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TARZAN TV SERIES ~ 1991-1994
Starring Wolf Larson as Tarzan and Lydie Denier as Jane
Reviews by Charles Mento


Dan’s journal is Friday the 31st. The narrations are getting shorter and more cryptic, keeping the episode’s plot to itself and avoiding spoilers. “Today we learned a valuable lesson. The law of the jungle is stronger than any law made by man.”   1994 has NO Friday the 31st. 1993 only has December! 1997 has Jan and October. 1998 has only July. I could be wrong but this might be the first (and only?) episode that uses the 31st.

Wolf does his own swing here which seems to be the majority of the cases, especially in this season and last season (season 2). We see Tarzan’s boots, for the first time, up close. A man is setting traps and has a lion in a cage already that he seems about to shoot with a rifle. Tarzan does the yell and stops him. The rifle down, when the man gets up, he pulls a knife on Tarzan and tries to stab him. After an  exciting fight, Tarzan knocks him down, slamming him against the cage itself. He seems to call the lion Tempo or Temple. He lets the lion out. I like the cinematography here and the vivid colors and use of light as the sun rays shine through the forest, which looks dark, not for the first time. The way Wolf handles the hunter proves, to me, that he’s the best Tarzan, despite blond hair, which, the hair I don’t care about at all. In fact, I think it makes this Tarzan unique. Now, I love Ely’s Tarzan and he’s probably the best actor that ever played Tarzan and probably did more physical stunts but for me Wolf just looks like Tarzan and acts like him, even if a bit too pacifist but that is what this series calls for. His look of hatred from the jungle for what the hunter is doing says it all. And physically I think he looks more like Tarzan than any of the others.

At the plane, Jane (in white tank top) rips up the man’s hunting permit. Dan is going to fly the man away. Not sure what the cameraman was thinking but the scene where Jane takes a wounded baby animal (I can’t tell what this is) that is on the way to recovery in a few days has trees and bushes and leaves in front of it. Usually, this works to convey the jungle but here as I try to see Jane and Roger and the animal, it’s just annoying. Dan arrives. He’s brought slides and lenses for her microscopes (asked for in a recent episode?). Jane is now wearing a two piece, a more “jungle” savage top and a headband with cut off denim shorts. Dan tells them Commissioner Davis retired and the new one, Wilfred Claxton is on his way here. Jane can’t wait to meet him but Dan tells her not to count on that. According to Dan’s pal Gimenputu (?) the new guy is a stickler for rules, regulations and cleanliness. Dan wants to go and clean his hanger and makes Roger feel his tent should be cleaned, too. Did Dan just wink at Jane? Maybe due to his Roger “joke?” Dan also told them that the new commissioner bragged about his trophy room. Jane thinks he is another macho hunter. Roger says he controls the area.

Later, when the prissy man arrives in white slip on shoes, a small “car” truck, and with a driver, in long shot we see a crew member and a mike shadow or the mike itself. Also: where did this HUGE lined tree that’s in the center of a wooden table and the table itself come from? I sure do not remember it from seasons one and two. Or even the first few eps of this season.

The commissioner comments that Dan does not log proper flight plans. He also does not care about Jane’s opinion and seems British. He thinks Davis spent half his time fishing and the other half going to parties. Claxton intends to bring discipline to this territory. He tells her the next time she tears up a hunting license he will have her deported. Roger brings up his father’s funding. He’s already contacted Roger’s father’s attorneys and given them the same warning. “Hunting is here to stay whether you like it or not.”  Hunting brings in revenue and culls the herd. He plans on setting up a hunting game area. Roger opens his big mouth and tells him that Jane didn’t drive anybody away. It was Tarzan.

“Oh, come now, sonny, do you really expect me to believe such an idiotic jungle legend.”
“A half naked ape man swinging through the trees. Really, Miss Porter.”

In the red jeep, Jane and Roger drive under the bridge to Tarzan’s treehouse. Tarzan is returning from the water in a canoe. The treehouse looks very high up from the water this time. They run under the archway which…now seems VERY close to the water and a totally different area from season two and season one but mostly season two. This seems to bring credence to the fact that these seasons are all three different universes. They warn him about the commissioner.

