
FOLEY, James W.   Sing a Song of Sleepy Head
FOLEY, James W.   The Mellow Year
FOLEY, James W.   The Mellow Year
FOLEY: The Mellow Year
FOOTE, John Taintor  Pocono Shot
FORD, Paul Leicester   Janice Moredith
FORSTER, E. M.    A Passage to India
FORSTER: A Passage to India
FORSYTHE, General George A.: Thrilling Days in Army Life ~ 1900 ~ Describes one of the classic encounters between Indians and the frontier army known to history as the Battle of Beecher Island. One of the books cited as being used for background information for The War Chief.
FOSTER, Edna A.   Something to Do Girls
FOSTER, Harry L.: A Beachcomber in the Orient ~ 1925 ~  NY: Blue Ribbon Books
FOSTER, Stephen Collins  My Old Kentucky Home
FOSTER: Travels and Settlements of Early Man
FOWLER: Modern English Usage
FOWLER: Physiology
FRANCE, Anatole: The Crime of Sylvestre Bonnard (1897)
FRANCIS JR, John   The Triumph of Virginia Dale
FRANK, Harry: Roving Through Southern China
FRANCK: Wandering in Northern China
FRANCK: Working My Way Around the World
FRANCK, Lena M. Working My Way Around the World
FRASER, Chelsea Curtis   Work-A-Day Heroes
FREEMAN, Austin ~ The D'Arbley Mystery
FREEMAN: Monsier Beaucaire
FRENCH, Joseph Lewis    Gray Shadows
FRIEZE, Henry S. Bucolics, Georgics and the First Six Books of The Aeneid of Vergil. With Notes and a Vergillian Dictionary. 2nd Edition. New York: American Book Company, 1883. Flyleaf inscription: “Andover, E.R. Burroughs, Chicago, Illinois, Michigan Military Academy, Orchard Lake, Michigan. April 3rd, 1894.” Another notation: “Is Dixon going to get the whisky?”
FRISE: The River of Seven Stars
FUEGER: Bush-Rangers
FUNK AND WAGNALLS ~ Funk and Wagnalls ~ Better Say - Correct Use of English
FURBAY: Nature Chats
FURLONG, Charles Wellington   Let Er Buck (1923 dedication and author sketch of horse and rider)

GALE, Zona: Miss Lulu Bett
GALWAN, Rassul: Servant of Sahibs: The Rare 19th Century Travel Account As Told by a Native of Ladakh
GALSWORTHY, John   Saint's Progress
GALSWORTHY, John   The White Monkey
GAMBRILL, J. Montgomery   Selections From Poe
GANN, Thomas: Mystery Cities: Exploration and adventure in Lubaantum, a Ruined Mayan City with 3 Periods of Occupation (inscription: ":To Ed from Emma, Dec.25, 1926, Tarzan Again!")
GANN: Mystery Cities
GANN, Thomas   Mystery Cities  Hardcover, Scribners, N.Y. 1925
        Title Page: Mystery Cities Exploration and Adventure in Lubaantum Begins with Belize, capital of British Honduras, Central America -- Lubaantum evidently a ruined city of the Mayas -- three periods of occupation --
        Fly leaf dedication: "To Ed  From Emma  December 25, 1926  Tarzan Again!"
GARNIER FRERES, Editors: English French with Pronunctiations
GARRIGUES, Ellen E.   Eliot's Silas Marner
GATES, Eleanor   The Poor Little Rich Girl
GATES, Josephine Scribner   The Story of Live Dolls
GEORGE: Auction Pinochle
GIBBON, Edward and Rev. H. H. Milton   Rise and Fall of the Roman Empire: (Insc. Finished reading Sept 6 1915. Many pages noted. Much underlining of names, phrases and paragraphs.)
GIBBS, George   Mad Marriage
GIBBS, George   The House of Mohun
GIBBS, George   The Splendid Outcast
GIBBS: The Splendid Outcast
GIBBS, George   The Yellow Dove
GIBBS, Philip   The Middle of the Road
GIBBS, Philip   The Reckless Lady
GILBERT, Major Vivian   The Romance of the Last Crusade
GILBERT: Romance of the Last Crusade
GILBERT, W. S.   The "Bab" Ballads
GINTHER, Pemberton   Miss Pat and Her Sisters
GINTHER, Pemberton   Miss Pat in Buenos Ayres
GINTHER, Pemberton   Miss Pat in School
GLAVE?: In Savage Africa
GLYN, Elinor   Man and Maid
GOLDING, Harry   The Wonder Book of Aircraft
GOODRICH: Our Neighbors the Japanese
GOODWIN, Wm. W.: Elementary Greek Grammar
GORDON, Grace   Patsy Carroll in the Golden West
GORDON, Grace   Patsy Carroll in Wilderness Lodge
GORDON, Grace   Patsy Carroll Under Southern Skies
GORDON, Jan and Cora:  A Donkey Trip Through Spain
GRAVES, Armgaard Karl:  Secrets of the German War Office
GRAY, Joslyn   The January Girl
GRAY, Joslyn   Bouncing Bet
GRAY, Joslyn   Rusty Miller
GRAY, Violet Gordon   Margery Morris and Plain Jane
GRAYSON, David   Hempfield
GREEN, Anna Katharine ~ The Woman in the Alcove
GREENWOOD, James ~ Adventures of Ruben Davinger - 1884  1866 Harper Seventeen years among the Dyaks of Borneo (Monster Men?) (2 different editions, one gilt and DJ)
GREENWOOD, James ~ Curiosities of Savage Life - 1864 - London Strand
GREENWOOD, James ~ Ruben Davinger His Adventures in Peril  - London Ward Locke  and Company
GREENWOOD, James ~ Another Edition of Ruben
GREGORY, Richard Arman: Discovery: or, the Spirit and Service of Science (London, Macmillan, 1916)
GREGORY: Discover: The Spirit & Service of Science
GREY, Zane & Helen Cody Wetmore Last of the Great Scouts
GREY, Zane   Last of the Great Scouts
GREY, Zane   The Mysterious Rider
GREY, Zane   The Rainbow Trail
GRIERSON, Francis D.   The Murder in the Garden
GRUELLE, Johnny   My Very Own Fairy Stories
GRUELLE, Johnny   Raggedy Ann Stories
GUEST, Edgar A.   A Heap O' Livin
GUEST, Edgar A.   All That Matters
GUILLIES, Mary ~ Voyage of the Constance, , Gall and Englis, London
HADIDA, S.C.: Pitfalls in English
HALL, Holworthy   The Man Nobody Knew
HALL, Jennie   Our Ancestors in Europe
HALL, Jennie   Viking Tales
HALLEY: Benjamin Franklin
HALLIBURTON, Richard: Glorious Adventure (no imprint info)
HALLIBURTON: New Worlds to Conquer
HAMILL, Katherine B.   A Flower of Monterey
HAMILTON, Cosmo    The Rustle of Silk
HAMILTON, M.   McLeod of the Camerons
HAMMOND: Abraham Lincoln
HAMSUN, Knute   Pan
HAND GRENADES: Hand Grenades
HANSON?: Farthest North
HARRIMAN, Ethel   Romantic I Call It
HAWKES, Clarence   Trails to Woods and Waters
HAY, Ian   Snapshots of Valor
HEADLAND, Isaac Taylor   Court Life in China    Professor in the Peking Univ.
HEATH: Heath's French Dictionary
HEATHCOTE: My Wanderings in the Balkans
HEDIN, Sven Anders:  The Flight of Big Horse
HEDIN, Sven Anders:  My Life as an Explorer
HENNEQUINE, M.A., Al: French Verbs - New Treatise
HENRY: O Henry Anthology (4 volumes)
HENRY, O.   Cabbages and Kings
HENRY, O.   Heart of the West
HENRY, O.   Roads of Destiny
HENRY, O.   Rolling Stones
HENRY, O:   Rolling Stones
HENRY, O.   The Four Million
HENRY, O.   The Trimmed Lamp
HENRY, O.   The Voice of the City
HENRY, O.   Whiligigs
HERGESHEIMER, Joseph   Balisand
HERGESHEIMER, Joseph   Java Head
HERSEY, Harold   When the Boys Come Home
HICKS, Hopwood   The Sleepy King
HILL, Grace Livingston   Ariel Custer
HILL, Grace Livingston   Tomorrow About This Time
HIRST, J. Crowther: Is Nature Cruel?
HITLER, Adolf: Mein Kampf (1940)
HOHMAN?: The American Whaleman
HOLDEN: Holden's Book on Birds
HOPKINS, Albert. A., ed. Scientific American Cyclopedia of Receipts, Notes and Queries. New York: Munn and Company, Publishers, 1898.
HOUGH, Emerson   The Covered Wagon
HOUGH, Emerson   The Magnificent Adventure
HOUGH, Emerson   The Passing of the Frontier     "Read 61 pages. Too dry"
HOWELLS, W. D.   A Chance Acquaintance
HUDSON, W. H.   Far Away and Long Ago
HUGHES, Thomas   Tom Brown's School Days
HUGO, Hugo: William Shakespeare
HULL, E. M.    The Shadow of the East
HULL, E. M.    The Sheik
HUNT, Clara Whitehill   About Harriet
HUNT, Rockwell D.   California the Golden
HURLEY, Frank: Pearls and Savages (2 copies)
HURST, Fannie   Just Around the Corner
In the Clutch of Cirumstance by an ex-convict
INGERSOLL: Philosophy of Ingersoll: To Plow Is To Pray, To Plant Is To Prophesy, And The Harvest Answers And Fulfils (collected, edited and arranged by Vere Goldthwaite) ~ 1906 ~ Paul Elder & Co. 117 pages
INGERSOLL, Col R G ~ Wit Wisdom and Eloquence,  , 1888 Chicago Rhodes (Roads?) McClure ~ C6, Ed's Book plate
INGERSOLL, R. G. Wit, Wisdom, and Eloquence of Col. R. G. Ingersoll. Chicago: Rhodes & McClure Publishing Company, 1888.
INGERSOLL: Wit, Wisdom & Eloquence
IRVING, Washinton   Pride of the Village
IRWIN, Wallace   Lew Tyler's Wives
IRWIN, Walter E.   Sarah of the Sahara

