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TARZAN TV SERIES ~ 1991-1994
Starring Wolf Larson as Tarzan and Lydie Denier as Jane
Reviews by Charles Mento




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Episode Aired  January 19, 1992 ~ Production No.  118
Tarzan and Jane try to find a family for an orphaned lion cub;
Roger teaches Cheetah to play chess; and Simon anticipates a large inheritance.

“In the jungle, nothing is ever for sure.”

Simon’s journal is Monday the 18th. If it is 1991, this is either February, March or November but since Christmas just passed as both production and air order at production 118 AND the first aired in 1992, it is possible this is NOW supposed to be 1992. Who knows? If it is 1992, it could only be May. If it is 1993 (!), it would be January which fits rather well, to be honest. That would mean the entire first half of the first season took place in 1992? 1993 also has an October Monday the 18th, which doesn’t really fit well. BUT is the weather the same in Tarzan’s Africa year long?

Simon informs Jane that his great Uncle Horace, who was 96, has died. Jane moves to save a cub from a full grown croc after looking at croc eggs hatch. She falls and faces the croc but oh look! Tarzan comes out of nowhere and fights, rolls with the croc. She whines that it’s not her fault. The croc is not killed, though the water looked a bit red but whatever. Jane and Tarzan take the cub back to the compound; she names him Mike and he warns her not to touch him and will look for Mike’s family.

Roger is teaching Cheetah to play chess. Tarzan needs Cheetah’s help to find Mike’s family.

Not sure if it is supposed to be the same day or a new day but there’s no indication it is a new day but Roger has a new shirt on during his second round of chess with Cheetah after Tarzan and Jane leave to bring Mike back to his family.  Later, Roger has his first shirt back on!

A lion almost kills Mike and then Jane but Tarzan bares his teeth and growls. Jane realizes that the cub Mike touches her on his way to get his food.

Tarzan returns with a milidy plant that will take away human scent. When he does, Roger has on his blue shirt again! This plant might help the new pride Jane and Tarzan saw come into the area accept Mike into their pride.

As Tarzan and Jane attempt the adoption of Mike, something happens that doesn’t happen in most modern Tarzan TV shows: Tarzan and Jane talk about his adoption by the apes. Tarzan mentions Kala and mentions the smell of smoke and his parents were…he doesn’t say dead but the implication is clear. Kala was the biggest ape of all.

In a comedic sub plot, Cheetah knocks over a chess piece, which Jane straightens out without Roger seeing inadvertently. Roger thinks Cheetah put him in check and Jane didn’t do it deliberately. Jane explains adoption to Tarzan who explains about his adoption. He was scared. Kala reaches out her hand and he knew he should take it, he knew the apes meant him no harm. He cried so he knows how little Mike must feel.

Happily it works and Mike has a new home with a new pride as the lioness adopts him. Now, in real life, I’m not sure this happens at all and I tried to find info about this. Male lions are actually quite awful to foreign cubs and kill cubs of a pride they may have taken over so I don’t know if this is fact or totally made up for this episode.

I found numerous horrid tales of lions killing cubs but I also found this:

In the final scene, Roger wears a new shirt: a button down open to reveal his chest. Uncle Horace went bankrupt in 1929 and his entire estate consists of only the book GREAT EXPECTATIONS. This is funny to Simon and Jane and eventually Roger but it’s really not. Cheetah stomps on the chess set.

Okay, an uneven episode, seemingly based on BORN FREE and while entertaining enough just doesn’t really cut it as an action adventure as very little action happens in it. AND Jane seemingly makes more mistakes than she should as a wildlife expert?

Not terrible but not fantastic either. Simon is really getting on my nerves.


Watch the Episode HERE
January 26, 1992 110
CAST: Henri Safran  Steve Hayes
Jane is angry at Roger, asking for space until she's calmer.
Roger heads into the jungle to find a rare specimen to redeem himself
but locates a hidden cave.
After falling into a cavern filling with water, Roger hopes Cheetah can find Tarzan in time.

“Cheetah, I don’t know whether to kiss you or scold you.”
“Cheetah chooses kiss.”

Simon’s journal gives us another Monday, the 31st. In 1992 this would be the month of August. There are no Monday the 31st days in 1991, giving credence to the fact that this part of season one (the middle) is probably taking place in 1992. If we look at 1993 (which I doubt this is supposed to be but well…), May has the only Monday the 31st.

HOWEVER, the calendar that Roger uses in act one, looks like it is NOT having the 31st on a Monday.