Tarzan tells them there are two laws: man’s and the jungle’s and he will teach Claxton respect. He takes his crossbow. Blocked by a boulder, Claxton and is driver leave the jeep. He orders his driver to bring his rifle because “You never know when a trophy head might present itself.” Ugh. He’s a horror show. Indeed, he aims at a deer but Tarzan’s yell scares it away. When a lion appears with a white spot on its head, Tarzan uses his crossbow to fire the arrow into the butt of the man’s rifle. This scares them away and Claxton ends up in a tree hiding from the lion. The third Tarzan yell this episode scares the lion away from the tree. Tantor further scares Claxton as Tarzan seems to stalk the man who falls into another trap and is hung up with what seems to be another lion under him or maybe the same lion. Another Tarzan yell makes it leave. Tarzan makes him promise and give his word that he will not open a game park for hunting and that he will not make Jane or Dan leave. Tarzan brings him to Jane’s compound but is unaware the man just wants to get back at him.

Dan references HOME AND GARDEN magazine. Claxton never showed up at the hanger to inspect it…or Dan’s cleaning. Not sure when Claxton arrives at the compound in the next scene…is it just after the “lesson” which is likely or later? It seems to be right after he left Tarzan. Claxton tells them according to Bendali law the jungle belongs to the government and Tarzan is just a trespasser. He threatens to have them deported if he doesn’t get Tarzan. Dan has worked years to build up his freight and transport business.

Dan and Jane discuss what to do. Jane doesn’t want to leave but she will if it means having Tarzan stay in the jungle. She worries if they tell him about what the commissioner is threatening to do that “there’s no telling what he would do to the commissioner.” That could land Tarzan in a lot of trouble.

They can’t tell him the truth.

On a smaller bridge over a smaller river, Jane has already told Tarzan she is leaving. She tells him she has a job in Paris to work with famous anthropologist. He thinks she would rather be with this doctor than with Tarzan but she denies that. She explains something one has to do painful things to help their career. He tells her that the jungle will be empty without her and she tells him she will miss him more than he will ever know. She does not know how she is going to live without him.

Next, Dan tells Tarzan he will be making more money with the airlines but will not be his own boss. Tarzan tells him, “Tarzan has everything. Once. Not now that his friends are leaving.”

“As long as I live, I’ll never have another friend like you, Tarzan.”

Tarzan grabs Dan’s wrist and asks him to tell Tarzan the real truth. Sunset superimposed over Dan’s face as the next scene happens. A large snake menaces a hunter (?) who is sleeping in a sleeping bag on the ground near his tent? What? Tarzan nods his head as if the snake is cooperating with him. He seems to say, “Good, Con,” calling the snake by name. He wants the snake to drive the man from the fire. The commissioner comes out of the tent and thinks the man was eaten. The man was his guard? The commissioner runs and falls into a pit and breaks his ankle. Tarzan shows up at the base of the pit.

Tarzan asks for the truth but when he does not get it, he starts to leave, ready to return when the commissioner’s memory returns. The commissioner tells him the truth. Tarzan makes the man write the words he speaks. Later, the others are with the dirty man and Jane reads what the commissioner is forced to do by Tarzan. For the first time this episode, we see Cheetah. Tarzan tells him if he goes back on his word, the law of the jungle will find him. Claxton says he sticks by what he has written and claims they won this round. There will be others, he says and one false move by any of them, he will be waving goodbye at the Bandali airport. Dan’s pal Umbutuu has told him that there are no openings at the airport. Of course, this is a lie. And say, wasn’t that Jack’s pal in season two?

Jane says Paris is on hold. She kisses Tarzan on the lips. “Cheetah and Tarzan are lucky they do not have careers. Leaves more time to enjoy life in the jungle.”

This episode is okay though it does present itself as if Claxton could do more damage if he wanted to and Tarzan is a sort of terrorist, well meaning of course. On the other hand, I feel as if there could have been a more adult, dark version of this where Tarzan has to make the man disappear FOR GOOD. It sure would have been justified. He’s an awful human being. If it ended with Claxton vanishing for good, that would be have been shocking and great. Maybe even Tarzan would have killed him. But alas, this is a kid show and so…no, that would not fly. On the other hand again, the guard runs off and we don’t see him again but I imagine no one thought about that and possibly he’s just fine. Some of the Claxton on the run scenes are softened, possibly by demand, by…comedy music.

