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Volume 5921

When news spread that Tarzan had been transformed into the god Thoth, excited crowds celebrated in the city streets. The ape-man wearing the godlike disguise he had fashioned, walked unhindered from the palace. The populace cheered and prayed when he appeared in the streets. On the palace roof, the Princess Nikotris gave thanks for the success of the stratagem by which Tarzan had been freed. Everywhere was rejoicing, except in the quarters of the priests of Thoth. 

The high priest , suspicious of the transformation of Tarzan into Thoth, denounced the action of the pharaoh in releasing the apes and their leader. Then he led the priests through the secret underground tunnels that connected the temple with the city. He was waiting and confronted Tarzan in the market place when the ape-man appeared in the guise of Thoth.

"If you be Thoth, the real Thoth, you will go through the ordeal by fire," the high priest announced, brandishing his torch. But Tarzan understood not -- until the priest applied the torch to the papyrus disguise in which the ape-man was concealed. Like Ara the lightning, Tarzan tore the flaming papyrus from him. "Behold, the stranger has deceived you!" cried the high priest. "I call upon all the faithful to rise and destroy him as an impostor!"

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