Jane records a log or something and worries the ozone layer breach will cause the trees here to die.

She seems to be talking about this, found on the net:
“Sloths eat leaves, shoots and fruits from trees and get most of their water from juicy plants. They are called folivores, since their diet consists of buds, tender shoots and leaves of the Cecropia tree.”

BUT, they do not eat from just ONE type of tree, depending on the type of three toed sloth.

The three toed pygmy sloth is critically endangered. They are so cute so I hope they survive our destruction of their habitats.

Gosh. Cheetah fools with a magnifying glass and starts…sigh and yawn…another fire. Jane is stupid for this and this doesn’t win Cheetah any favors for intelligence of the week or likability factor. And frankly, another fire is just boring. And then to make matters even more boring, on the other side of Cheetah is another croc! Tarzan swings in from nowhere as he often does in this series. Sigh.

Though not as elegant as the Ely swinging and stunts (Ely seemingly doing ALL his own), here, the swing and grab of Cheetah is well done. And it looks like Wolf did at least some of this himself. BTW Wolf looks great in each and every episode, a very fit man.

Tarzan tells a worried Jane that the fire will burn itself out at the river. This is the second time this has happened in the series. Is that how fires in jungles work?

Does anyone use the term “bummer” any more? Roger, first lets Jane’s tree, die from not turning on a lamp once a day for 15 minutes and then runs out of gas while driving the red jeep.

Okay, is that kind of lizard found in Africa or South America? Where are we supposed to be?

For Jane to continue her research and theory on this tree, she will have to wait until the rivers and caves near the area have stopped flooding and are overflowing. It is too dangerous for Tarzan to get more offshoots of the tree, even though he wants to try to get more now because he realizes how important it is. Jane will not let him.

Roger felt he wanted to run away but Tarzan told him to sleep on it and make up his mind when he is fresh in the morning. Simon also tried to talk sense to Roger without overwhelming him. This is Simon’s best scene in the series since the start. The actor plays it perfectly and understated. And it works.

Roger writes in his own log or journal. He chases poor Cheetah out of his jeep and takes off.

In an interesting scene, Tarzan seems to be stretching after getting up early in the morning AFTER Roger left and Cheetah followed Roger through the trees above Roger. What’s interesting is that Tarzan seems to be tying up his loin cloth as if he just put it on, which means he sleeps either in the nude or, unlikely with another loin cloth on!

He seems to be used to having Cheetah greet him every morning. BTW, Tarzan speaks ALL THE TIME in third person when he speaks about himself, “Tarzan understands,” and “If find the tree is that important Tarzan will go now to find another.”

One of the major Sean Roberge clips in the credits is taken from this episode as Roger goes inside one of the caverns. This is odd because it is numbered 110, unless the filming was so far in advance they could use clips from any episode in the credits that grace every episode?

Cheetah does another incredibly stupid thing, acting quite unlike his earlier smarter self in the first half of this season: he takes Roger’s guide rope off the tree and brings it into the cavern with him TO Roger. Roger is frightened when a skeleton falls in front of him and falls down a pit which starts filling with water.

Roger felt that the only reason he’s here is his dad is financing the project and that Jane is too nice to say anything about that or boot him out.

Jane feels the new band aides that Simon brought that arrived in shipment boxes will be good for Roger because the boots his father sent him gave him many blisters. Jane felt she let Roger sleep in because she came down hard on him yesterday. Simon jokes he should come work for her but she says she’s not as soft as she looks.

Jane calls Cheetah a he and thinks he’s probably curled up in Roger’s tent with Roger, sleeping.

Simon fakes a fall to Roger’s journal so that he can read it. He says, “Like Tarzan always says never look away when truth stares you in the face.”   Tarzan counters with, “Tarzan does not always say that.”

Tarzan does the Tarzan call twice this episode: once when swinging to rescue Cheetah and once when letting Roger know he’s in the caves to find him. To find him.

When Roger thinks he’s the first person to find the prehistoric paintings, Tarzan shows he does not know what the Mona Lisa is but more importantly, Tarzan whispers to Cheetah that he wants Roger to believe that Cheetah and Tarzan have never been in the caves and already saw the paintings. Tarzan wants Roger to feel he did something valuable.

Simon pumps a pump to let Roger take a shower.

So basically Tarzan lied. Simon knows Tarzan has known about that cave and the paintings for years. Tarzan says, “It is sometimes best if the truth stays hidden even when it is staring you in the face.”

