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TARZAN TV SERIES ~ 1991-1994

Starring Wolf Larson as Tarzan and Lydie Denier as Jane
Reviews by Charles Mento


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Wolf Larson’s TARZAN (pronounced Tarz-Anne?) episode 71
Wikipedia spelled Cheetah here as Cheeta.

Dan’s journal : Monday the 4th: 1993 Jan and October; 1994 April and July; 1997 August; 1998 May.

Dan narrates about their jungle family. It takes a crisis to appreciate “our” family, even here in the jungle.

Roger finds Cheetah amid the rubble of his tent items as Cheetah seems to be trying to dust for Roger. Cheetah finds and mouths Roger’s string of boy scout merit badges. Roger hasn’t been a boy scout for six years. Roger found an old banana. He mimics a German scientist. Roger reminisces about life being simple in those days: walking old ladies across the street and tying knots.

Tarzan helps Jane unload the jeep. So this is what he does now? Jane is in her sarong again and two piece and headband. Her hair has gotten decidedly blonder as the series wore on and I do mean wore on. I’m only five episodes from the end now and I can’t wait.

Jane calls Tarzan to come look at Cheetah sweeping. So this is what Cheetah does now!

Roger tells them that Cheetah is trying to earn the boy scout badges with the sweeping and bringing them cookies and other good deeds.

Jane has Cheetah take the trash out. Hey, where does their trash go?

From the trash falls a paper bowl and a scorpion. We don’t see it, thankfully, but this black scorpion bites Cheetah, whose cries alert the others to come running. Roger runs for the last bottle of anti venom but as Jane prepares it---stupidly near the irate chimp---Cheetah knocks it from her hand. Jane calls Dan who tells her he loaned the last of his to PopaGumbai. He asks if he should fly in to get some more because he forgot to replace it. Tarzan tells Jane there is a root that grows high on the cliffs of Ruwanga Valley. He has seen the great apes use it for scorpion bites.

They will know in the next two hours or so if Cheetah can fight off the venom.

Dan arrives, still in his tank top.

Tarzan yell across the valley.

Dan finds a picture of Cheetah and Cheetah’s old girlfriend Juliette, the chimp “that creep Hauser trapped” Roger remembers.

Clip show alert! Flashback to that episode: TARZAN AND THE FORBIDDEN JEWELS. Dan narrates which is odd as this was a Jack episode in season two, once more proving each season is in a different universe. It is also the episode with the Hauser jail timeline controversy. The female chimp is named Juliette. Cheetah seems to “bounce right back, just like that” by finding another girlfriend RIGHT AWAY and Jane thinks this is a good thing. Okay.

We also get a ton of stock footage of Tarzan hurrying: running, swinging, diving into water, all of which I’m sure we’ve seen before. This has shades of Ely’s TARZAN show, which used a lot more stock footage in almost every episode. This also reminds of me of the Ely show as, at times, there was someone sick and Tarzan had to go find a cure, memorably the Jai is sick episode but others as well I’m sure.

Tarzan arrives back and Dan tells Roger that sooner or later, it will just be a story for Cheetah to impress the grand chimps with. Jane grinds the root down.

Dan tells Roger that you have to hope for the best and Tantor agrees and understands.

“See, Cheetah gets into more trouble than even you, Rog, but every single time he lands on his feet. That’s what you have to remember.”

“Yeah, it’s like that time Cheetah almost got bitten by that snake. Yeah, Tarzan told me about it…” CUE FLASHBACK CLIP. Clips shows are no longer popular because video, then dvd, then blu ray, then services all made past episodes available on demand so to speak. Back in the 1990s, TV was thought of as disposable and almost nothing was seen again, even in reruns much and certainly not with entire episodes intact (though UHF stations, rare, showed uncut seasons of LOST IN SPACE, TARZAN, LAND OF THE GIANTS, and VOYAGE TO THE BOTTOM OF THE SEA and occasionally TIME TUNNEL, RAT PATROL, THE FUGITIVE, and many, many others but I’m mostly thinking of ONE UHF channel which was called Tv 55 and/or before that TV 56). The clips shows were fast and easy ways to see favorite episodes or parts of fave eps again.

Clip from TARZAN AND THE PIRATE TREASURE from season one.

The clips, however, are so short, I wondered why they bothered? To pass time?