JACKSON, Gabrielle E.  Peggy Stewart Navy Girl at Home
JACKSON, Gabrielle E. Peggy Stewart Navy Girl in School
JACKSON, Gabrielle E. Three Little Women as Wives
JACKSON, Helen Hunt. Ramona; A Story. Boston: Little, Brown, and Company, 1913. Flyleaf inscription: “Purchased in Ramona’s marriage place, old town, San Diego, Cal., March 21st, 1914. E.R. Burroughs.”
JACKSON, Helen Hunt   Ramona
JACOBS, Carolyn E.   Joan of Juniper Inn
JAMES: Indian Blankets
JAMES, George Wharton ~ Practical Basket Weaving - California (James) - Private printing
JANE'S: Practical Flying
JANVIER, Thomas A.   The Aztec Treasure House
JANVIER: Aztec Treasure House
JARDINE, James Douglas: Mad Mullah of Somaliland
JEANS, Sir James: The Universe Around Us (1931)
JENKINS, R. Horace ~ Practical Pottery - 2nd printing 1941
JEROME: Idle Thoughts of an Idle Fellow
JOHNSON, Clifford      Pirate Junk  (Five months captivity with Manchurian bandits)
JOHNSON, Gaylord   The Sky Movies
JOHNSON, Owen   The Woman Gives
JOHNSTON, Mary   To Have and to Hold
JOHNSTON: To Have and To Hold
JOHNSTON, Annie Fellows ~ Georgina of the Rainbows
JOHNSTON, Annie Fellows ~ Georgina of the Rainbows
JOHNSTON, Annie Fellows ~ Georgina's Service Stars
JOHNSTON, Annie Fellows ~ Story of  Red Cross as Told to The Little Colonel
JORDAN, Kate   Against the Winds
JOSEPHUS: Works (1833)
JUDGE, William Q. The Ocean of Theosophy. Los Angeles: United Lodge of Theosophists, 1915. (Unclear if this is an ERB book.)
KAVANAGH, Judge Marcus    You be the JudgeKEABLE, Robert   Peradventure
KEARTON, Cherry: In the Land of the Lion
KENT, Frances   Puppy Dogs Tales
KEREKES? BROS.: Italian English Dictionary
KHAYYAM: Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam
KILLIKELLY, Sarah H: Curious Questions in History, Literature, Art and Social Life
KING, Capt Chas   Cadet Days
KING, Captain Charles: Campaigning With Crook
KING, Charles ~ Christianity - June 1922
KING, Chalres: The True U.S. Grant
KING, Frank   Skeezix and Pal
KINGSLEY, Charles ~ Globe Reader, Heroes - Heroes or Greek Fairytales Charles, Kingston 1885 ins: 646 Washington Blvd
KINGSTON, W. H. G. ~ In the Wilds of Africa - Tales for Boys -  London, Nelson Bergen New York 1879
KIPLING, Rudyard   The Seven Seas
KIPLING: The Seven Seas
KNIBBS, Henry Herbert   Jim Waring of Sonora-Town
KNIBBS: Jim Waring
KNIBBS, Henry Herbert   Songs of the Outlands
KNIPE, Emilie Benson & Alden Arthur Knipe  A Cavalier Maid
KNIPE, Emilie Benson & Alden Arthur Knipe  A Maid of Old Manhattan
KNIPE, Emilie Benson & Alden Arthur Knipe  Diantha's Quest
KNIPE, Emilie Benson & Alden Arthur Knipe  Girls of 64
KNIPE, Emilie Benson & Alden Arthur Knipe   Polly Trotter Patriot
KNIPE, Emilie Benson & Alden Arthur Knipe   The Lost Little Lady
KNIPE, Emilie Benson & Alden Arthur Knipe   The Lost Little Lady
KNOX, Cleone   (Magdalen King-Hall)   Diary of a Young Lady of Fashion in the Year 1764-1765
KNOX, Cleone: Diary of a Lady of Fashion 1764-1765
KNOX, J.A.: On A Mexican Mustang Through Texas, From The Gulf To The Rio Grande
KOUNTZ, William J.   Billy Baxter's Letters
KROHN: In Borneo Jungles
KYNE, Peter B.   Kindred of the Dust
KYNE: Kindred of the Dust
KYNE, Peter B.  Never the Twain Shall Meet
KYNE, Peter B.   The Enchanted Hill
KYNE, Peter B.   The Pride of Palomar
KYNE: The Pride of Palomar

