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Volume 5920

Above the chamber in which Tarzan and the apes were imprisoned was the only opening, a trap door, that was constantly guarded. Through it daily food was thrown. One day, Tarzan, looking up, saw the Princess Nikotris there with his friend, Von Harben -- to Von Harben he was able to communicate a plot to mystify the Egyptians. Acting under Tarzan's directions and guided by the princess, Von Harben found in the palace library a great roll of papyrus paper. Secretly Nikotris dyed it to flaming red. 

On her next visit to the prison she too the roll of papyrus that she had hidden beneath her robe and tossed it through the trap door. When Tarzan received it he fashioned it about himself into the shape of the statue of the God-Thoth.

After Nikotris knew that the ape-man had transformed himself, she hastened to her father, the pharaoh, and cried "Hasten! The ape-man has disappeared. The god Thoth is in prison in his stead. She led her father to the trap door over the dungeon and there she pointed out the god of the apes. . . and suddenly the palace echoed the wild frenzied cry of Tarzan. . .  the cry of the bull-ape at the kill. "We have imprisoned the god Thoth himself!" cried the princess. "He calls to us to free him."

In haste, pharaoh ordered men to break open the sealed door of the chamber where Tarzan as confined. That night the ape-man, in the guise of Thoth appeared walking on the palace steps. . .  while pharaoh and his court gazed on in wonder.

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