Dan says, “Well, you gotta admit, this is one resilient chimpanzee.”

At 1:15 Jane thinks he looks much better or is she deluding herself. Tarzan shakes his head no. Jane touches the side of his head. Then, in a curious scene, she says, “No, Tarzan, no!” Was he thinking of putting Cheetah out of his suffering? Later, she checks Cheetah and finds his heartbeat still very irregular.

Numar comes in to wait with them at Tarzan’s permission.

Roger blames himself but Tarzan says, “Roger is not responsible for the dangers of the jungle.”

“What was I thinking. I was lecturing a chimp on merit badges.”

“Cheetah has saved all of us at one time or another,” Jane chimes in.

“Cheetah has even saved Tarzan,” Tarzan says.

Roger asked, “He saved you?”

“Once, from the greatest danger of all…man.”

Clips from when Winslow tried to kill Tarzan in the second Winslow episode TARZAN IN THE SACRED CAVE.

Winslow says, “Boy, you’re good, ape man. Really good.”

Roger says, once the flashback ends, “He’s always there for us, isn’t he?”

Tarzan says that Cheetah may not understand the words but he understands the feelings. This doesn’t add up. He sure seems to understand the words, too. And did Tarzan just use a pronoun?

Roger recalls the “big” or “fake” identify crisis he had determine to get the dinosaur egg.


Jane doesn’t think they always appreciated his friendship and Dan thinks, in fact, they were pretty darn cruel. Dan recalls an adventure/episode where …Jack was the one present. It wasn’t a Dan season or episode and was TARZAN AND THE RUNAWAYS, where Cheetah and Tantor ran away. That settles it: there are three TARZAN Wolf Larson universes.

Cheetah thought Jane and Roger did not care anymore.

Roger says, “This might sound crazy or something but it’s like he’s one of my best friends.” He IS your best friend, Roger! WTF?

Dan gets Roger to leave Jane and Tarzan alone. Jane feels helpless to help the one animal that means the most to her.

“In the jungle, death always follows life. It is like a shadow. Always close.”

Jane says, “But this is Cheetah, he’s still a baby.”

“Cheetah’s life is not measured by years. It’s measured by the creatures who are his friends.” He takes her to the window to look at all of the animals that have come and are Cheetah’s friends: chimps, deer or gazelle, birds.

Outside, Roger thinks of all the times he’s shooed Cheetah away. And the other times he just ignored him. Dan, the voice of wisdom now, tells him no one gets anywhere on a pocketful of regrets, what he has to do is remember the good times.

Dan says in this crazy world, the only thing you truly regret is telling someone you love what they truly mean to you before it’s too late, even if that someone is a chimp.

Cheetah recovers; Roger jumps through the window and as Cheetah jumps into his arms and tries to kiss him, Roger tells him how much he means to him. Jane thought, for once, Tarzan’s medicine was not going to work but it did.

Tarzan translates Cheetah, “Sometimes friendship is the best medicine.”

Later, Cheetah wear a “Justin” cap and is given the merit badge sash of his own, for bravery and always being there when they needed him. Everyone laughs.

Production 321.

Not sure what to say about this clip episode. It’s not terrible or as bad as it might be. It does examine how the others feel about Cheetah so that is probably unique in a way. It’s not terribly boring but approaches that. It’s interesting seeing how Wolf’s physicality changed over the clips and over the years. Roger in season two was much more…willing to show skin than in season one and three. As ever, it feels as if something wasn’t brought to the table but not sure this time what that might be. All in all, looking forward to the end of this!


“The jungle speaks of danger.”
“Dan, I’m not worried. I’m terrified. I mean I’d put Tarzan against
any animal in the jungle, any man in the world but this is different.”

Long after the wonderful 70’s THE SIXTH SENSE TV show and years before the movie THE SIXTH SENSE, comes…well, this.

Dan’s journal: Friday the 13th: 1993-August; 1994-May; 1997-Junw; 1998-November. Was this intended to be a Halloween episode?

I’m not sure if these are pink flamingos seen during the narration but a hyena is attacking them (or it looks like that kind of animal anyway?). We don’t, thankfully, see it get any of them and there are a lot of them. Then we see a scene of the sun coming through the trees from underneath. It would be a great shot IF we haven’t seen this at least a dozen other times in episodes so it’s stock.