LANDON: All's Fair
LARDNER, Jr. Ring, W. ~ Young Immigrunts - ins 1920 ED "E.R. Burroughs, Tarzana Ranch, July 1920
LARDNER, Ring W., Jr. Young Immigrunts. Indianapolis: The Bobbs Merrill Company, Publishers, 1920. Flyleaf inscription: “E.R. Burroughs, Tarzana Ranch, July 1920.”
The Last American: (possibly by J. A. MITCHELL?): A Fragment from the journal of KHAN-LI, Prince of Dimph-Yoo-Chur and Admiral in the Persian Navy 1889
LATIMER: France in the XIX Century
LATIMER, Elizabeth W.: Talks of Napoleon
LAWES, Warden Lewis E.    Cell 202 Sing Sing
LEFEBURE, Victor: Riddle of the Rhine: Chemical Strategy in Peace and War
LEWIS, D. Wyndham: King Spider
LILLIBRIDGE, Will: Ben Blair
LLOYD, Harold   American Comedy: Autobiography Swell
LOBAGOLA, Lobagola     Autobiography of Bata Kindai Amzoga Ibn LoBagola, a Negro.
     He says he learned to lie after coming to civilization.
     He seems to have been an apt pupil.
LONGSTRETH, T.Morris & Henry Vernon     Murder at Belly Butte
LOOMIS: Sea Legs
LUMMIS, Charles F.  The Land of Poco Tiempo
LYELL, Denis D.: Memories of an African Hunter
MABIE, H. W.   Famous Stories Every Child Should Know
MABIE, H. W.   Heroes Every Child Should Know
MACAULAY, Thomas Babington  Lays of Ancient Rome (esp. Horatius At The Bridge)
MACBETH, Roderick George: Policing the Plains; Being the Real-Life Record of the Famous Royal North-West Mounted Police (NY, Hodder & Stoughton, 1921)
MACBETH: Policing the Plains
MacGRATH, Harold   Half A Rogue
MacGRATH, Harold   Parrot & Co.
MacGRATH, Harold   Pidgin Island
MacGRATH, Harold   The Grey Cloak
MacGRATH, Harold   The Pagan Madonna
MacGRATH, Harold   The Sporting Spinster
MacGRATH, Harold   The Yellow Typhoon
MACKAIL, Denis   Romance to the Rescue
MADISON, Lucy Foster   Lafayette
MALLOCH, Douglas   Tote-Road and Trail
MALLOCH: Tote-Road and Trail
MOLNAR, Ferenc: Husbands and Lovers
MALOL, Henri   The Romantic Passion of Don Luis
MANUAL: Field Service Scouting & Patrolling
MANUAL: Interior Guard Duty
MANUAL: Conventional Signs & Military Symbols & Abbreviations
MANUAL: Infantry Drill Regulations
MANUAL: Military Sanitation & First Aid
MANUAL: Infantry Field Manual (Rifle Companies and Rifle Regiments)
MANUAL: Organization & Tactics of Infantry & The Rifle Battalion
MANUAL: List of Publications for Training, including Training Films & Film Strips:
MANUAL: Soldier's Handbook
MARION, Fulgence   The Wonders of Vegetation
MARLOWE, Amy Bell ~ The Girl from Sunset Ranch
MARTIN, George Madden  Emmy Lou Her Book and Heart
MARTIN, George Madden   Emmy Lou's Road to Grace
MARTIN, Martha Evans: The Friendly Stars
MASAVUKE. The White African; the Story of Masavuke “who dies and lives again.” Told by himself at the request of his relatives and friends. Morse Press1933. Inscribed: “Burroughs, December 1, 1933."
MASEFIELD, John   Jim Davis
MASEFIELD, John   Jim Davis
MASEFIELD, John   Martin Hyde The Duke's Messenger
MASON, Edith Huntington   The Real Agatha
MASON, Walt: Walt Mason, His Book: With Introduction by Irwin S. Cobb (1916)
MASON, Walt. Walt Mason; His Book. With an introduction by Irvin S. Cobb. New York: Barse & Hopkins, Publishers, 1916.
        Inscribed: “For Edgar Rice Burroughs with best wishes, Walt Mason.”
        Second inscription: “August 28th, 1916 at Walt Mason’s home, Euphoria Kansas, while en route to Los Angeles on camping tour. ERB.
MAY, Luke S.    Crime's Nemesiks
MAY, Sophie   Little Prudy Stories
MAYER: Trapping Wild Animals in Malay Jungles
MAZZANOVITCH: Anton: Trailing Geronimo ~ 1926 ~ Mazzonovich was with  Troop F. 6th U.S. Cavalry: Used in research for Apache novels
McCLURES: Tales from McClures (5 volumes)
McCORMICK, Elsie: Audacious Angles on China
McCUTCHEON, George Barr   Cowardice Court
McCUTCHEON, George Barr   The Daughter of Anderson Crow
McCUTCHEON, George Barr    The Flyers
McCUTCHEON, George Barr   From the Housetops
McCUTCHEON, George Barr   Graustark
McCUTCHEON: Graustark
McCUTCHEON, George Barr   Jane Cable
McCUTCHEON, George Barr   The Man from Brodneys
McCUTCHEON, George Barr   Oliver October
McCUTCHEON, George Barr   The Prince of Graustark
McCUTCHEON: The Prince of Graustark
McCUTCHEON, George Barr   The Purple Parasol
McCUTCHEON: The Purple Parasol
McCUTCHEON, George Barr   The Rose in the Ring
McCUTCHEON: Rose in the Ring
McCUTCHEON, George Barr   The Sharrods
McCUTCHEON, George Barr   Sherry
McCUTCHEON, George Barr   Viola Gwyn
McDONALD: France Since the First Empire
McGRATH: The Yellow Typhoon
McISAAC, F. J.    The Tony Sarg Marionette Book
McKAY: McKay's Handy Dictionary - **** & Norwegian
McLAUGHLIN: McLaughlin's New Pronouncing Dictionary
MELVILLE, Herman   Moby Dick
MEMORIALS: Memorials
MERCUR, James: Elements of the Art of War
MEYERS: The Middle Ages
MILITARY REFERENCE: American Armies & Battlefields in Europe
MILLER, Alice Duer ~ Manslaughter
MILLER, Alice Duer ~ The Reluctant Duchess
MILLER, Charles K. ~ Excerpts from an Egyptian Manuscript - suede cover - small - to Edgar Rice Burroughs from the Author received FEB 5 1923, K Efyer Chicago, Private From my friend Charles K Miller Chicago
MILLER, Leo E.  Adrift on the Amazon
MILLER, Leo E.   The Hidden People
MILN, Louise Jordan   In a Shantung Garden
MILN, Louise Jordan   Mr. & Mrs. Sen
MILN: Mr. and Mrs. Sen
MILN, Louise Jordan   Mr. Wu
MILN: Mr. Woo
MILN, Louise Jordan   The Purple Mask
MILTON, John ~ Minor Poems, Late English Classics - Nelson
MITCHELL, John Ames Mitchell. ~ The Fragments of Journal from (The Last American: A Fragment From the Journal of Khan-Li, Prince of Dimph-Yoo-Chur and Admiral in the Persian Navy)  1889, Stokes
MITCHELL, J.: Life's Fairy Tales - MDCCCXII 1892
MITCHELL, Margaret: Gone With The Wind ~ 1936: MacMillan ~ 1037 pages ~ Inscription: Signature: "Joan Burroughs Pierce" Gone With The Wind
MITCHELL: Marvels of Nature
MOLESWORTH, Mrs.   The Cuckoo Clock
MOLNAR, Franz   Husbands and Lovers
MONCKTON, Capt.: Taming New Guinea, 1921 , Century, 1925)
MONNETTE, Orra Eugene   Red Shining Star
MONTGOMERY: Franklin (His Life)
MONTGOMERY, Frances Trego   Billy Whiskers
MONTGOMERY, L. M.   Anne's House of Dreams
MONTGOMERY, L. M.   Rilla of Ingleside
MONTGOMERY, L. M.   Rilla of Ingleside
MOORE, Anne Carroll ~ Nicholas
MORGAN, James: Theodore Roosevelt: The Boy and the Man
MORRISON, William  Andrew Melville
MULLINS, Isla May   Uncle Mory
MUNROE, Kirk   The Golden Days of '49


