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May 14 - 20, 2004
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FEATURE 1: ERBzine 0624
ERBzine Silver Screen Presents: 
Tarzan's Desert Mystery
Summary ~ Posters ~ Credits ~ Stills 
Cast Bios ~ Reviews ~ Links

 FEATURE 2: ERBzine 1137
Burroughs/Lovecraft Connection
Another chapter in the A Biblio-Pro-Phile of
From The Den Of The Old Tiger

FEATURE 3: Archive Update ERBzine 0220
40 more cover art illustrations have been added to the:
ERB Illustrated Pulp Bibliography
Many  thanks to Doug Turner for helping with the project

FEATURE 4: ERBzine Updates
Doc Hermes Reviews have been added to four ERB C.H.A.S.E.R. Webs:
Tarzan the Untamed
Tarzan and the Lost Empire
Tarzan's Quest
Tarzan and the Castaways

New features on the Shaun Hoadley Web: 
Poem: "Beyond Thirty"
Art: Lost Inside the Earth from Jerry Schneider's new ERBville reprint of 
the Modern Mechanics & Invention version of At the Earth's Core
plus a Tarzan the Boy sketch

Burroughs' Malibu Library
From the Danton Burroughs 
Personal Collection
FEATURE 5: Reference Section Updates
See links to the previous ERBzine Webzine cover pages ~ back to January ~ 
in our Reference and Research Archive Section
Also maps to our:
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May 7 - 13, 2004

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ERBzine Silver Screen Presents: Tarzan Triumphs
Tarzan on View Master
Wayne "TinTin" James Pt. III: My Collection: The Books
Edgar Rice Burroughs: Predictions and Images of Future Innovations and Inventions
and illustrated with galleries of J. Allen St. John art.
From 1934: TARZAN AND THE DIAMOND OF ASHER Summary over 15 Webs

NEXT WEEK: May 21 - 27, 2004
ERBzine Silver Screen: Tarzan and the Amazons
Zdenek Burian: Tarzan Artist Part I
1890s Tarzan Inspiration?
Bill Ross: ERB Collector Series
Bomba the Jungle Boy: The Tarzan Connection Parts I & II
Zdenek Burian: Tarzan Artist I & II
Hal Foster: Mysterious Maiden II Comics Summary
ERBzine Silver Screen: All 12 Weissmuller Tarzan Films
Otis Adelbert Kline V: OAK Speaks & Weird Gallery

Coming Soon: A Feature Photo Story on the recent sale of Tarzana Ranch
Latest ERB Film News:

From this week's Antonio Banderas Interview:
Will there be another Zorro? It is. We start the 26th of July. 
Who did the script? The same guys who did the first one and did Pirates of the Caribbean and Godzilla, [Terry Rossio and Ted Elliot].
Ed. Note: Ted Elliot was a featured guest on last year's Tarzana ECOF panel of ERB script writers.
Will you have a cameo in Robert Rodriguezís Sin City? No, they didnít do that yet but itís interesting. The other day, Harvey Weinstein called me and I couldnít get a hold of him, so probably thatís what he wants to talk to me about. I don't know. I like the concept though. Robert Rodriguez showed me the concept. Itís beautiful. Itís going to be kind of a real comic book. More...

Pulp fiction alive and well here: By Doug Moe: May 15, 2004
 You didn't realize that Zorro started in pulp magazines? 
He did, and so did "The Shadow" and "Tarzan." 
Not just great characters but great writers came from the pulps

Network upfront week will put Ďbubble' shows to rest
By AARON BARNHART The Kansas City Star
Executives of the six major broadcast networks will be in New York next week to name the programs that have been invited to join or rejoin their prime-time schedules this year. Many more shows will not have their names read:
Goners include: "Tarzan" (and many more. . . )

John Carter of Mars Film Project:
The Kill Bill 2 / John Carter of Mars Connection (Rodriguez)
Also see Princess of Mars Film Project I

See the ERBzine Archive for lead up stories featured in previous issues
Watch For It! 

TCM: Turner Classic Movies ~ 4 Weissmuller Tarzans ~ June 3/4, 2004 

Tarzan Boxed Set June Release
Completely Remastered for DVD

DUM-DUM 2004: Fort Collins ~ Honoring Glenn Morris ~ June 25-27
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ECOF GATHERING, SACRAMENTO, CA ~ August 12-14, 2004 ~ Guests: Lupoff ~ J.E. Holmes ~ Yeates
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