Gradually their tense nerves relaxed as there was no repetition of the cry that had alarmed them; and they returned to their normal pursuits,
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FEATURE 1: ERBzine 1801
6 More Rare Finds in the Dodds' Ape-Man, his Kith and Kin series
1890 Speyer: Bobbi the Chimp
1891 Robida: Monkey King
1892 Hofland: Young Crusoe
1893 Wildman Baboo's Good Tiger
1894 Stephens: Indian Devil
1895 Stockwell: Wolf-Children

FEATURE 2: ERBzine 1758
JCB/Danton Burroughs/ERB, Inc. Tarzana Vaults

This Week: The Month of March 1931

FEATURE 3: ERBzine 1877
Pt. II: Gallery of Interior Line Art from
J.W. Buel's Heroes of the Dark Continent
Part of the "Ape-Man, his Kith and Kin" series

Neal Adams art: Ballantine 1981Edward Mortelmans art: Four Square 1964
FEATURE 4: ERBzine 1703e
Themes and Variations: The Novels Of Edgar Rice Burroughs #15
Tarzan Triumphant
Part 6 of 6 Parts: Threads & Strands of the Web
An Analysis by R.E. Prindle

FEATURE 5: ERBzine 1745a
Secret Masters of Callisto
A full-length novel ~ Chapters 2 & 3
By Charles R. Rutledge

FEATURE 6: Update ERBzine 0590
The Adventures of Tarzan
A 1921 Serial Starring Elmo Lincoln
A new fan review by Steve "Korak" Allsup

FEATURE 7: ERBzine Burroughs Bibliophile Tribute Pages
George McWhorter has delivered the latest edition of the Burroughs Bulletin to the printers
BB#69 Wizard of Venus Edition 
will soon be in the hands of all Burroughs Bibliophile members.
The contents of this issue is previewed at ERBzine 
and will soon be added to the BB Index at the Burroughs Bibliophiles Website.

FEATURE 7: Update ERBzine 
David Burton's Artist Journal Volume IV
A newspaper review of the Leanta Books edition of 
ERB's A Princess of Mars featuring Burton Art

FEATURE 8 Archive: ERBzine 1507
Den Valdron's Exploring ERB Series
John Carter of Mars
The most in-depth analysis/review of JCB's Mars story that has been done to date. 
A must read for fans of ERB's Barsoom series.

FEATURE 9 Archive: ERBzine 1549
Themes and Variations: The Tarzan Novels Of Edgar Rice Burroughs
by R.E. Prindle

(if you missed it go to Archive)

Goulden UK edition 1950Frank Frazetta: Ace 1963
MGM Yell: Copyright ERB, Inc. ~ Not for use without permissionRKO Yell: Copyright ERB, Inc. ~ Not for use without permission


Tarzan and his Fellows:“Fact, Fiction, Legend?” by Dr. Douglas K. Candland - Bucknell University
Part of the "Ape-Man, his Kith and Kin" series
   Danton Burroughs/Tarzana Archive: Russ Manning's Tarzan and the Return of Dagga Ramba: Conclusion
Pt. I: Gallery of Interior Line Art from J.W. Buel's Heroes of the Dark Continent
Part of the "Ape-Man, his Kith and Kin" series
The Novels Of ERB #15: Tarzan Triumphant Pt. 5/6 In the Footsteps of the Lord by R.E. Prindle
Secret Masters of Callisto ~ A full-length novel ~ Intro & Chapter 1 of 11 ~ By Charles R. Rutledge
Burroughs' Sailor Among Apes by Georges T. Dodds
Sources for and Imitators of the Edgar Rice Burroughs Classic
Victory Cry of Tarzan ~ The Evolution of the Tarzan "Yell"
 Den Valdron's Exploring ERB Series: State of the Publishing Art  by Den Valdron
Themes and Variations: The Tarzan Novels Of ERB: Sweetser ~ Maria Elena ~ Baum by R.E. Prindle


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