BTW, another reason not to trust either air order or production order is that one of the clips from Sean/Roger’s credits in the opening credits comes from PIRATE’S REVENGE just like Will/Dan’s does.

Roger and Jane, in safari hats (when did that happen?) walk in the jungle. Roger looks more muscled than usual. Jane’s talking and her accent is once more making it difficult to understand what the heck she’s talking about. Something about placing the sensors as high as possible to get an idea if animals can tell if it is going to rain. Roger suggests just monitoring Dan’s bum knee. She finds a tall tree to set up a weather station. Roger plants the sensor but Jane slips.

You would think they know the king of the trees so, they would ask him? They didn’t.

Roger grabs her but she’s slipping from very high up. End of opening segment.

Tarzan yell. Stunt man swings and he has a head band on.

More stock as Wolf is seen swinging.

Tarzan lands on the ground, supplanting our thoughts on how he might swing and save her. Honestly, I love Wolf but it looks like he’s having trouble holding her up and almost drops her, her head almost hitting the ground. He seemed to have this problem the last time he was carrying Jane through the fire field.

Like Roger, Tarzan has a huge vein along his arm. It’s odd how little he talks here, though and just as Jane looks about to kiss him for saving her, the camera cuts away to…Roger in the tree climbing down and making faces as he strains.

She asks him to come to the compound to show him her facts and figures she hopes will prove animals can sense things before they happen like the weather and other events. Tarzan already knows this is true and wonders why she wants to prove it. For some reason, he looks totally pissed that Roger is around. He looks even angry. Well, maybe we can speculate as to why. As he puts his hand on Jane’s back to walk her away from Roger! WT?

BTW Roger has his shirt widely open again for the first time in many, many episodes.

Roger shows him an instrument that shows the level of noise at Green Mountain. Tarzan knows Dan is coming before they hear signs that Dan is coming via his jeep. Jane is in her jungle top and denim shorts. Roger is back in tank top.

Dan won a small pig in a poker game with Poppa Naguma. Roger thinks it looks like dinner and makes a joke about it being an omlet (?). Jane laughs, too. Tarzan thinks Poppa Naguma is smiling today. Dan calls himself Uncle to the pig, he has named Hamlet.

Dan thinks Jane should know better because in France they use pigs to hunt truffles. A good truffle hunter is worth thousands. Cheetah is on top Tantor watching. Please tell me that round thing on Tantor’s head is not an old bullet wound?

Hamlet almost runs away but Tarzan yells for him to stop and he does.

“The jungle speaks of danger.” The birds say a crack has opened in the earth near the Kakano Rocks. These are on the other side of the mountain Tarzan tells someone as he goes there with Tantor and Cheetah, later riding on Tantor with Cheetah. It will take a half a day to reach them. “The roads made by nature are the fastest way to the rocks.”

Tantor leaves them off at the river. Tarzan and Cheetah find the crack. Tarzan smells and tastes the ground. Cheetah seems to, too. Tarzan narrates that all animals of the jungle are at nature’s mercy when something goes wrong, both large and small. This is a new thing for the show and it sort of works.

We see zebra coming up out of a hole in the ground (the crack?) in stock. We see a lot more animals in more stock footage.

The area Tarzan is in looks new but it also seems to remind me of an episode where Roger fell into the water, possibly the one with his girlfriend Julie. Jane gives Hamlet a vaccine. Dan will take him back to the hut. The parrot and another animal Jane has in a cage (shamed to say I don’t know what it is but it looks like a baby ant eater?) are aware of an earthquake before it hits.

A tree falls at Tarzan and diving out of the way he hits his head on a rock and falls unconscious. What kind of action hero is he? Has he become too domesticated?

Dan thinks the crack is a fault line. The Rocks are about four or five miles away. Tarzan left at ten am. Jane figures Tarzan was right at the epicenter of the quake.

“Listen, don’t worry, Jane. Tarzan can take care of himself.” Roger tells Jane this.

Roger is in a tree with binoculars. Dan reminds him that the Rocks are due east.

Roger climbs/swings down on a vine.

I had to look up on you tube what Dan was saying. He says “old buddy” according to the subtitles on You Tube. To me it sounded like little buddy. WHY is everyone murmuring and whispering?!

Vultures are watching the prone Tarzan. I know their feeling.

