The Gridley Wave #336 ~ September 2010
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2010 Dum-Dum, Hillside-Chicago
The Chicago Muckers chapter of The Burroughs Bibliophiles hosted a truly memorable convention 19-22 August, featuring guests of honor George T. McWhorter, Tom Floyd, and Stephen Korshak. 

A special illustrated hardcover edition of The Mucker and The Return of the Mucker was a highlight of the Dum-Dum. Published by The Muckers chapter as a Dum-Dum souvenir, this 368-page book features 41 illustrations by 17 contributing artists, with dustjacket art by Tom Floyd. 

Limited to 250 copies, the book will never be reprinted. 

A limited number of extra copies are available for sale to those who did not attend the convention. Copies are available for $25 each plus $5 S&H in the U.S. 

Make checks payable to 
Joan Bledig 
5724 N. Leonard Ave, 
Chicago, IL 60646-5514 

Overseas buyers may purchase a copy for $25 plus $9 Air Mail; use PayPal and send money in U.S. funds only to

The Burroughs Bibliophiles’ tour of Oak Park and visit to the ERB display at the current location of
the Historical Society of Oak Park and River Forest were chronicled by the online “Oak Park Patch.”
See reporter/photographer Derek Walker’s article, “Edgar Rice Burroughs Fans Meet in Oak Park,”
posted on 25 August at


Guest of Honor George T. McWhorter proudly displays the accolades of grateful friends, fans, and admirers for his devotion to Burroughs. 

These include original art by Scott Beachler depicting George surrounded by ERB and his creations, the Golden Lion Award and Lifetime Achievement Award from The Burroughs Bibliophiles, and a framed proclamation from The Muckers chapter.

Guest of Honor Tom Floyd (left) 
and his Golden Lion Award.
Manning a table in the dealer"s room is Guest of Honor publisher 
and author Stephen Korschak, who spoke on artist J. Allen St. John.
Combined meeting at Jerry's of the Muckers and Panthans chapters.
Host of a party at his home, 
Jerry Spannraft prepares to cut 
The Burroughs Bibliophiles 50th anniversary cake
Linda, Jane, and Dejah Burroughs; 
this was the first time the family visited 
the Burroughs homes in Oak Park.

Willie Jones, Cathy Wilbanks, Janet Mann, and corporation President Jim Sullos of ERB, Inc.
display the official logo for the Tarzan Centennial celebration.
A stop during the tour of ERB’s Oak Park homes and office; 
posing in front of 414 Augusta Street, where ERB lived from 1914 to 1917.


Bob Burrows looks on as Frank Lipo, Executive Director of 
the Historical Society of Oak Park and River Forest, 
describes the future location of the society, 
where an ERB "museum within a museum" is planned.
The Gridley Wave #336  September 2010
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