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Reviews by Charles Mento

John and Jane show up at Sam’s apartment and Sam makes Jane explain who did this. He has a place upstate that he thinks John and Jane should hide in. He promises to take care of Nicki. The door bell rings so the pair hide so Sam can answer it. Sam has his usual comedy surefire truth answers and it’s funny. He calls Gene a son of a bitch and that he is going to kill him.

Sam apartment number is 104.

It is Gene. He explains John put Lopez in the hospital. “Kicked your ass, huh?” Sam jokes.

Gene lies that Jane set him and his men up and took a few cheap shots herself.

Gene says, “I don’t know how much my boys can stand before they, you know, blow.”

Sam answers, “I imagine there’s a lot of that going on between you and your boys.”

He adds, “Go home and take your medication, you psycho.”

Gene sees blood drops and moves to a room but all he finds is an open window.

As they drive to Hamilton County, John plays with the car windows and the car radio, smiling at them and amazed at them, it seems. He tells Jane to look ahead at where they are headed now instead of looking back. He’s sure they were not followed.

Scott tells Sam that he had Lopez and Bridgham tailing Jane but she’s disappeared. Scott tries to level with Sam, telling him he told Gene not to go anywhere near the Michael case and that he does not trust Gene. He does not believe the report the men filed. He tells Sam that if he had a way to get to Porter he would tell her to turn herself in so he can put her in protective custody.

When Jane makes a stop because “nature calls”, John is sitting backwards on the car seat with his legs over the back of the seat. He follows her when she says, “Nature calls.” He asks, “It is?” She explains that the little boys’ room and the little girls’ room are expressions.

Going back to the car, he gets into the driver’s seat and brushes his hair back with his hands (he does that a lot). He drives the car and crashes it and tells her he is sorry. The plate to Sam’s car is AOC8963. She makes him take the plate off so no one can follow them. The car is out of commission. John’s an idiot.

Greg enlists Carey to find out where Jane is, to run her credit cards and trace the car if he can. He also has him track Sam’s usages and phone.

Sheriff Tim Sweeney stops Jane and John, having seen the car. Jane lies that a bee flew in the window and she had a thing about bees. She also claims to be Diana Morris and that she had a friend not too far from here. He will have it towed but noticed it did not have plates. He also notices John’s bare feet (toes curled).

He lets them go? He says he will swing by the garage later and check in on her. This seems improbable that he would let them go and not take any info or check their IDs.

John enjoys being in a field or near a field of colorful flowers and out in nature.

John has a walking stick? Jane says she quit girl scouts because she hates bugs and dust; she needs some bug spray.

The Sheriff calls a Scott (not Scott Connor), his deputy, and asks him to check out if anyone is reporting a car theft.

Jane likes the city because you have everything right there. Here, they have nothing. Then, she claims she hasn’t thought about the murder case, Donald, Richard or any of it in an hour. It’s just them.

John goes fishing with his bare hands, catches fish, and tells Jane to be still when a bee lands on her. It stings her so he slaps mud on it to take away the pain.

A song plays.

She throws mud at him and he grabs her in a playful moment. This almost ends with them kissing but Jane can’t.

Later, by the fire in the cabin, they hear wolves which John says is them singing.

He asks if she wants him further or closer and he doesn’t mean now. She wants things simpler and he claims they can be if they stay here.

Jane tells him she thinks she has her job but more importantly she has Nicki and a life. She also claims him to be so innocent sometimes and yet sometimes so violent and unpredictable. She asks him how can she stay out here with him when she doesn’t know what she’d be choosing. WHAT?

She says, “…when I don’t know you.”

This makes him leave the cabin.

Carey tells Gene that there is an abandoned car on highway 41 reported by the sheriff in Hamilton County.

Tim asks Gene if he tangled with a bear. Carey’s first name is Jeff. They go “hunting” as Gene puts it in Hamilton County.

Gene lies about helping out two friends. Tim describes John, “Hippy guy with no shoes.”

Tim tells them they were headed west and probably Rock Lake.

Jane sees John communing with a wolf.

It is a Saturday and Sam is pulling a shift with five college football games on. Desk Sergeant Ericsson is sorry about Sam’s car. Sam doesn’t know what he means until he explains that the sheriff’s county called about it. Sam now knows Carey didn’t tell Sam and that Jane and John are in trouble.

Jane looks for John but he’s up a tree but comes down to get her to climb up it. He asks why he would be mad at what she said. He’s not mad. He tells her it is easier to climb barefooted. At first, she doesn’t want to but then does. He is shirtless. A song plays.