Comparing Wolf’s Tarzan here to Ron Ely’s Tarzan…here, Tarzan is seen as someone who just lazes about the jungle without a career and while Ely’s Tarzan didn’t have a job, he sure worked to unite the tribes and/or protect them from outside influences and/or bring medicine and white man’s better ways (?) to them when he thought that might help. While it made Ely’s Tarzan sometimes a bit schizoid, it did give him a purpose rather than just “someone who would enjoy the jungle” without a career.


“Tarzan understands. Tarzan wants to help.”
“Some things in the jungle are best kept secret. Tarzan taught me that.”

Dan’s journal: Saturday the 2nd. 1993 has Jan and October. 1994 has April and July. 1997 has August. 1998 has May. There are still things in the jungle untouched by the hand of civilization.

Using a kind of kiln, Jane makes Kiwi pie. When Roger asks how she learned to make something like that, she explains books. Ancient Mesopotamia, 4500 BC. Her library is always open. Cheetah stills what looks like banana slices but what is their pie (?) and starts to eat it. Watching them all was a native hidden in bushes. He is about to fire a dart at Cheetah but Numa scares him off.

NOTE: one thing this series does not excel at that the Ely series did is depicting native tribes in Africa or any kind of African civilization or society. It’s sort of disheartening and makes this series eventually fall flat, especially by episode 57.

Chasing Cheetah, Roger falls and hurts himself and has to be escorted inside with help from Jane!

Roger’s recovered fast and he and Jane chase Numa who has chased the man/boy into their compound. Numa jumps up on the jeep; the man raises a weapon at either Numa or Jane and Roger. It’s hard to tell. Tarzan watches from the trees. He fires an arrow at the weapon and it falls. Tarzan swings to them. Jane points out the man’s ankle, bleeding and with a chain around it.

The man passes out. Soon enough, Dan uses a hacksaw to cut the chain off. What IS Roger looking at when Dan does this?

Roger thinks they should call in the police but Tarzan stresses that this young man/boy is primitive and does not understand the strangeness around him now. When Dan asks, both Tarzan and Jane think that Dan should not call in the Bendali police or take him to the clinic in his plane. They plan to take care of him here. Jane recognizes the markings on the man.

He bolts and grabs a rock but Tarzan confronts him with open hands and friendliness. The man gives him the rock. He never saw a woman with hair like Jane’s. He thinks Jane and Tarzan are the spirits of his ancient ancestors sent from the heavens to punish him. All this from Tarzan. He then attacks the red jeep. He has learned to hate machines with wheels. He passes out and Tarzan carries him over his shoulder…to the treehouse apparently. In a hammock outside it, Tarzan tends to the ankle wound. He uses leaves on it. He gives him fruit to drink from. Tarzan tells him he has a strong desire to be free and a strong heart.

At night at 3am, Roger says to Jane, “Maybe it’s just some fascination you have about men with tattoos.” He also says, “My head feels like Tantor stepped on it.” Jane quips that he can just look at the pictures. He finds what they are looking for, the markings on the man, in a book from her shelf.

Dan arrives in the morning and didn’t realize Jane was such a later riser. Their rapport is nice. She slaps his shoulder. He overheard some construction guys working on a new development in Zambutu talking about a couple of their buddies picking up a stone age man.

Atu relates to Tarzan that men with machines came and destroyed his land. Atu ran away with wife and child and went back to his old hunting grounds. He was captured and taken away to a faraway place, away from his family. For many days, he was caged like a wild animal and there were no trees, no birds but only the terrible sounds of the great wheeled beasts. Atu escaped. NOTE Wolf’s thumb on his right hand, it looks as if it is disjointed or had been broken. It’s oddly bent.

Why does Roger even question that helping Atu is for the best? And returning him to his family? Why even wonder if that’s a good thing?

Later, as Jane writes in a log or catalog, Roger talks about Scientific American (earlier he mentioned National Geographic). Here, he starts to “talk science” about how Jane can keep this a secret. She could be on the lecture circuit and anthropologists will be knocking on her door to write intros to their books. He agrees that they will just take photos, study Atu and write in their own journals but none of this is to be made public or Atu and his family will be hounded for the rest of their lives.

Later, as Tarzan teaches Atu how to fire a bow and arrow, Roger wears his THE ABCS of the RAINFOREST shirt. Later still, Roger teaches Atu to say, “Get out of town.” Roger’s shirt also says, “It’s not a matter of nature or man it’s nature and man.”
Dan, panicked, arrives and tells Roger to go find Tarzan, who is probably at the treehouse. Dan calls for Jane. Hunters have picked up Atu’s trail.