Roger’s name appears in SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN journal. He’s ordered numerous copies. Roger claimed he ordered three, one for his father and one for his SISTER. Everyone seems to think this is really funny.

Not a bad episode but the fact that it makes Roger look foolish several times over (losing gas, letting Jane’s offshoot die, getting stuck in the cave, falling over a pit after being afraid of a skeleton, ordering more copies of the journal and lying about it) isn’t great. Add to that Jane looks downright foolish letting Cheetah, who also looks foolish and trouble making (starting a fire, taking Roger’s guide rope down and inside the cave, opening the bag that spills out Roger’s Scientific American magazines), play with a magnifying glass.

AND then they make Tarzan not tell the truth and maybe not exactly lie but not tell Roger he already knew of the caves.

The only one that comes off well here is Simon, who figures out the truth each time and the actor seems to have played it down and it helps his performance.

And we also already saw a fire and a croc fight a few times in the series so the “action” isn’t great. Roger in the pit also seems cliché as water rises and Tarzan comes to pull him out.

The rapport between everyone is also not what it was. Not sure why but something feels different here. Maybe this was an earlier script or filmed earlier (the production number would suggest it was NOT) but it feels off somehow.

Some of the stock footage is of cute little animals and a huge lizard.

More importantly, we don’t know if Tarzan ever found another offshoot for Jane to grow into a plant or tree, though, around the time Tarzan pulls Roger up from the water pit, we see something on his loin cloth that looks like a plant tucked into his vine belt. It would be nice if they told us it was the offshoot and/or plant. They don’t seem to in the version I watched.

So far the show is adequate but just. It is NOT the Ely show, that’s for sure and not as satisfying or entertaining, even visually. In many ways, it’s a throwback and yet it tries to be environmental and doesn’t really do more in that area other than deliver a nice message for the children, perhaps less effectively than something like CAPTAIN PLANET AND THE PLANETEERS, a show I was not fond of and which was around the same time as this (1990 to 1992, so TARZAN came after it but outlasted and survived it).

Sadly, Jane and Simon both seem superfluous but I guess even Ely had outside contact characters who linked him to the outside world, IF that is what Jane and Simon are supposed to do here.

Roger feels more like the BOY/JAI characters but I’m not sure even that works as he seems to be in his late teens, early 20s? I’m not sure we ever find out his age but he’s clearly college age so say 18 or 19 or early 20s. He’s not much of a jungle boy at all and so that need is not fulfilled either and while he claims he’s like a brother to Tarzan the feel of that isn’t there either.

Overall, so far, the series is good but not great and certainly not better than Ely’s TARZAN. I’m not sure it even matches up to the action of the Filmation animated series.

Oh and the cavern doesn’t seem particularly mystical either.


Episode aired Feb 2, 1992
GUESTS: Malick Bowens ~ Adrian Paul
Jane's scoundrel ex-boyfriend Jack returns, claiming to be a changed man
but she and Tarzan are doubtful.
Their suspicions are correct as Jack has located a long hidden trove of riches
but needs Cheetah's help to get them.

“Jane is a smart woman.”
“Tarzan will protect Jane. No more hurt.”

Simon’s journal: Saturday the 21st. In 1992 there is only Saturday the 21st in March. 1993 has August. Roger has on a button down shirt that’s much too large for him, green, and open down from neck, chest, and upper stomach, leaving all three areas bare. Simon arrives with discoverer Jack Travers or TRAVERSE (the great Adrian Paul, later of the terrific HIGHLANDER series as well as 1991’s remake of DARK SHADOWS).

Cheetah already vs a snake and is making a nest in a tree. He finds a treasure chest in a cave and a skeleton. Jack discovered King Ghesuit’s mines and/or the Incan Burial Mask. Roger is leaving for the night. Simon drives him.

Jane was once engaged to Jack but she realized that he was ruthless and would do anything to get what he wanted and he didn’t deny that or the things he’s done for money and fame.

Later, when Jack asks her what difference to the world is what “here” can make, Jane explains. One morning in Paris, where she told herself she was the center of the universe, she woke up and realized if she vanished nothing would be different and the world would not miss her. He tells her he would.

She read about Roger Taft Sr and the money he wanted to give to environmental causes. She put together a proposal, barged into his office and convinced him that by funding her research he would be doing his part to save the world.

