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Burroughs' Thoughts on Science and Religion

FEATURE 2: ERBzine 1434a
Quotes on Reason and Superstition
From a Selection of Free-Thinking Authors
Featured in the
Personal Library of Edgar Rice Burroughs

FEATURE 3: ERBzine 1434b
From our Motes & Quotes Series
More Quotes on Reason vs Superstition and the Supernatural
From Free-Thinking Authors, Past and Present

FEATURE 4: ERBzine 1741
Den Valdron's Fantasy Worlds of ERB Series Presents
Read Part I in ERBzine 1416 

by Den Valdron

FEATURE 5: ERBzine 1692e
Themes and Variations: The Tarzan Novels Of Edgar Rice Burroughs
#18: Tarzan and the Lion Man by R. E. Prindle
Part 6: The Centre of the Circle
Part Six of the longest and most in-depth analysis and review of any ERB novel.
 "I consider this novel to be the magnum opus of the Tarzan series."

Art by Paul Privitera
FEATURE 6:  ERBzine 1724
Jahlanna of Pellucidar
A 175,000-word serialized novel by
Sean Edward Phillips
This Week: Parts 10 - 12

FEATURE 7: ERBzine 1714
An Artist Journal 
Tarzan of the Apes Part I
"The Mangani"
by David Burton

FEATURE 8: Archive ERBzine 1120
 Religious Themes in the Novels of 
Edgar Rice Burroughs 
Robert B. Zeuschner, Ph.D.

FEATURE 9 Update: ERBzine 1494
Den Valdron's Exploring ERB Series
Following in the Footprints of Matching Mars

FEATURE 10 Archive: ERBzine 1450
What's Going On? 
Edgar Rice Burroughs Among The Dystopians 
by R.E. Prindle

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.January 14, 1968
Goulden UK edition 1950
The bellowing of the basto mingled with the roars and growls of the tharban in a hideous diapason of bestial rage that  seemed to rock the forest.
Danton Burroughs/Tarzana Archive: Tarzan Sunday Page Art January 1968 by Russ Manning
Bomba the Jungle Boy: Tarzan Connection Part II: 6-10 by Steve Servello
See Titles 1-5 at ERBzine 0897
 ERB's Tarzan and the Lion Man Pt. 5 - Tarzan, Obroski and Burroughs - by R. E. Prindle
Jahlanna of Pellucidar: Parts 7-9  by Sean Edward Phillips
An Artist Journal Part Seven: "A Princess of Mars" by David Burton
 Update: Illustrated Bibliography for Caz' ERB-dom Fanzine
 Den Valdron's Exploring ERB Series Archive: PUZZLES OF AMTOR: SPECIES TRANSFER
Archive: Tales Of Space And Time #4: The Synthetic Men Of Mars - A Love Story by R.E. Prindle


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Tarzan and the Lion Man: Review Pt. 7:  by R.E. Prindle
 Another article by Den Valdron
David Burton Artist Journal: Tarzan of the Apes
Jahlanna of Pellucidar A 175,000-word novel by Sean Edwards Phillips - Parts 13-15
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