One seems to be, via stock footage, walking toward him. It’s both ludicrous and amazingly creepy and scary at the same time. Tantor’s cries send it off and also make a hyena (a baby one?) take notice. Cheetah jumps off Tantor onto a fallen tree near Tarzan. It’s more noticeable now that Tarzan has blood in his head. A very thick snake crawls toward Tarzan.

It just occurs to me that Jane is somewhat dressed like the Aurora Model’s VICTIM from the MONSTER SCENES model kit.

It is not apparent but Jane is looking for Tarzan at the river…right near the compound? Dan and Roger return to her and she’s worried, not knowing what’s happened to Tarzan. Dan suggests they take his jeep and he will grab Hamlet as they should keep an eye on him, as per Jane’s instructions.

As they ride in the jeep, even the subtitles cannot read Jane’s dialog. Gosh, this is torture right now.

Rocks have fallen on the path so Dan, Roger with Hamlet, and Jane have to “hoof” it on foot now. From the air, Dan had landmarks to know which direction the Rocks are from where they are currently. Here, on foot, their guess is as good as his. He doesn’t think it makes sense to go running around 4000 acres of jungle without clues. Cheetah has already brought water to Tarzan and put it on his wound but Tarzan has not awakened and the snake is moving closer.

Hamlet has started off and the others follow him, Roger has him on a leash of twine. The others hear Tantor roaring at the snake. Dan doesn’t want to get Jane’s hopes up, it might not be Tantor.

Amazingly, Cheetah picks up a stick to defend Tarzan.

Tantor picks up a foot to stamp it.

The others hear Cheetah now, too. Jane knows it is Cheetah and Tantor. The snake slithers away. We never see it in the same shot as Tantor, Cheetah and/or Tarzan.

Roger doesn’t know what “you guys did” but you did good he tells them and kisses Hamlet.

Tarzan revives as Jane, Dan, Roger and Hamlet find him and administer to him. Wolf plays it as bewildered, groggy, almost slightly amnesiac for a few seconds and vulnerable. This is the most vulnerable we’ve seen his Tarzan in all the episodes before and probably the three after. He’s sort of a mess.

Jane and Roger give toasts. Roger calls Cheetah, Tantor and Numa the jungle ambulance crew. Tarzan thinks the animals have more than a sixth sense: “they will stop at nothing to save a friend.” Dan makes them not forget Hamlet who he says is not much to look at but has a great sense of direction. I think this is unfair as the pig is much to look at.

Production 322.

Pigs are actually very smart, sentient, and caring creatures. They even save lives.

That above you tube story leaves out some important details: the pig scraped its back on a fence, damaging itself to save the woman (I don’t think it was hurt very badly but enough to bleed) AND tried to manage the phone to call for help! When that failed, it played dead in the middle of the road, again endangering itself to save the woman!

As for this story, perhaps it’s unfair of me not to like it. Like all episodes, it’s well filmed and looks great. I don’t know if it’s me or the cast or what but everyone seems to be murmuring (not Sean though). It’s tough to hear or understand Lydie under good circumstances but here it is almost intolerable but now it is tough to hear Will as Dan when he talks, too. Wolf doesn’t say much in this episode and spends a long time on his back. The snake takes forever to get to Tarzan. Also Dan plays negative nelly in this episode to Jane’s hopefulness.

The clichés abound: earth quake (which Jane will report to Bandali’ Earthquake board?), snake, vultures, Tarzan falling and knocked out, etc.

It’s an okay episode but I’m eager to move onto the Joe Lara show and get off this show. This series just feels very restrictive and restricted by budget. If you notice, most episodes either do not have a guest cast or a limited one person guest cast. It feels cheap in that regard, though it could not be easy to spend time in the real jungle, even if it is not Africa. And almost no dialog in any episode suggests this is Africa (with maybe a few exceptions but don’t ask me to find out which ones! That would mean more time spent with this show). I’m being negative now but on the plus side, I like the cast a lot, even Lydie who I can barely understand but Wolf is the best Tarzan I’ve ever seen and Sean is likeable, too. Will is a good actor, too and does well in most episodes.

It’s just the kiddie mentality here that seems to hold the show back. I wonder what it would have been like with no holds barred and a tough and rough universe like the Ely show was or at least tougher and more nasty than this show allowed or could allow.

Three. More. To. Go. Sigh.