We hear dogs barking as Roger helps Atu toward a tent and as Dan looks for and calls for Jane.

Although Roger’s dialog is hard to understand he references KING KONG. Tarzan tells Jane and Roger to pack supplies; and Dan to take Atu to the treehouse and wait for Cheetah who will take them to Tarzan.

Tarzan uses Atu’s hunting pouch to lead a false trail. Atu shows them with a rough map in dirt and a rock that his home is near a stream and at a pyramid of rocks that his people used to worship at. It is between two great trees near where the river splits into two. The development boxed off Atu’s access to his family but Tarzan knows a way through. Tarzan and Jane take him. His ankle hurts again. Wolf’s loin cloth has never looked this skimpy before and/or ragged. And gosh, I’ve never seen abs like Wolf’s before.

Despite Atu trying not to resorting to this, Tarzan has to carry him over his shoulder. He puts him down later when Jane wants to have a talk. She suggests that Atu and his family are the only ones left of their tribe and that maybe being closer to civilization or in civilization they might have a better chance of survival. Tarzan seems innocent. He also suggests maybe Jane cares more for science than for Atu. She tells him that is not true. I can’t understand their relationship anymore. She seemed fine bringing Atu back. He seems to trust her implicitly but now he’s blaming her for not caring for Atu? What?

Jane takes supplies through the water and plants in the water while Tarzan and Atu swing overhead in the trees. A large snake comes at her. In a scene with ZERO tension, Atu swings to her and helps her out while she says, “Hurry. It’s over there.” What? Tarzan removed his knife as if he was going to kill it but he watches. Atu hisses at the snake and does some kind of hand gesture with his pinkie and pointer finger and it goes away.

“Atu knows the jungle. Like Tarzan. If Jane takes Atu out of the jungle, Atu will no longer be Atu.”

Tarzan’s boots seem to change shades again.

The soundtrack is pretty good in this episode.

Embarrassingly, Atu has his own call (I don’t believe we hear Tarzan’s call in this ep at all). A bird flies by. Atu’s wife and child appear further away and he goes to them. He returns first to Jane and Tarzan and calls them family. As the family reunites, Jane and Tarzan are standing very close to each other and Jane hugs him. Tarzan, Jane and Roger briefly talk about Atu. Jane finds it ironic that they call themselves civilized but destroyed Atu’s people. Tarzan hopes they can keep the secret so that Atu and his family can grow and live in peace. Cheetah kisses Atu’s picture.

That ending is not a joke, not a laugh, and not a gimmick. It works in a way that this episode, well, almost works. It sort of doesn’t.

As with many episodes before this one, there’s the feeling that this could have been a fantastic adventure with a lot of action and a lot of morality and thought. It does make one think but…look, any episode of almost any TARZAN series is going to look lavish compared to house bound sitcoms and even other adventure shows. So, this looks good and even has a dark edge to it but…

…it probably didn’t have enough money to have more than just Atu and in one brief, non speaking scene, his wife and small child (boy or girl? I say girl). Cheaply, we do not see the dogs OR the hunting party.

Sadly, all this episode, a cut above others somewhat, proves is that this is STILL just a kid show. It doesn’t want to go there.

This episode could have provided us with much action, much info about native tribes and how they do not fare well when discovered by “civilization”. It touches upon it with talk. It doesn’t get too dark and probably can’t because this IS a kid’s show. We learn nothing about Atu really. What kind of tribe was he from? How did they get destroyed? If destroyed, were they discovered? Captured? Killed? Forced out? How did Jane recognize markings if he was a “lost tribe”? How can Roger, after befriending Atu, still tempt Jane to reveal Atu? How did Atu escape? Did he kill someone?

Even worse, in a way, is the fact that we only hear the hunters and the dogs and then maybe only TWO hunters. We NEVER see them so their threat is not palpable or even tense. I guess it might be predictable that Tarzan would have to get their butts but it would have been what this should have been: an action adventure in the jungle. Instead…

…we get another river, another swamp, another snake, and a predictable outcome. I can’t help but think the more adult ELY TARZAN show would have REALLY made something of this, even if it ended up downbeat. It would have done the excellent premise justice, even if it became very dark at times.

We get vague background info and a sadly routine “adventure” of trekking through the jungle.