NANSEN, Fridtjof -- Farthest North
Natural History: Anecdotal Descriptive Natural History - London no date
NEILL: Untold Stories of Business
NESBITT ~ Nesbitt's Heraldry - multiple volumes, expensive.
NEWBERRY, Perry   Black Boulder Claim
NEWBERRY, Perry   Castaway Island
NEWKIRK, Newton   The Stork Book
NEWTON, A. Edward  ~ A Magnificent Farce
NEWTON: A Magnificent Farce
NEWTON, A. Edward ~ Amenitys of Book Collecting -  Signed ERB 1921 - written page numbers read 19 pages 65 74 etc.
NICHOLSON, Meredith   and they Lived Happily Ever After
NICHOLSON, Meredith   Blacksheep! Blacksheep!
NICHOLSON, Meredith    The Hope of Happiness
NICHOLSON, Meredith   The House of a Thousand Candles
NICHOLSON, Meredith   The Port of Missing Men
NORRIS, Frank   Blix
NORRIS, Kathleen   Butterfly
NORRIS, Kathleen   Butterfly
NORRIS, Kathleen   Certain People of Importance
NORRIS, Kathleen   Harriet and the Piper
NORRIS, Kathleen   Hildegarde
NORRIS, Kathleen   Josselyn's Wife
NORRIS, Kathleen   Little Ships
NORRIS, Kathleen   Lucretia Lombard
NORRIS, Kathleen   Sisters
NORRIS, Kathleen   The Beloved Man
NORRIS, Kathleen   The Black Flemings
NORRIS, Kathleen   The Story of Julia Page

O'BRIEN, Frederick: Atolls of the Sun
O'BRIEN, Frederick: White Shadows in teh South Seas
OGDEN, George Washington   The Duke of Chimney Butte
OEMLER, Marie Conway ~ A Woman Named Smith 1919 G&D  Illustration on frontispiece with caption that reads, " Sophy," he said, " I have found the lost key of Hynds House."
OEMLER, Marie Conway   A Woman Named Smith
OLMSTEAD, Millicent   The Land of Never Was
O'NEIL: Adventures in Swaziland
OPPENHEIM, E. Phillips   The Double Traitor
OPPENHEIM, E. Phillips   The Great Impersonation
OPPENHEIM: The Great Impersonation
OPPENHEIM, E. Phillips   The Kingdom of the Blind
OPPENHEIM: Kingdom of the Blind
OPPENHEIM, E. Phillips   The Master Mummer
OPPENHEIM, E. Phillips   Mr. Grex of Monte Carlo
OPPENHEIM: The Master Mummer
OPPENHEIM, E. Phillips    Pool of Memory (Autobiography)
OPPENHEIM, E. Phillips   The Profiteers
OPPENHEIM, E. Phillips   The Way of These Women
OPPENHEIM, E. Phillips   The Way of These Women
OVERTON, Grant   American Nights Entertainment
OVERTON, Grant   Cargoes for Crusoes
OVERTON, Grant   When Winter Comes to Main Street

PACKARD, Frank L.  Broken Waters
PACKARD, Frank L.   The Locked Book
PACKARD, Frank L.   The Miracle Man
PACKARD: The Miracle Man
PACKARD, Frank L.   The Wire Devils
PAINE, Albert Bigslow   Making Up With Mr. Dog
PAINE, Ralph D.    The Old Merchant Marine
PALMER, John   Looking After Joan
PAMPHLETS: Master Key Pamphlets - Indians?
PARIS, John   Kimono
PARKER, Gilbert    Carnac's Folly
PARKER, Gilbert  Donovan Pasha
PARKER, Gilbert   The Ladder of Swords: (A Tale of Love, Laughter and Tears) 1904
PARKER, Gilbert   Carnac's Folly
PARKER, Gilbert   Donovan Pasha
PARKER, Gilbert   The Ladder of Swords
PARKER, Gilbert   The Seats of the Mighty
PARKS: National Parks
PASLEY, Fred D. Al Capone; The Biography of a Self-Made Man. Ives Washburn, Publisher, 1931. Flyleaf inscription: “Burroughs, Tarzana, February 1931.”
PATTERSON, Lieut Col. J.H.: The Man-Eaters of Tsavo and Other East African Adventures ~ 1914 ~ MacMillan and Co. London
        Inscription on the front free-endpaper: E.R. Burroughs, Tarzana Ranch  with personal bookplate on the front past-down endpaper.
PAYLAND, Louis Stanton ~ White Devil of the Black Sea - ins: ERB May 23 1924 Tarzana - , New York Minten Balch
PEARSE, Mark Guy  Daniel Quorm and His Religious Notions
PEARSON, Edmund    Instigation of the Devil
PEARSON, Edmund     More Studies in Murder
PEASE, Sir Alfred E.: The Book of the Lion ~ 1913
PEASE, Mark Guy   Daniel Quorm and his Religious Notions Second Series (school book?) Ed's   1880
PECKELSHEIM, Baron Spiegel Von Und Zu   Adventures of the U 202 -  - Century Book ~ Ed's Book plate 1917
PEDLER, Margaret   Red Ashes
PEDLER, Margaret   The Vision of Desire
PEHAN?: One Braver Thing
PENNYBACKER,  Anna J. Hardwicke A New History of Texas
PEPLE, Edward   Richard The Brazen
PERRY, Stella GS.   Come Home
PETERS: Kit Carson's Life
PHELPS, E. S.   The Gates Ajar
PISTOL: Automatic Pistol Caliber .45 M191 & M1911A1 dismantled
PLATT, R.H. Jr.     Mr. Archer, USA
     "Archer was presumably 'Capt Macklin' of Richard Harding Davis's story."
PORTER, Eleanor H.   Mary Marie
PORTER, Eleanor H.   Money, Love and Kate
PORTER, Eleanor H.   Polly-Anna
PORTER: Pollyanna
PORTER, Gene Stratton   Freckles
PORTER, Gene Stratton   Her Father's Daughter
PORTER, Gene Stratton   The Keeper of the Bees
PORTER, Gene Stratton   The White Flag
POST, Emily (Mrs. Price Post). Etiquette; “The Blue Book of Social Usage.” New York: Funk and Wagnall’s Company, 1931.
        Flyleaf inscription: “To Hulbert Burroughs, whether he needs it or not. With love from O.B. (Old Burroughs). December 25, 1932.
POWELL, Edward Alexander: Beyond the Utmost Purple Rim:
POWELL: Beyond the Utmost Purple Rim
POWELL: In Barbary
POWELL: The Map that is Half Unrolled
POWERS, C J ~ Commonsense
PRENTICE, Harry ~ Captured by Apes or How Philip Garland became King of Apeland - 1892 A L Burt
PRENTICE, Harry ~ Captured by Zulus 1st  1890 A L Burt
PRESTON,  Harriet Waters and Louise Dodge:  Private Life of the Romans
PROCTOR, Richard A.: Other Worlds Than Ours
PYLE, Howard   Stolen Treasure

