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ERB-Date: 2000.09.01
1. C.H.A.S.E.R ~ Coming next week: a huge new resource from the treasure vaults of Okar
2. Dejah (Sue-On Hillman) DooDad featured in Tangor's ERBmania
3. Ape Caper Foiled
4. Two Generations of Tarzan, the Apeman
5. More Movie Memorabilia: Slides, Stills, Press Books, Cards
6. From the Comics Vault: Hogarth, Williamson
7. ERB in Saturday Evening Post
8. ERB/New England: A New BB Chapter
9. ERB and Fans Celebrate 125 Years

To commemorate ERB's 125th birthday
ERBzine issue No. 0468 officially launches
one of the most complex and extensive resource projects
ever undertaken in the history of ERB fandom:

Bill Hillman's

Issue 0468

 A Collector's Hypertexted and Annotated Storehouse of ERB Resources
(by an Exhausted Scholar)
William G. Hillman

PART 1: Mars and Tarzan Novels
PART 2: Pellucidar ~ Venus ~ Moon ~ Caspak ~ Westerns ~ Solos

Our ERB CHASER site features thematic, chronological and alphabetical lists of every ERB novel.

The Thematic charts contain the headings:

TITLE & DJ: Novel names and small first edition dust jacket illustrations with links to larger images ~

PULPS: Individual links to hundreds of cover illustrations and dates for the first appearance of each title in pulp magazines
WRITTEN: The date when ERB wrote each book with individual links to specific locations in our Illustrated Bibliography which features hundreds more cover images.
1st EDITIONS: The dates on which each first hardcover edition was released
e-BOOKS: Available versions of this book in free online electronic editions which are available for download.
ILLUSTRATIONS: First edition interior illustrations ~ illustrations from other editions ~ all found in our ERB COSMOS.
REFERENCES: Associated with each novel title are links to related reference sites in our ERB COSMOS: Articles, Interviews, Checklists, Biblios, Analyses, Scores of Short Articles by ERB, etc. The number of these reference sites grows each week.

ERBzin-e Encyclopedia contains high quality, large image galleries of 
EVERY ERB first edition dust jacket.
(in some cases the nearly-identical Burt and G&D reprint editions have been used)


"Doodad - Windows BMP format, a subtle wallpaper in pastel tones using a St John and a "doodad", one of several we know about, taken from Hillie's web site. The "doodad" is in the lower right corner. - 520k - 703k"
Over the years we have been flattered to see Tangor (Bruce Bozarth) use so many images borrowed from our ERB Cosmos in his Web Empire sites and CD-ROMs. The "doodad" that he has integrated into the above St. John sketch is particularly special to us as it is my Princess's personal symbol. A few years back while trying to come up colophon to use on our music CDs, websites, promotions, etc., Sue-On used Chinese brush strokes to create two variations on ERB's hierroglyph. They turned out like this:
JoN (Bill Hillman)
Dej (Sue-On Hillman)
You'll notice that Dejah's (the one featured in Tangor's "Wake CD-ROM" and in the above wallpaper download) is somewhat curvier and bustier than mine.

The next step was to incorporate this doodad into the copyrighted company logo for our Restaurant and Showhall.

 The doodad actually doubles as a family hieroglyph with each part of the symbol representing a family member. The long bottom stroke on the left is Sue-On's. The shorter vertical stroke above hers is son Robin's. The long stroke on the right is mine, and the shorter stroke above mine is son Ja-On's. The dot to the right of my stroke represents daughter China-Li ('Cheena Lee').

Ape Caper Foiled
By David Montgomery ~ Washington Post 
 August 29, 2000

A male orangutan named Junior made a brief escape this morning from the National Zoo's Great Ape House and zoo visitors were warned away from the area until he was recaptured. The orangutan is about 30 years old and had never before left the Ape House, zoo officials said, even though there are a series of towers orangutans can use to go back and forth between that enclosure and the zoo's animal Think Tank. Keepers were "astonished" when Junior climbed out on one of the 40-foot towers and managed to escape, said zoo spokesman, Robert Hoage. The animal got out about 11:45 a.m. and headed in the direction of the zoo police station, Hoage said. His absence was almost immediately detected. About 22 minutes later, the orangutan was "darted" with a tranquilizer gun fired by a veterinarian. 

