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Broadway 2006
Tarzan the Musical: Broadway
Tarzan The Musical: Holland
Tarzan the Musical: Hamburg
Tarzan the Musical: Utah
ERB Books and Collectibles
ERB Books and Collectibles
The Forest Primeval, is publishing the first in a new series of fine art prints featuring
Tarzan by Burroughs artist Joe Jusko.
All the details are available on their website:

Joe Jusko's "Tarzan And The Golden Lion":
British East Africa, 1923 – Tarzan and Jad-Bal-Ja the golden lion survey the landscape 
as they patrol Lord Greystoke’s vast African estate. 
Artist Joe Jusko captures all the power, majesty and grace of 
Edgar Rice Burroughs’ classic Jungle Lord and his faithful companion.

Joe Jusko's "Tarzan and the Golden Lion" will be available this June 
through fine art sellers and comic specialty shops. 

This fine collectible will be strictly limited to 495 pieces worldwide. 
Collectors will have the choice of a 
* Deluxe 24"x36" Giclée on canvas that sells for $995 
* A 20"x30" Giclée on paper that sells for $495. 
* There will even be a Super Deluxe 40"x60" Canvas 
that will be limited to 5 pieces available at $2,495. 
All versions are subject to availability and expected to sell out quickly.
For additional information about this new series of 
fine art pieces or to reserve a print, 
contact Brad Burch (888) 266-7577 or
visit their website at
Forest Primeval has set aside a few promotional pieces for ERBzine readers at a special prepublication price. There are still a handful of pieces available at a Special Prepublication promotional savings of $200 on a first come/first served basis while they last.

Readers of ERBzine can enter promo code ERBZ38 at checkout and a $200 Discount will be automatically deducted from their order.

The $200 Prepublication Discount can be used on any canvas or paper print. This offer is strictly limited to one piece per customer. Only one order per household, credit card number or PayPal account will be accepted.


Clinton Pettee Art
Oil on canvas ~ 22" x 28" ~ circa  1900-1920
From the John and Stephanie Cook Collection
The Cooks are looking for more information
on this painting and the artist.
.Click for full-size ad
ReelArt Studios presents a tribute to Edgar Rice Burroughs' iconic jungle hero, Tarzan of the Apes.
Inspired by the classic illustration of Burroughs artist J. Allen St. John, the statue depicts Tarzan and Jad-bal-ja, his fierce golden lion from the dust cover of the 1923 first edition A.C. McClurg book of the same title.

On sale: August 14, 2007
10" tall
Limited edition of 1000 units
Certificate of Authenticity included

TarzanTM owned by Edgar Rice Burroughs, Inc.  Used by permission


Four Water Colours by
John Coleman Burroughs
From the Donald Myers Collection
"It may be that one of my family members purchased these at an art gallery in San Francisco during the '50s. The label on the back of the paintings identifies the gallery as the Maxwell Gallery on Sutton street. Although the gallery closed not too long ago, I was able to contact Mrs. Maxwell.  She still has all the records from the gallery going all the way back into 1940!!!  BUT, there was not one record of my water colors. She thinks from the numbering on the tag it was a consignment. So, that's about all I have gathered so far. Still trying to find a market value and a market place for the four water colors. Any help Danton and JCB fans might provide would be much appreciated."
~ Donald E. Myers.

Please contact ERBzine if you have any information to share.

From the Lois Champine Collection
"As I recall John found these children sitting on the desert. These are pastels and are about 15" by 21". 

"My dad knew Mr Burroughs and we lived in Pacific Palisades, CA when he acquired these beautiful paintings.  I was about 14 years old some 55 years ago. Around that time we often watched a TV show with Art Baker called You Asked For It where the "Burroughs Babies" had been requested to be seen.   I wonder if these are two of them." 

~   Lois  Champine 


We are currently working on a tribute to ERB artist, P. J. Monahan, which will contain many anecdotes, illlustrations and bio information from PJM's son, James G. Monahan.
I have suggested to James that many ERB fans would be interested in the items in his collection that feature PJM art.
Below is a list of items that Mr. Monahan would be interested in selling to collectors at fair market prices. 

The Pirate (click)

First Edition books illustrated by P. J. Monahan:
THE GIRL FROM HOLLYWOOD by Edgar Rice Burroughs - 1923
THUVIA, MAID OF MARS by Edgar Rice Burroughs - 1920, illustrated by J. Allen St. John
DARKNESS AND DAWN - George Allan England, 1914
DARKNESS AND DAWN - George Allan England, Reprint, 1974
THE FLYING LEGION - George Allan England, 1920
SMOKE BELLEW, Jack London, NY, 1912

June 19, 1915
April 30, 1921
May 14, 1921


May 12, 1926
June 9, 1926
August 18, 1926
September 29, 1926
October 13, 1926
December 22, 1926
January 5, 1927
January 19, 1927
May 24, 1927
June 7, 1927
June 21, 1927
July 5, 1927
August 23, 1927
September 20, 1927
October 11, 1927
November 29, 1927
January 10, 1928
January 17, 1928
April 3, 1928
November 6, 1928
October 8, 1929
October 22, 1929
December 3, 1929

Also available is the original oil, "The Pirate," shown in the illustration above.
For more information on these items, Mr. Monahan may be contacted at:
From the Dark Horse Classic Comic Characters Series:
#35: Tarzan Statue
Edgar Rice Burroughs' Tarzan has thrilled readers since 1912 when it was first published in a pulp magazine. The story of an English lord that was marooned in the African jungle and raised by apes is known and loved worldwide. Tarzan swung through adventures from the wilds of the African jungle, to the hidden city of Atlantis, and beyond. Hal Foster was hired in 1929 to adapt the story of Tarzan for a daily comic strip and soon had a whole nation eager to read the latest Tarzan adventure every morning. Tarzan remains one of the most beloved and well fictional characters and his story is constantly being retold. Sculpted by Yoe! Studios, this statue comes packaged in a full-color tin box with pinback button and booklet as extras. This piece is limited to only 600 numbered copies, so allocation may occur. 

Pub. Date: November 2002 
Format: 5" tall, packaged in full-color tin box w/certificate, pinback button, and info booklet.
Limited to only 600 numbered copies 
MSRP: $49.95 ~ ITEM #: 10-553 

See the complete catalog of 53 Classic Comic Characters: 
Conan ~ Flash Gordon ~ Magnus ~ Phantom ~ Prince Valiant
Ming ~ Buck Rogers ~ Lone Ranger ~ etc.

James Spratt has sculpted a wide range of subjects during his rewarding career: wild animals, nudes, science fiction heroes and creatures, portraits, African wildlife, historical and prehistorical figures and many more.

Of special interest to ERB fans are his creations of game pieces, boards and expanded rules for ERB's Martian Chess: Jetan. Examples of the stunning work he has done in this area are on display at 
ERBzine 1147 ~ ERBzine 1148 ~ ERBzine 1149

Thuvia and her Banth
Phil Normand's Recoverings: Repro DJs
Jerry Schneider's ERBville Press
Uniform Edition Series ~ Hollywood ~ Merchandise

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