And how could Jane even think Atu would be better off in civilization when she would never think of letting anyone take Tarzan there? All the conflict between Roger and Jane; Tarzan and Jane all feels forced.

Visually, this works. It’s never looked better than this. Wolf looks fantastic. Lydie looks beautiful. Even Sean’s face has cleared up. The cinematography is brilliant as ever.

It’s a shame because this is not really bad but not really good either. It just is sort of there and looks pretty and brings up powerful topics without being powerful and/or terribly meaningful. These are big issues, serious issues about people’s survival in the encroaching developments (think EMERALD FOREST and its violence and conflicts) but it really doesn’t GO THERE and falls flat with such an interesting premise.


“In the jungle, sometimes the most beautiful animals can also be the most dangerous.”
“The heat belongs in the jungle, this truck does not.”
“He’s kinda useful to have around, isn’t he?”
“Yeah, you can say that again.”

Dan’s journal: Thursday the 11th. 1993 has Feb, March, and November. 1997 has Sept and Dec. 1998 has June. Dan explains that when he was Roger’s age he’d already spent a year in the Navy. He also goes on to explain that Roger has spent three years in the seclusion of the jungle. SO…this is just the start of season three. We can take it that Roger, before the series started was in the jungle for at least a year. So that means this is Roger’s and presumably Jane’s (they came to the jungle together according to the origin episode but that was another season so means almost nothing or maybe it does?) start of their FOURTH year in the jungle.

Yet again the journal gives away that the “soldier” coming to the jungle was only working for himself and that Roger will learn that all that glitters is not necessarily gold, meaning that his faith in being a soldier and his excitement of soldiers will be tested and he will learn a lesson. Wouldn’t it better if they did without the journal altogether?

I guess this series has to underline things for….children, which seems to be their primary target audience.

059384-VY is on the side of the soldier’s truck. Tarzan, Cheetah and Tantor just happen to be near when the soldier’s jeep truck is stuck in the water. Tarzan helps using Tantor to pull the truck out with rope. The soldier offers money to Tarzan to go buy the big fellow some peanuts (the soldiers called Tantor a guy) but Tarzan does not want his money.

Roger’s reading SOLDIER OF FORTUNE (since when?) while Cheetah cleans the red jeep. Roger claims the soap is biodegradable and that he cannot help Cheetah because his “shoes”are sort of new. Roger reads that wars are fought by mercenaries these days and they can get 1000 bucks a day. Roger’s skin looks totally cleared up in this episode. Roger wears a save the whales purple T shirt. Jane does not like Roger reading these magazines. Roger claims it is Dan’s magazine.

The soldier pulls in and claims he is lost. He has on a NY Yankees cap. He introduces himself as Lex Monroe and is headed for the border with equipment for the dam site. We know he’s carrying only explosives. He says he is headed up to the Genobull Border (?) but got lost. When his truck pulls up, if you look closely Cheetah seems to be eating the sponge?

Roger was to give Cheetah six jelly beans if Cheetah washed the jeep. As always Roger seems to totally understand Cheetah speak. When Roger claims he will not give him ten, Cheetah throws the sponge in his face.

Lex claims he hasn’t been to Bendali since 1987 when he was running a land relief operation for a band of freedom fighters who were pinned down in Koohoota Pass.

Jane’s hair has gotten blonder and blonder over the series and here it looks almost totally blond.

Lex offers Roger 1000 bucks if he will lead him to the dam site if they leave right now. Jane gave him lemonade. The area looks nothing like the compound area in seasons one and two but that might just be me.

Lex gives the Scouts’ Honor sign to prove to Jane it is perfectly safe for Roger to go.

At Tarzan’s, Jane and he have a conversation about Roger. Jane explains Roger is an adult…and adds, “Well, almost.” She doesn’t want to sound like a mother. Tarzan asks, “Is it so bad to sound like a mother?” She says yes. He wonders why Jane, if she is so worried, let Roger go. She then says no and adds, “Oh, Tarzan, sometimes you make me feel so foolish.”  Tarzan, back to his old self from last episode, says, “Jane worries because you care.”  She would feel better if Tarzan could have kept an eye on Roger.

Tarzan asks (really sort of demands) Cheetah to come with him to go. There is once more, no headband on Tarzan. He claims he is going to help a mother.

Lex shows Roger the explosives: Gel Ignite. In high temperatures it starts to “sweat” and is liquid nitrogen.