He says he is joking when he claimed the real reason she left was to mend her broken heart after leaving him. He claims he has a legitimate job: trans global mining research and exploration. Red flag, Jane! He has to be in Argentina next week and had a few days to kick around so he came to her.

Cheetah and Tarzan arrive for dinner just in time to interrupt a kiss that might have happened between Jack and Jane.

At dinner, Jack seems to insult Tarzan or Cheetah, not used to dinners with monkeys. He asks Jane if she remember that night in Bangkok.

It’s unclear is Jack had that map to the treasure already or if he found it in Roger’s tent. It looks like a rough drawing a teenager might make? Later he tells Jane and Tarzan, while holding a pistol on Tarzan, that he dug up some documents from Santa LoCosta, a pirate ship out of Columbia.

Either way, he takes it and finds the treasure chest but can’t fit down the small hole. He plans on taking Cheetah to get to the treasures in the chest. Some adventurer he is. He falls off a log into what looks like either quicksand or a murky swamp where he will drown. He calls for help so naturally Tarzan dives into the murk and rescues him, using a vine taken with him. Tarzan offers him a hand but we do not see if Jack takes it to get pulled out.

Later, Jack sneaks into the treehouse to try to get Cheetah on a rope while Tarzan is out hunting with a crossbow. He has to climb out the tree house when Tarzan returns. Jack left what looks like a cell phone with Cheetah but what might just be a mirror. I don’t think cell phones that small were yet made!

Jack uses a giant portable phone (and it looks giant!) to call COBRA. His code name is BOUNTY.

While Tarzan unloads the plane, Simon tells Tarzan and Roger he didn’t trust Jack. They intercept the radio call about Jack using the monkey to get the treasure and if the girl gets in his way he will take care of her. Jack shows his true colors with Jane and grabs her.

It is here he explains about the pirate ship. He seems to say (he talks fast) that he got hold of the great great grandson of the ship’s first mate who went inland to a cave. The monster threatens to shoot Cheetah unless Cheetah goes in to get the treasure.

Tarzan uses the embarrassing monkey “talk” hoots to tell Cheetah to do it. If Tarzan can talk normally to Cheetah why the need for this monkey chatter?

In any case, he is really telling Cheetah to do a circle dance to distract Jack so Tarzan can kick the gun out of his hand. Jack will leave but claims he will be back. Tarzan does the Tarzan cry.

The wild gunshot Tarzan deflected with his kick and which came from Jack loosened rock. The cry makes the rocks bury the treasure.

They let Jack go!?

And he just goes?

Will he be back?

Roger claims he never liked Jack in the first place. Tarzan doesn’t seem to believe him. Tarzan makes Roger walk back from the air strip. Jane rides on the elephant, Tarzan walks with Cheetah on his back. Cheetah gives Jane a piece of the treasure to make her happy.

An odd one. With an action figure like Adrian Paul, you would think he would have put up more of a fight against Tarzan. I guess if anything it IS surprising there is no fight at all, only Jane gets to slap him after he tells her, “You know, you used to have more taste.”

An okay episode but I felt it had more potential. Also: if Jack knows the treasure is there, why wouldn’t he return with help to get it unburied?


Episode aired Feb 9, 1992
Watch the Episode HERE
Tarzan encounters Winslow and his henchman
who are intent on robbing valuable relics that were entrusted to Tarzan as a boy.
They set off an explosion that leaves Tarzan dazed and
gives the men time to complete their theft.

“Boy, you’re good, ape man. Real good.”
“Cheetah is afraid Tarzan will bite him.”

Simon’s journal is Friday the 3rd. Jan, April, and July all have Fridays on the 3rd or the 3rd on a Friday. In 1992. Okay, so someone must have noticed what I did : that this show needs to jump right in and start with action and fights, make Tarzan a force to be reckoned with again. We see a returning villain immediately, with two cronies that seem to be hauling golden mask treasure in a blanket. Tarzan gives his war cry and kicks Winslow down and fights the two men, who are armed with machetes. It is a good fight. When Tarzan is shot at he seems to flee to the trees but knocks the main bad guy down with a swinging kick. Later, he takes the mask to his treehouse and it touches off a major flashback.

Now, Brian Trenchard Smith directs this and I can only guess that his sons or two actors related to him play Tarzan as a boy. Eric and Alexander are both uncredited. This is a totally unexpected move for the show and welcome.

Now, what’s odd is that there is no dialog between Winslow and Tarzan that even suggests their last encounter even happened. The last episode he was in was CAVES OF DARKNESS, production 101 and this is production 105. Cordell Winslow, here, just tells Tarzan he will be back and he will get that treasure. Is this a sequel or not? I guess we shall find out.