RADIN, Paul: Crashing Thunder
RADOT: The Life of Pasteur
RASHLEIGH, Ralph   Adventures of an Outlaw: Memoirs of Ralph Rashleigh
RATH, E. J.    Mister 44
RAY: Rube Burrow
READ: Abolition of Inheritance
READE, Charles  Griffith Gaunt
REED, Manny ~ Afloat in the Forest - Voyage Among the Tree Tops - Manny Reed - Stoddard Knocks 1885 - Preface 1869
REED & KELLOGG: High School Grammar
REFERENCE: Aleus Synonyms & Autonyms
REFERENCE: Ass. For Identification (4 volumes)
REFERENCE: Geographics de Nombres? de Mexico (Geographical Numbers of Mexico)
REFERENCE: Magic of Literature (2 copies)
REFERENCE: National Geography: Cumulative Index to National Geography
REFERENCE: National Geographic January 1913 to January 1949
REFERENCE: Private Anthropological Cabinet
REFERENCE: Postage Stamp Catalogue ~ 1922
REISENBERG, Felix   Under Sail
REMICK, Grace M.   The Sheldon Six Anne
REMICK, Grace M.  The Sheldon Six Rose
Reminiscences of a Ranger
REMSEN, Ira. Elements of Chemistry; A Textbook for Beginners. New York: Henry Holt and Company, 1890.
        Flyleaf inscription: “E. R. Burroughs, P.S. ’94. Phillips Academy, Andover and Yale, Cassia County, Idaho.”
REYNOLDS, George William MacArthur  Mysteries of the Court of London (10 volumes) ~ 1844 -1856
RHOADES, Nina   The Children on the Top Floor
RHOADES, Nina   Winifred's Neighbors
RICE, Alice Hegan ~ Quinn
RICHARDS, Laura E.   Joan of Arc
RICHARDSON, Anthony ~ High Silver
RICHMOND, Grace S.  Four Square
RICHTER, Irving S.   Throbs, Fancies
RINEHART, Mary Roberts   K
RINEHART, Mary Roberts   Love Stories
ROBINSON, Eliot H.   Mark Gray's Heritage
ROBINSON, Eliot H.   Smiles
ROBINSON, Eliot H.   Smiling Pass
ROBINSON, Eliot H. The Man From Smiling Pass
ROCHE, Regina Maria   The Children of the Abbey
ROCKWOOD, Roy   Lost on the Moon
RODERMUND, Matthew Jos. Fads in the Practice of Medicine and the Cause and Prevention of Disease.
    (This volume positively explains, for the first time in the world’s history, the causes of yellow fever, smallpox, diptheria, scarlet fever, measels, consumption, etc.) (The author of this volume was the first physician to positively demonstrate that the heart does not circulate the blood, but that the main power which produces the circulation is received through the lungs, from the air breathed.) Chicago: Twentieth Century Publishing Company, 1901.
ROGERS, Will ~ A6 , Illiterate Digest - New York 1924
ROGERS, Will   The Illiterate Digest
ROGERS, Will:   Illiterate Digest
ROGERS, Will. The Illiterate Digest. New York: Albert and Charles Boni, 1924.
ROHMER, Sax   Bat Wing
ROHMER, Sax   Brood of the Witch Queen
ROHMER: Brood of the Witch Queen
ROHMER, Sax   Dope
ROHMER, Sax   Fire Tongue
ROHMER, Sax   Grey Face
ROHMER, Sax   Tales of Chinatown
ROHMER, Sax   The Golden Scorpion
ROHMER, Sax   The Hand of Fu Manchu
ROLFE, William J.   The Princess
ROLT-WHEELER, Francis   In the Days Before Columbus
ROLT-WHEELER, Francis   Plotting in Pirate Seas
ROMER, A.: Anecdotal and Descriptive Natural History
ROSE, Henrietta N.   Grandma's Gems for Little Folke
ROSS, Clinton   A Trooper of the Empress
ROSS: Trooper of the Empress
ROSTAND, Edmond   Cyrano de Bergerac
ROSTAND, Edmond . Cyrano de Bergerac. Translated by Helen B. Dole. New York: T.Y. Crowell & Company, 1899.
        Flyleaf inscription: “E.R. Burroughs, Chicago, January 17th, 1903.”
ROWLAND, Henry C.  The Countess Diane
RUCK, Berta ~ Kneel to the Prettiest
RUCK, Berta ~ Lucky in Love
RUCK, Berta ~ The Bridge of Kisses
RUCK, Berta ~ The Dancing Star
RUCK, Berta ~ The Immortal Girl
RUCK, Berta ~ The Leap Year Girl
RUCK, Berta ~ The Subconscious Courtship
RYMING: Gun Notches
SABATINI, Rafael   Scaramouche
SABATINI, Rafael. Scaramouche; A Romance of the French Revolution. Boston: Houghton Mifflin and Company, 1921.
        Flyleaf inscription: “Edgar Rice Burroughs, Tarzana Ranch, October 1921.”
SAMPSON, Emma Speed    Mammy's White Folks
SANDBURG, Carl: Abraham Lincoln
SCHULTE, Francis J.  ~ Hell to Date, The Reckless Journey, Chicago 1892,
         Inscription: Lt. ER Burroughs, Ed's cartoons (Satan with wings and fork) on end paper.
SCHULTZ, James Willard   Plumed Snake Medicine
SCHULTZ: Plumed Snake Medicine
SCHULTZ, James Willard   The Quest of the Fish-Dog Skin
SCHULTZ, James Willard   The Trail of the Spanish Horse
SCHWARTZ, Julia Augusta   Grass Hopper Green's Garden
Scientific American
SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN: The Scientific American Cyclopaedia of Receipts, Notes and Quieries ~ Publ Munn? Co.
SCOTT, Admiral Sir Percy: Fifty Years in the Royal Navy by Adm. Sir Percy Scott
SCOTT, R. T. M.   The Black Magician
SEABROOK, William B.: Adventures in Arabia
SEABROOK, William B.: The Magic Island
SEAMAN, Augusta Huiell ~ The Boarded-Up House
SEAMAN, Augusta Huiell ~ The Crimson Patch
SEAMAN, Augusta Huiell ~ The Dragon's Secret
SEAMAN, Augusta Huiell ~ The Slipper Point Mystery
SEATON, Julius~ Concentration - MD, 1909, reprint 1912
SEARS, ROEBUCK CO. ~ 50 Stereoview Cards
SEDGWICK, Anne Douglas ~ The Little French Girl
SEDGWICK, Anne Douglas ~ The Nest
SELDES: Can These Things Be
SELDES, George: You Can't Print That! The Truth Behind The News
SERVICE, Robert W.   Rhymes of a Rolling Stone
SETON, Ernest Thompson   Wild Animals I Have Known
SHAVERMAN?: Rome and the Romans
SHAW, Bernard  ~ Saint Joan
SHEEAN, Vincent: An American Among the Riffi
SIDNEY, Margaret   Five Little Peppers and How They Grew
SINCLAIR, May   Arnold Waterlow
SINGMASTER, Elsie   A Boy at Gettysburg
SMITH, F. Hopkinson  Colonel Carter's Christmas
SMITH, Harriet Lummis   The Girls of Friendly Terrace
SMITH, Laura Rountree   The Pixie in the House
SMITH, Laura Rountree   The Roly Poly Book
SMITH, Sidney   Andy Gump
SMITHSONIAN: Report Smithsonian Inst. (3 vol.) 1915  1919-1920
SMITHSONIAN Scientific Series, Calvin Coolidge Memorial Edition ~ 12-Volume Set, Limited to 1000 Numbered Copies from 1934: Inscription: "This copy (#402) is registered in the name of Florence Gilbert Burroughs to whom it was presented by her husband Edgar Rice Burroughs."
SNELL, Roy J.   Skimmer and his Thrilling Adventures
SNYDER, Fairmont  Rhymes for Kindly Children
SOILAND, Albert: The Viking Goes to Sea (Honolulu race, 1923... ERB toured aboard the Viking from August 8-11, 1924)
The Soldier Boy -
Spanish Inquisition (parts of)
SPEED, Nell   Molly Brown's Freshman Days
SPEED, Nell   Molly Brown's Sophomore Days
SPIEGEL, Baron Von und Zu Peckelsheim. Adventures of the U-202; An Actual Narrative. New York: The Center Company, 1917. (Narrative of U-boat mission.)
STANLEY, Henry M.: In Darkest Africa (2 vols.)
STANLEY: In Darkest Africa (2 volumes)
STANLEY, Henry M.    In Darkest Africa (2 volumes)
STEEL, George ~ Story of the Stars  (Science Astronomy) - 1884 edition. New York - Alba Hulbert - A S Bronze 1869 - Doodles.
STEFFANSON, Vilhjalmur: Hunters of the Great North
STEPHENS, R. N.   The Continental Dragoon
STEPHENS: Continental Dragoons
STERRETT, Frances R.   The Amazing Inheritance
STEUGRAHM M.D.?: Angina  Pectoris & Coronary
STEVENI or STEVANS, W. Barnes   Things Seen in Sweden
STEVENSON, Robert Louis   Treasure Island
STEWART, Jane L.   The Campfire Girls in the Mountains
STEWART: Mr. & Mrs. Haddock in Paris
STEWART, Donald Ogden  Mr. & Mrs. Haddock in Paris, France
STODDARD, W. O.   Little Smoke
STOKES, J.P.: Introduction to the Hawaiian Language
STONEHAM, C. T.: King of the Jungle
Story of Natural History - to Jack Burroughs from momma and poppa Christmas 1921
SUBLETTE, Clifford M.   The Scarlet Cockerel
SUE, Eugene   Mysteries of Paris
SUE: Mysteries of Paris
SULLIVAN, Frank   The Life and Times of Martha Hepplethwaite
SWEETSER, Kate Dickinson   Ten Girls from Dickens
SWIFT, Jonathan   Gulliver's Travels
TAGGART, Marion Ames   The Pilgrim Maid
TAPPAN, Eva March    American Hero Stories
TARKINGTON, Booth    Beasley's Christmas Party
TARKINGTON: Beasley's Xmas Party
TARKINGTON, Booth ~ Gentle Julia
TARKINGTON: Gentle Julia
TARKINGTON, Booth  Monsieur Beaucaire
TARKINGTON, Booth  Penrod
TARKINGTON, Booth: Penrod
TARKINGTON, Booth   Penrod and Sam
TARKINGTON: Penrod and Sam
TARKINGTON, Booth   Ramsey Milholland
TARKINGTON: Ramsey Milholland
TARKINGTON, Booth   Seventeen
TARKINGTON, Booth   The Flirt
TARKINGTON, Booth   The Magnificent Ambersons
TARKINGTON, Booth   The Plutocrat
TARKINGTON, Booth   Women
TARRANGE: Tracking Down Enemies of Man
TARRANGE: Tracking Down Enemies of Man
TASKER, Robert Joyce (A convict)   Grimhaven (part of) "Tiresome"
TAYLOR, Merlin Moore: Heart of Black Papua
TAYLOR, Bert Leston ~ A Line-O'-Verse or Two
TAYLOR, F. D. A. ~ Aristole
Ten Bad Men (?)
TENNYSON, Alfred ~ Tennyson's Poems
TENNYSON: Tennyson's Poems
TERHORST, Bernd:: With the Riff Kabyles
The Terrible Borgias (?)
THOMAS, Lowell: With Lawrence in Arabia
THOMPSON, Basil: My Experiences at Scotland Yard
THOMPSON, Ernest Seton: Wild Animals I have Known ~ 1898
THURSTON, Katherine Cecil   The Gambler
THURSTON, Katherine Cecil   The Masquerader
THURSTON, Lorrin A.    The Foreign Language Schools     Nov 8 1920
TILTON, Dwight    Miss Petticoat
TOMLINSON, Henry Major: The Sea and the Jungle
TRAPROCK, Walter E. Cruise of the Kawa; Wanderings in the South Seas. New York: G. P. Putnam’s Sons, 1921.
        Flyleaf inscription: :Edgar Rice Burroughs, December 25 1922, Tarzana Ranch.
TRAPROCK, Walter E.: The Cruise of the Kawa
TRELAWNEY, Edward John: Adventures of a Younger Son
TRICK, Edgar H.   More Adventures of Tommy Tad & Polly Wog
TUTTLE, Margaretta   Feet of Clay
TWAIN, Mark  Editorial Wild Oats
TWAIN, Mark ~ A Gentleman Abroad
TWAIN: Joan of Arc
TWAIN, Mark   Life on the Mississippi
TWAIN: Life on the Mississippi
TWAIN, Mark. Life on the Mississippi. New York: Harper and Brothers Publishers, 1902.
        Flyleaf inscription: “Ed Burroughs, Salt Lake City, Utah, October 1904.”
TWAIN: Mark Twain's Boyhood Home
TWAIN, Mark   Personal Recollections of Joan of Arc
TWAIN, Mark   Roughing It
TWAIN, Mark   The Prince and the Pauper
TWAIN: Prince and the Pauper
TWAIN, Mark   The Stolen White Elephant
TWAIN: The Stolen White Elephant
TWAIN, Mark. Stolen White Elephant etc. Boston: James R. Osgood and Company, 1883.
        Flyleaf inscription: “Edgar Rice Burroughs, 646 Washington Blvd., Chicago, Il.”
TWAIN: Tom Sawyer
TWAIN, Mark   Tom Sawyer Stories
UP DE GRAFF, Fritz W.: Headhunters of the Amazon: Seven Years of Exploration and Adventure .
UPRIGHT, Blanche ~ The Valley of Content