It is supposed to be 95 degrees today, too.

Tarzan is swinging to the scene. Cheetah is behind him on his own separate vine.

In the back of the truck is the words BANDALI ARMY.

When a tree blocks the road, Lex backs up the truck with Roger guiding him and he either doesn’t hear Roger tell him to stop or he ignores Roger and backs the back wheels into a ridge. He claims he couldn’t hear Roger when Roger told him to stop and gets very angry at Roger. Tarzan arrives and does the call to get help. Numa arrives, causing Lex to jump into the truck.

Bendali calls Dan and Jane at the compound : they’ve got a report that a group of mercenaries are planning a coup led by a man named Lex Monroe. “He’s a bad one, Dan. Shoot you as soon as look at you.”  The man on the other end of the radio is called colonel by Dan. He sounds like he knows Jane and Dan. Lex plans on taking the dam and eventually Bendali.

Out of ear shot of Lex, Roger explains about the explosives in the back of the truck. Lex has asked Tarzan to guide him through a short cut to the dam.

Despite the colonel telling Dan and Jane not to do anything; that Lex is too dangerous, they are in the light lime jeep heading to help Tarzan and Roger.

In long shot, as the truck’s radiator overheats and smokes, Tarzan has the driver side door open and is standing on the rim of the truck side while in close up, Lex OPENS the door for the first time as the truck stops and there is no one hanging outside?

Tarzan goes to get water.

Cheetah goes into the back of the truck and Roger discovers the guns (but we don’t see them and curiously didn’t Roger see this the last time he was in the back of the truck or was it covered up?). Lex pulls a gun on Roger ready to shoot him there and then but Tarzan returns and from behind stops Lex. Roger gets the gun and points it but when Dan and Jane arrive, they distract Tarzan who already had Lex overpowered and then Lex in the distraction gets the gun from Roger and holds Roger as hostage. Lex makes Dan throw the keys to the jeep in the forest, takes both Tarzan and Roger hostage, and leaves, making Roger drive at gunpoint. Dan hopes he still remembers how to hot wire the jeep.

Jane told Lex that the soldiers are after him and Bendali knows about him. Dan gets the jeep started.

Lex’s radio handle is Mother Goose? He calls and gets Blue Team. Cheetah tosses a large fruit (mango?) onto Lex’s head from high up and this enables Tarzan to get Roger out of the way and attack Lex.

They have a huge fight that is almost undermined by Roger’s contribution. Roger stands there mimicking fight moves and then tries to throw a punch but manages to punch the truck. This distracts Tarzan so Lex gets in a few good punches and throws Tarzan over the hood of the truck. The fight is well filmed and well  choreographed. Lex is a really good opponent for Tarzan and the fight looks real and savage. And it’s all the actors, no stunt men.

During the roll around part of the fight, Wolf might have had a clothing mishap/malfunction but who cares? Lex has weight over Tarzan but Tarzan is faster and uses his feet better. Tarzan vanishes so Lex starts shooting at Jane at the jeep.

Tarzan runs and is shot at. Then he swings past the truck which Lex shoots at. This makes the truck blow up and the explosion knocks down Lex. Lex reaches for his pistol but Tarzan steps on his arm. “The fight is over.” This Tarzan doesn’t seem to take any pleasure from the fight but maybe from winning a bit.

Dan calls Bendali. He claims to be two miles from the border and about a mile west of Verunda?

Later, as Dan, Jane, and Roger eat, Tarzan tells Roger, “In the jungle, sometimes the most beautiful animals can also be the most dangerous.”

Bendali calls –the Denver Corp is sending them a 5000 dollar reward.

There is a lake or river outside Jane’s compound judging by the window view.

Curiously, when Cheetah makes sounds, Roger has to ask Tarzan what he said! WHY? When Roger seems to understand EVERYTHING Cheetah says when Tarzan is not around? Maybe because Cheetah was “talking” faster and ranting?

Cheetah wants to be paid with jelly beans. He cannot eat money. Everyone thinks this is funny and laughs. Sigh.

Though this is production 308, it was shown first and one can see why: it’s action packed and makes sense more than most other episodes, has almost no over the top comedy, and is straight laced. The fight alone makes this worth while. It’s amazing. No one acts like a fool though it’s hard not to see Lex as a creep from the start but Jane and Roger have acted stupider in other episodes in seasons one and two. This is one of the best episodes of the series IMO.


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