Thanks to Ghak
1932 ~ 1981 

Tarzan of the Apes Theatre Promo Slide
Pressbook: 8 pages - cast, credits, synopsis, ads, stories, posters, publicity, promotion, etc.
1933 Sport Kings #21 Johnny Weismuller Card.

Lex Barker publicity still

Superscope Hogarth juvenile book from 1977: Tarzan and the Jewel of KahTip Top Comic #10 containing Tarzan storyAl Williamson Sketch

July 29, 1939 feature article on ERBJuly 29, 1939 feature article on ERB
For a checklist of ERB magazine and newspaper appearances see:
ERBzine 0219

8. ERB / NEW ENGLAND ~ August 2000 No. 1
A newly-formed chapter of the Burroughs Bibliophiles ~ ERB/New England ~ has just released their Introductory Newsletter. Members of the Bibliophiles in the New England area have embarked on a number of projects designed to encourage ERB fandom.
Planned projects include:
A bi-monthly newsletter featuring critiques of ERB novels, comparative analyses, book reviews,
letters to the editor, suggested readings, calendars of events, and more.
Meetings of the local chapter

ERB fans are invited to join the ERB/New England chapter.
Robert Hunton
Burlington, VT

Dorothy Howell
Claremont, NH

The introductory newsletter produced by the ERB/NE group is a handsome document produced on fine-quality paper. In addition to featuring a photo of ERB and four St. John reproductions (two colour paintings and two line drawings), the inaugural issue contains articles: "The Fantastic Worlds of ERB," "A Brief History of the Bibliophiles," "The Real Creator of Tarzan?" as well as 
a list of MOST  : ) of the current ERB fanzines, 
and membership information. 
Obviously ERB lives on!

Memorable birthdays in the life of Edgar Rice Burroughs ~ 1875-1950
Collated from our ERB LifeLine Bio
1875: September 1Edgar Rice Burroughs is born to George Tyler & Mary Evaline (Zieger) in  Chicago, Illinois. He is given the middle name of Rice after his colonial ancestor in Massachusetts, Deacon Edmund Rice (1594-1663).  His father is a retired Civil War Major and rich whisky distiller.Ed is the  youngest of four boys - George Tyler Jr., Henry Studley and Frank Coleman.  The family lives in a three-story brick house on Chicago's West Side, 650 (later 646) Washington Boulevard between Lincoln and Robey Streets.

1893: Practicing driving in preparation for driving the first automobile in Chicago at the World's Columbian Exposition. It was an electric nine-seater which took part in an impressive exhibition staged by his father's American Battery Company.

1896: Ed, on his 21st birthday at Duncan Arizona, receives a picture from Emma who is vacationing in Coldwater, Michigan.

1911: Ed celebrates the receipt of a letter of tentative acceptance of Dejah Thoris, Princess of Mars, from the managing editor of All-Story Magazine, Thomas Newell Metcalf in New York.

1913: Ed spends the day preparing for a cross-country family automobile trip to California for the winter. The sole means of support for the family of five is now the income from his writings.

1921: The English Tarzan stageplay makes its US debut at New York's Broadhurst Theater. It has a short run.

1924: Ed spends much part of the day writing "Notes on Trip to Mono Creek and Porpoise Lake" - while on  a fishing excursion with his sons into the Sierras. The famous Doodad was possibly created on this day. Ed shows early symptons of heart trouble.

1925: Ed celebrates his 50th birthday in Phoenix, returning home with the family from the South Rim of Grand Canyon.

1929: Ed and the boys take an auto-camping trip to the Ensenada area in Lower California. The family also travels north to Grant's Pass, Oregon in two Pullman Aerocoaches.

1932: The start of the 1930s annual tradition of releasing new ERB, Inc. novels on his birthday: Tarzan Triumphant, Tarzan and the City of Gold, Tarzan and the Lion Man, Tarzan and the Leopard Men, and Tarzan's Quest will all debut on September 1 dates.

1937:  ERB starts work on comic strip continuity.

1939: Ed's 64th birthday coincides with the breaking out of World War II.

1946: Ed celebrates his 71st birthday at a party at Joan's. As with most of their family gatherings they show old movies and Laurel and Hardy comedies.

1947: In an effort to revive the Tarzan newspaper strips, ERB moves in to supervise.

Volume 0370

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