VALLERY-RADOT, Rene: The Life of Pasteur
VAN CISE, Philip S.    Fighting the Underworld
VAN DYKE, W. S. "Woody": Horning Into Africa
VANE, Capel   The Desire of the Moth
VAN TOOMS?: Van Tooms? Geography
VERGIL ~ Ancient languages, Appelton's Classics 1st Edition, six volumes, Vergil's Aeneid, MMA (Academy),
     Henry, autographed Littlefort?
VERGIL: Vergil's Aeneid
VERGIL: Virgil's Eclogues, Heins, NY
VERNE, Jules   The Castaways of the Flag
VERNE: Doctor Ox
VERNE, Jules ~ Doctor Ox  and other Stories, e 1874 Osgood and company - A6 - small
VERNE, Jules. Doctor Ox, and Other Stories. Translated from the French by George M. Towle. Boston: James R. Osgood & Company, 1874.
VERNE: English at the North Pole
VERNE, Jules   Journey to the Center of the Earth
VERNE: Journey to the Center of the Earth
VERNE, Jules. A Journey to the Centre of the Earth. New York: Scribner, Armstrong and Company, n.d.
        Flyleaf inscription: “October 31st, 1874.” ERB’s inscription: “May 11th, 1925.”
VERNE, Jules   A Tour of the World in Eighty Days
VERNE: Tour of the World in 80 Days
VERRILL, A. Hyatt     Lost Treasure
VERRILL, A. Hyatt ~ The Radio Detectives In The Jungle
VERRILL: Smugglers & Smuggling
VOLLMER, August and Alfred E. Parker     Crime, Crooks, and Cops
VON BERNSTORFF      Memoirs of Count Von Bernstorff
VON KRAFT-EBING, Richard  M.D.     Psychopathia Sexualis
VON TREITSCHKE: Germany, France, Russia and Islam (no imprint info)
VON TREITSCHKE, Heinrich von: Germany, France, Russia & Islam