Dan’s journal: Tuesday the 21st. 1993: Sept and Dec.; 1994: June; 1997: Oct; 1998: July. Dan talks about how lonely it would be without his friends Jane, Tarzan and Roger. He also gives away the plot: that Jane’s favorite ring would disappear.

Tarzan rides an elephant which is probably Tantor. He washes an elephant in the river but it looks smaller than Tantor? Roger and Jane wash a raccoon, trying to get rid of ticks. Jane gets soap in her eyes. They haven’t seen “the big guy” in quite awhile lately. Jane really misses him when he’s not around. Jane takes her ring off and a yellow bird watches. When it goes missing, she blames Cheetah who runs off. Roger claims he never saw Cheetah take off like that but he has in other episodes. Jane tells Tarzan, who still has wet hair. He believes Cheetah did not take it and tells Jane that Cheetah is NOT a liar, something she called Cheetah here. She shows him other things Cheetah took including her ear rings. Tarzan tells Jane he will make another ring for Jane but she wants that one. He tells her he will find that ring. They leave, with arms around each other.

The treehouse, which we haven’t seen in some time, looks different. Dan and Roger reference Sherlock Holmes and Watson.

Dan calls the ring a piece of garnet and Tarzan knows where there is a gully full of that but she claims it has sentimental value: Tarzan gave it to her. On doing a small amount of looking, Tarzan finds a yellow or green or yellowish green feather that belongs to a parrot. Roger apologize to Cheetah. Jane apologizes to Cheetah who will help find it. Jane promises to make him a banana pie. She also kisses him on the lips.

NOTE: Wolf looks very vascular in this episode, veins showing on his legs and arms. It also looks like he has bruises on his right arm and shoulder.

Dan tells a despondent Jane that he had an aunt who lost something (I think he said a ring) and then he and his brother Joseph (THE EVIL TWIN) looked for it everywhere and finally found it in a tree hollow with a bunch of other glittery items. As Cheetah hunts, he encounters a snake.

Night falls. Jane broods. Really? She has a flashback to when she brought sandwiches to Tarzan at his treehouse. She is wearing more safari-ish gear so the implication is this flashback is to an early encounter but not their first or second.  She thought he might be getting a little tired of bananas and fish. Jane tells him that they have been friends for a while now and she was trying to be friendly but is lonely. He hardly comes to see her anymore. Tarzan does not know what homesick is. She explains. Tarzan tells her that she has many friends in the jungle: Roger, DAN, Tantor, Cheetah and him.

It’s interesting he says Dan because this cements even further that this is an alternate universe as when they met it was SIMON who was around, not Dan.

“Tarzan does not want to be a pest like Roger calls Cheetah.”
“Roger doesn’t mean that. He loves Cheetah.”

Okay, the treehouse doesn’t even look like it is very high up now. Or in the trees at least from the inside.

Jane relates that she and Tarzan have only been friends for a few months now and she feels closer to him than anyone but he hasn’t come to see her and that seems to be because of Roger calling Cheetah a pest and he doesn’t want to be a pest. She says he could never be a pest. When she says the exception of being close to others other than Tarzan, is her family. He asks, “Jane wants Tarzan to be her family?”

Jane responds with, “No. No. One family is enough.” She has trouble expressing what she wants and needs so she, stunningly kisses him full on the lips.

Then, even more shocking is the next bit. Tarzan asks her, “If Tarzan TAKES Jane, will Jane promise never to leave the jungle?”

“Never is a long time, Tarzan.”

“When Tarzan takes a mate, it is forever. Like two leopards. Does Jane understand this?”

It is then he gives her the ring and tells her, “As long as Jane wears this, Tarzan will always be with her.”

Then, back in the present, Jane finds Tarzan in her compound and hugs him, telling him to hold her and as tight as he can. They miss each other when he is not around. She explains she was thinking of what he told her, mating until life stops. Tarzan asks, “Is Jane ready to be Tarzan’s mate?”

Dear God. She tells him she doesn’t know. She wants to but isn’t sure she can commit for life. What? This was aired early in season three but should probably have been aired, depending on the turn out of the whole situation, last in the season (it was third from the last one made, presumably) or first in the first season! Is she kidding me?

Still, she wants him to keep holding her. I can’t go into what this might make the audience think of Jane but…let’s see how this plays out. Gosh. This is either the bravest episode and dialog or the worst, depending on the outcome.

