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Presented at the 2018 Dum-Dum by
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Since has expanded upon these themes across its many Webpages since 1996
I have added references to Henry's "Great War" handout
for those who want to delve deeper into the material or who are interested in seeing larger images.
Bill Hillman ~

ERB Bio Timeline
ERB: The War Years
Memoirs of a War Bride by ERB's Mother
ERB: Witness to the Pearl Harbor Attack

ERB Illustrated Bibliography
ERB Illustrated Pulp Bibliography
ERB On The Silver Screen

Lost Words of ERB
WW I Newspaper Articles: To the Mother ~ To the Home Girl
A National Reserve Army Proposed
For the Victory Loan:
Home Guarding for the Victory Loan
Patriotism by Proxy
Prominent Oak Park Man Honoured

Read more about these titles in
ERB C.H.A.S.E.R. Bibliography

Full Coverage of both titles including the readable eText Editions
The Mad King: Publishing History ~ Covers: Pulp, 1st Ed., Foreign, Paperbacks
Read the e-Text Edition

Beyond Thirty (The Lost Continent): History, Art: Pulps, 1st.Ed., Paperbacks, Interior
Read the e-Text Edition

The Land That Time Forgot Trilogy: History, All Covers and Interior Art
Read the e-Text Edition

The Little Door: Read the entire short story
The Little Door: Review and Synopsis

Tarzan the Untamed: History, All Cover Art, Interior Art, Comics, Articles
Read the eText Edition

Tarzan the Untamed DC Comics

Tarzan, The German Eater: Translated by Wendy Wahrman (Mrs. Forry Ackerman)
Tarzan the German-Devourer I by Stefan Sorel
Tarzan the German-Devourer II by Stefan Sorel
Tarzan and the Lost Empire: Biblio and e-Text

The Moon Maid Trilogy: Full Biblio Coverage
The Moon Maid eText
The Moon Men (Under the Red Flag) eText
Red Hawk eText

Tarzan the Untamed: Full Illustrated Biblio and eText
Tarzan the Terrible: Full Illustrated Biblio and eText
Tarzan and the Golden Lion: Full Illustrated Biblio and eText
The Master Mind of Mars: Full Illustrated Biblio and eText

ERBzine Companion Site: Tarzana
ERB First Citizen of Tarzan
Tarzan and the Golden Lion Surrounded by ERB Titles
ERB Photos and Bios
The Burroughs Bibliophiles


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