WALKER, J.: Walkers Rhyming Dictionary of the English Language (revised ed.)
WALLACE: Great Stories of Real Life
WALLACE: Island Life
WALLACE, Edgar    A King by Night
WALLACE: Mexican Sierras
WAR DEPT.: Basic Field Manual - Paper Pamphlets by War Dept.
WARD, Andrew Henshaw: A Genealogical History of the Rice Family
WARD, Florence   Phyllis Anne
WARDE, Margaret   Betty Wales & Co
WARDE, Margaret   Betty Wales B. A.
WARDE, Margaret   Betty Wales Decides
WARDE, Margaret   Betty Wales Freshman
WARDE, Margaret   Betty Wales Junior
WARDE, Margaret   Betty Wales on Campus
WARDE, Margaret   Betty Wales Senior
WARDE, Margaret   Betty Wales Sophomore
WARDLSEY, Olive   Almond Blossom
The Water World
WATKINS, Shirley   Nancy of Paradise Cottage
WATT-MUNN: Ideas and Forms? in English and American Literature
WEBSTER, Henry Kitchell   Real Life
WEBSTER, Henry Kitchell   The Innocents
WEBSTER, Jean   Daddy Long Legs
WEBSTER, Jean   Dear Enemy
WEBSTER, Jean   When Patty Went to College
WEEKS, Patrick H.  MD (Prison physician)    Big House of Mystgery
WELLS, Carolyn   A Daughter of the House
WELLS, Carolyn   Doris of Dobbs Ferry
WELLS, Carolyn   Feathers Left Around
WELLS, Carolyn   Patty and Azalea
WELLS, Carolyn   Patty at Home
WELLS, Carolyn   Patty Blossom
WELLS, Carolyn   Patty Fairfield
WELLS, Carolyn   Patty in Paris
WELLS, Carolyn   Patty in the City
WELLS, Carolyn   Patty-Bride
WELLS, Carolyn    Patty's Butterfly Days
WELLS, Carolyn    Patty's Fortune
WELLS, Carolyn   Patty's Friends
WELLS, Carolyn   Patty's Motor Car
WELLS, Carolyn   Patty's Pleasure Trip
WELLS, Carolyn   Patty's Romance
WELLS, Carolyn   Patty's Social Season
WELLS, Carolyn   Patty's Success
WELLS, Carolyn   Patty's Suitors
WELLS, Carolyn   Patty's Summer Days
WELLS, Carolyn   Prillil Girl
WELLS, Carolyn   Raspberry Jam
WELLS, Carolyn   Spooky Hollow
WELLS, Carolyn   The 14th Key
WELLS, Carolyn   The Affair At Flowers Acres
WELLS, Carolyn   The Bronze Hand
WELLS, Carolyn    The Curved Blades
WELLS, Carolyn   The Luminous Face
WELLS, Carolyn   The Mystery Girl
WELLS, Carolyn   The Vanishing of Betty Varian
WELLS, Carolyn   Vicky Van
WELLS, Reuben Field ~  With Caesar's Legions
WELLS, Carveth: Adventure
WELLS, Carveth: Six Years in the Malay Jungle
WENSLEY, F. P.     Forty Years of Scotland Yard
WERNER, M. R.: Barnum
WERNER, M. R.: Brigham Young
WESTERFIELD, Jonathan B.: The Scientific Dream Book and Dictionary of Dream Symbols
WEYMAN, Stanley J.   Under the Red Robe
WEYMAN: Under the Red Robe
WHARTON, Edith   False Dawn
WHARTON, Edith   New Years Day
WHARTON, Edith   The House of Mirth
WHARTON, Edith   The Old Maid
WHARTON, Edith   The Spark
WHEELER, Colonel Homer W.  The Frontier Trail: A Personal Narrative by Col. Homer W. Wheeler: Famous Frontiersman ~ 1923
WHITE, Edward Lucas: Andivius Hedulio: Adventures of a Roman Nobleman in the Days of the Empire
WHITE, Walter Grainge: Sea Gypsies of Malaya: An Account of the Nomadic Mawken People of the Mergui Archipelago
WHITE: Them Was the Days
WHITE, Mrs. Annie R.   Easy Steps for Little Feet
WHITE, Grace Miller   The Secret of the Storm Country
WHITE, J. J.   Funabout Fords
WHITNEY, Casper: Jungle Trails and Jungle People (NY, Harper, 1922)
WHITNEY, Casper: Jungle Trails & Jungle People
WHITNEY, Caspar     Jungle Trails and Jungle People   Harper & Bros.   New York & London
        Fly leaf: "Edgar Rice Burroughs (sig)   Tarzana Ranch   March 1922"
WILDER, George Albert: The White African: The Story of Mafavuke "Who Dies and Lives Again"...(Bloomfield, NJ, Morse, 1933)
WILDER: The White African
WILLARD, Theodore Arthur: The City of the Sacred Well: Being a Narrative of the Discoveries and Excavations of Edwsard Herbert Thompson in the Ancient City of Chi-Chen Itza...(NY, G&D, 1926)
WILLARD, T.A.: The City of the Sacred Well
WILLIAM, Prince of Sweden: Among Pigmies and Gorillas
WILLIAMS, Frank  The Harbor of Doubt
WILLIAMS: Harbor of Doubt
WILLIAMSON, C.N. & A.M. The Lady from the Air
WILLIS: Living Africa
WILSON, Harry Leon   Merton of the Movies
WILSON, Harry Leon   Oh, Doctor
WILSON, Harry Leon   Ruggles of Red Gap
WILSON: Ruggles of Red Gap
WILSON, Harry Leon   Somewhere in Red Gap
WILSON: Somewhere in Red Gap
WILSON, John Fleming   Somewhere at Sea
WILSON: Somewhere at Sea
Wine recipe for grape wine...inside American Scientific.
WINTER, William: Vagrant Memories
WISTER, Owen   Lady Baltimore
WISTER, Owen   Lin McLean
WISTER, Owen ~ Lin McClean
WISTER: Lin McLean
WISTER, Owen. Lin McLean. New York: Harper and Brothers Publishers, 1898.
WISTER, Owen. Red Men and White. Illustrated by Frederic Remington. New York: Harper and Brothers Publishers, 1896.
WISTER, Owen  The Pentacost of Calamity
WISTER ~ Red Men and White - C7 - Remington Illustrations Harper 1896
WISTER, Owen   Red Men and White
WISTER: Red Men and White
WITEVER, H. C.   From Baseball to Boches
WITWER: From Baseball to Boches
WODEHOUSE, Pelham Grenville   A damsel in Distress
WOLSELEY, Field-Marshal Viscount      Story of a Soldier's Life (Vol. 1)
WOOD, Eric   The Boy's Book of Buccaneers
WOOD, Norman.B.: Lives of Famous Indian Chiefs ~ ERB cited this book as a reference for The War Chief
WREN, Lassiter     Masterstrokes of Crime Detection
WRIGHT, A Percivil  ~ Mammalia ~ 1883 not Ed's book plate.
WRIGHT, Harold Bell   Helen of the Old House
WYMAN: Geneologies & Estates (2 volumes)
WYMAN, Thomas Bellows: Genealogies and Estates of Charlestown in the County of Middlesex and Commonwealth of Massachusetts, 1629-1818. (Boston, Clapp, 1877 2 vols.
WYMAN, Thomas Bellows The Genealogies and Estates of Charlestown in the County of Middlesex and Commonwealth of Massachusetts
1629-1818 (Two Volumes) (Boston, David Clapp and Son  1879)
YOUNG: Marching on Tanga
YOUNG, Gordon Ray   Savages
YOUNGHUSBAUM?: The Wonder of Himalaya
YURLOVA, Marina: Cossack Girl