They swing on a rope (which seemed a left over from a tire swing?) and jump into the lake, him hugging her from behind. They play water fight.

Carey finds Jane’s ID in the cabin and reports back to Gene and they load their guns.

Jane asks him if he was afraid, if he missed his parents, if he felt freedom and it made him happy and he says yes, presumably to all of it. She feels he must have felt more at home there than in the city. But he says, “No.”  It wasn’t his world and there was no one like him. “I was different.”  He says it was not his world. He says it was dark all the time in his heart and he shows her by touching her heart.

NOTE: This is where the show gets the basic premise of TARZAN almost totally wrong or totally wrong. I’m not sure which. To give us the romance, they have Tarzan NOT liking his jungle home?

In addition to that we have a bunch of clichés in this episode: a cabin in the woods, Tar…John communing with a wolf; Jane uneasy in the woods but John comfortable and yet he says all that?

It’s a nice change of pace to change the location but does this work?

As they talk, birds make noises. Tarzan…uh, John knows they are hear. Sam arrives, calling for Jane. Greg and Carey chase John and Jane through the woods. She falls. They had hands together but separated but when she tells him she is slowing him down, John tells her they are almost there.

They run through a river/steam to cover their tracks.

Emerging, John scuttles up a tree and pulls her up after him and tosses her to a higher branch. It’s impressive stunts and/or effects. It looks more like stunts.

Sam finds John and Jane. He references THE BLAIR WITCH movie. And possibly THE COVENANT? Sam takes Jane to the cabin while John wants Greg and Carey to follow him.

Somehow Greg follows Jane and Sam and points a gun at Jane to get Sam to surrender his gun. Greg wants John to come to him. He fires his gun in the air. They handcuff Sam and Jane to the car front. Sam jokingly sings, “He’ll be coming to get your ass when he comes.”

Carey’s name might be Jed?

Sam recounts Greg’s list of crimes (and Carey’s) and rounds it out with, “…not to mention ugliness under the color of authority.”

Gene says to Jane, “Call your boyfriend.”
Sam counter to him, “Call yours.”

Sam wonders if Greg is going to kill him, Jane, John and Carey, too. We do not yet know Carey’s motives for doing this yet, IF we ever find out at all.

The two bad guys almost shoot a raccoon as they wait for John to show up.

John knocks Carey down near the car so Jane kicks him down and out. John fights Greg. Jane and Sam search Carey for the keys, Sam ready to say something funny, “This makes me very…uncomfortable.”  As John fights Greg, Sam says, “Aw, please let this be the keys.”

Jane and Sam get free in time for Jane to call John’s name before he kills Greg, who is in a choke hold done by John. When John gets close to the car, later, after Sam puts the two bad guys in, Sam says, “Hey, hey, hey, step away from the vehicle, it’s the last one we got.”

Sam calls Tim and says, “Sweeny, I need you to get Barney and Gomer and Gober and whoever else you got over here right away.”

Before they go, John looks Sam in the eyes and says, “Thank you.”

As the walk in the moonlight (as ever nice cinematography), a song plays.

Jane does not want him to get on the next plane but he tells her when he is here, she is in danger. She says there are worse things. One of those worse things she says, “Like you spending the rest of your life alone because of me.”

She thinks they should go back and face his uncle and face everything. “Will you teach me how to drive?” She agrees to.

They walk. What is Fimmel doing walking like that? Usually his choices, physically, are good ones for an ape man but here it looks as if he’s injured his leg or something?

Another not bad episode and yet a bit cliché. Hunters become the hunted and all that. T..John beats them up. We still do not know the motivation behind why Carey betrays Sam. As ever, Sam gets the best lines and he’s very funny, yet some of his lines could be deemed homophobic. Still, they are funny for the time and the place and the episode. And something a real policeman might say to a crooked one? I would so watch any show if this actor were in it and if he were Sam in it, I’d watch it even more. He’s great and steals the show.

I’m still not sure Fimmel and Sarah have a rapport…at all but they are both good separately. Together, something is starting but it’s slow going and Fimmel can be a bit one note at times.

Not the best episode but not the weakest. The change of locale helps. The dark moonlight is amazing looking and the show looks like it takes place at night, none of that day for night filming. Everything visually looks wonderful.

"It's You" by Michelle Branch
"Falling For You " by Longview
"All My Life" by Rosie Thomas


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