Roger finished Jane’s migration reports. He and Cheetah are still looking for the ring. He was trying to cheer Jane up by doing her reports. Roger suggests a picnic by the river but when he insists, Jane snaps at him but apologizes and says maybe tomorrow.

Dan arrives in a jeep and has magazine for her “highness” Jane: the last three editions of French fashion magazine Elle (sounds like he says Vogue, too) from France. They sell that magazine in Bendali. He also says they sell Rolling Stone, Ebony and Go. He was joking: they do not sell those at all. He had an old airline pilot buddy of his send them to him.

Inside, Dan finds her drawing a picture, a wonderful sketch that looks like her meeting Tarzan for the first time (?). He realizes it’s more than just a ring to her and he’s not trying to stick his nose in her personal affairs. Jane holds his hand and tells him it means a lot to know that he is there close by and caring about her. When she first came here, she was consumed by her work, nothing else mattered. From what she tells Dan, he figures she is worried it might not be for real in this fairy tale garden of Eden, two people from opposite ends of the earth, falling in love. Deep down she is not sure she is ready to make the commitment to anyone for life right now and she does not want to hurt Tarzan.

Tarzan hears an alarm and blasts. He does the Tarzan yell, probably to warn animals away.

Roger stops Cheetah from playing with the bait they are using to catch whoever or whatever stole Jane’s ring.

The yellow bird takes the bait, Roger’s favorite pen that his father gave him for his birthday. Roger blames Cheetah for being noisy and distracting him. He rants so much he does not pick up on the fact that Cheetah is trying to tell him that he sees where the bird is hiding stuff.

Tarzan tells Jane that a mining operation is blasting where Tarzan found the red stones. He claims he will find another place where there are red stones (the stone on her ring is a red stone). Jane tells him knowing he tried means a lot to her.

Cheetah drags Tarzan from Jane to his secret: the hollow in the tree and there is the ring and Roger’s pen and a piece of change like a large quarter. Jane brings Cheetah a cake that says, “For Cheetah, Love Jane.” She does not yet know the ring has been found. Roger made a mess making the icing and the message on it, according to Jane. Dan mentions Roger’s tent but Roger mentions the hanger of Dan’s looks like a hurricane hit it.

Tarzan takes her outside to show her the ring. He never tells her Cheetah found it. He asks if she will stay with him forever. She wishes she could. Does anyone want to smack her? She knows he loves her and she loves him.

And here is the trouble with TV in the 1990s: Jane isn’t sure why but she isn’t ready for forever yet and would like things to stay as they are. Sigh.

He tells her if that makes Jane happy, that makes Tarzan happy too.


Production 323.

Instead of making TV history and being brave and committing to their characters and story, the show hits the reset button AGAIN and makes Jane keep being reluctant to have a love romance with Tarzan by way of mating with him. So, the show becomes just another Tarzan show, almost forgotten today instead of what it could have been.

The problem with this episode is that it is TOO mature. There’s relatively little action: read NONE. It’s talky and almost mature. It studies Jane’s feelings for Tarzan and Tarzan’s desire for Jane for the first time really in this series despite some dabblings and skirting about the issues. Here, it’s almost frank but then…it also explores Dan and Jane’s friendship but then…it pulls back and does a reset by making Jane not commit to Tarzan. At this point, anyone who gave up on the show cannot be blamed as this was a cowardly and boring thing to do. It makes Jane seem unreal and stupid. And for Tarzan to be happy about that, that his desired mate has basically rejected him…is also unreal. None of this rings (sorry!) true at all only because of that ending. At worst, it makes Jane a tease as she wants Tarzan to hold her, kisses him, and tells him that she loves him.

A terribly frustrating episode that probably shouldn’t have been done if they were going to end it like that but should have been done if they ended it with her agreeing to Tarzan for life. I also wonder what Tarzan in the novels said about mating. It would interest me a lot. As I haven’t read more than one of them and that was a long time ago, I do not know. I do know that while I love this cast, this show is really starting to get to me and I want done with it. I think Wolf is the best Tarzan there was with some argument (Ely and Weissmuller are great, too) but the show’s inability to take chances, go more adult, and to have few if any guest stars in most episodes, makes it an almost mundane TV affair. It could, almost every episode, could have been far better than it/they were.


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