ZWEIG, Stefan: Marie Antoinette: The Portrait of an Average Woman

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An Addendum to the ERB Library Project
Found by George McWhorter
among the Porges Papers during his inventory of the collection
"A few of the books I read from Aug 1943
Moth proof room ERB Personal Reading"


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Edmund Lester Pearson
More Studies in Murder

F. P. Wensley
Forty Years of Scotland Yard:
The Record of a Lifetime's Service in the Criminal Investigation Department

Spanish Inquisition (parts of)

1000 Years of Russian History (parts of)

Encyclopedia Britannica

Ten Bad Men (?)

Benvenuto Celleni
Autobiography of Benvenuto Celleni: A Florentine Artist
Containing a Variety of Information Respecting the Arts and the History of the Sixteenth Century

Borgias ~ Gregorovius ~ Sabatini
The Terrible Borgias

Edmund Lester Pearson
Instigation of the Devil

Warden Lewis E. Lawes
Cell 202 Sing Sing

Sven Hedin
The Flight of Big Horse - The Trail of War in Central Asia.

H. Ashton-Wolfe
Warped in the Making: Crimes of Love and Hate

George Barton
Thrilling Triumphs of Crime Detection

Herbert Asbury
The Gangs of New York

Arthur A. Carey
Memoirs of a Murder Man by Arthur A. Carey late deputy inspector in charge of the Homicide bureau, New York city Police department, in collaboration with Howard McLellan.

Judge Marcus Kavanagh
You be the Judge

Courtney Riley Cooper
Ten Thousand Public Enemies

Joseph Lewis French
Gray Shadows

Donald Henderson Clarke
In the Reign of Rothstein

Charles J. Finger

Murder at Belly Butte
T.Morris Longstreth & Henry Vernon

Adventures of an Outlaw
Memoirs of Ralph Rashleigh

Grimhaven (part of)
Robert Joyce Tasker (A convict) "Tiresome"

Big House of Mystgery
Patrick H. Weeks MD (Prison physician)

In the Clutch of Cirumstance
by an ex-convict

Crime, Crooks, and Cops
August Vollmer and Alfred E. Parker

Crime's Nemesiks
Luke S. May

Masterstrokes of Crime Detection
Lassiter Wren

Fighting the Underworld
PHilip S. Van Cise

Reminiscences of a Ranger

Memoirs of Count Von Bernstorff

H. I. Brock ("Too stupid. Couldn't read.")

The Axis Grand Strategy
Ladislas Farago ("Read 162 pgs only. Repetitious")

Henry Desmond Farren

The Caissons Roll
Hanson W. Baldwin

Autobiography of Bata Kindai Amzoga Ibn LoBagola, a Negro.
He says he learned to lie after coming to civilization.
He seems to have been an apt pupil.

American Comedy
Harold Lloyd's autobiography. "Swell."

The Foreign Language Schools
Lorrin A. Thurston (Nov 8 1920)

The Spotted Lion
Kenneth Gandar Dower  "Swell."

Book of Escapes and Hurried Journeys
John Buchan

Story of a Soldier's Life (Vol. 1)
Field-Marshal Viscount Wolseley

Pirate Junk
(Five months captivity with Manchurian bandits)
Clifford Johnson

Psychopathia Sexualis
Richard von Kraft-Ebing, M.D.

Court Life in China
Isaac TAylor Headland (Professor in the Peking Univ.)

Pool of Memory
E. Phillips Oppenheim (Autobiography)

Lost Treasure
A. Hyatt Verrill

Revolt at Sea
Irvin Anthony

The Passing of the Frontier
Emerson Hough ("Read 61 pages. Too dry")

The Old Merchant Marine
Ralph D. Paine

A Short History of the U S - 1492-1938
John Spencer Bassett Ph D

I Guarded Kings
Inspector Brust (?) Scotland Yard

Mr. Archer, USA
R.H. Platt Jr.
("Archer was presumably 'Capt Macklin' of Richard Harding Davis's story.")

The Story of A Beautiful Duchess
Bleackley (Duchess of Hamilton & Duchess of Argyll)

Present Indicative
Noel Coward

Burroughs Library of Books on His Shelves
(Evidently Used for Research) (A few listed below)

Mystery Cities
by Thomas Gann
Hardcover, Scribners, N.Y. 1925
Title Page: Mystery Cities Exploration and Adventure in Lubaantum Begins with Belize, capital of British Honduras, Central America --
Lubaantum evidently a ruined city of the Mayas -- three periods of occupation --
Fly leaf dedication: "To Ed  From Emma  December 25, 1926  Tarzan Again!"

Two volumes:
The Genealogies and Estates of Charlestown in the County of Middlesex and Commonwealth of Massachusetts
1629-1818 by Thomas Bellows Wyman (Boston, David Clapp and Son  1879)

In Darkest Africa (2 volumes)
Henry M. Stanley

In Brightest Africa
Carl E. Akeley
Autographed "Edgar Rice Burroughs   Tarzana Ranch   Nov. 20, 1923

The Letters of Archie Butts (Personal Aide to President Roosevelt)
Doubleday Page & Co. 1924  N.Y.
Fly leaf: "Merry Christmas to Papa with a world of love from Joan   December 25, 1924"
(ERB expressed constant admiration for Teddy Roosevelt)
No notations in these books at all --

Jungle Trails and Jungle People
by Caspar Whitney   Harper & Bros.   New York & London
Fly leaf: "Edgar Rice Burroughs (sig)   Tarzana Ranch   March 1922"

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