The boy in the first flashback does a great job. The memory is of a tribe that entrusted the guardianship of the mask to Tarzan. The boy seems to be wearing sandals? By morning, Cheetah has taken the mask to Jane though Tarzan seems to discover this at night and turns up at Jane’s in the day/morning.

Okay, I’ll be fair to the episode but my instinct is to claim, “Oh, look, another cave, another treasure.”  Unlike the Ely show, which had flexed its plots a lot more, here, we seem to be in a rut plot wise: caves, treasures, and fortune hunters, mostly criminals.

When Winslow follows Tarzan into the ancient temple and watches him use the mask as a key to turn open a hidden chamber, there are some flying insects around Winslow and one looks huge.

Okay, I’m not sure what else was in the bag but Tarzan put the bag in the hidden chamber. And…leave the key mask in the place? Why?

In what must be the most spectacular sequence and stunts done up to now on the show, Winslow blows up the bridge, Tarzan sends Cheetah across on a vine, and then swings…only Winslow shoots the vine/rope Tarzan is using. The stunt man isn’t obvious until Tarzan falls but it is Wolf who starts out the swing and then clings to a tree branch. In an almost identical scene to a few Ely Tarzan episodes Cheetah tries to awaken the fallen Tarzan who is spread out like…well, like Jesus, to be honest and who looks dead here.

Also: Tarzan has an ample amount of blood on his face and head, dripping and on his chest.

Seemingly reverted to his savage ways and forgotten about Cheetah, Tarzan just about attacks him and frankly, Wolf is terrifying in these scenes. Poor Cheetah! The growls and roars help to make him maybe the first totally scary Tarzan.

This is another unexpected turn and I’m not sure this has ever been done before: a Tarzan who forgot who he is and / or reverted to being MORE savage.

He does the Tarzan yell and we see bison and then…gazelles in what looks like the end credits to an Ely episode!

Jane has heard the natives around here talking about the sacred caves but thought it was rumors. As she talks to Roger and Simon, Roger has his shoes off and is barefoot. Tarzan told Simon about it being real a long time ago (it’s implied Tarzan knows Simon longer than he knows Jane and Roger). Simon tells them Tarzan said he found the cave when he was a boy.

Tarzan had given his word to protect the shrine from outsiders.

Winslow and his two men (one handsome) find the hidden room with…wait for it…a skeleton and a chest of treasures. It looks almost the same as the last episode’s props and stuff!

The plot explained a bit by Simon as the criminals raid the hidden room is well done. A German explorer named Hans Gunter found the tribe. Gunter was ill and the tribe had no immunity to a white man’s disease. The tribe was wiped out. Hans was killed trying to steal the treasure. I guess these events happened simultaneously.

When Tarzan scares off a leopard, we see an extreme close up of his mouth. He seems to have fillings in his teeth. Tarzan’s been to the dentist!? He does the Tarzan yell again.

Roger tells Jane and Simon his father promised the best equipment and his father always keeps his word. Simon claims they know all about his father. If the production order or numbering is to go by, this was filmed and maybe scripted BEFORE the episode where Roger’s father visited. That was 115 and this is 105!

When Cheetah arrives trying to tell the others what happened, Roger tells them…and us that they haven’t seen Tarzan in a couple of days.

While cooking a meal over a fire, one of Winslow’s men smokes. Ewl.

Winslow is trapped in the hidden chamber. When Tarzan enters, the lighting, the glare and the way it is filmed and presented is actually scary. The two men flee before Tarzan does anything to them but the scene is probably the most effective scene up to now.

After Tarzan, unlikely, lets Winslow out, Winslow hits him again as Jane and Simon arrive. Jane and Simon stop Tarzan, after a wonderful fight involving a rock and a torch and eventually choking, from killing Winslow. Tarzan seems back to normal after this event but Jane and he notice Cheetah not going to Tarzan.

Sigh. I felt more could have and should have been made of Tarzan losing his civilization and being savage. Maybe this could have been a two parter where he takes Jane away. It feels like another missed opportunity, though Wolf is very, very good as the savage Tarzan, drinking from the water in a savage way. Yet, at one point, he seemed to have toned it down or was told to. Pity. He does save Simon and Jane from being shot by the creep.

Suddenly he just has his memory back.

In the end, Tarzan doesn’t seem to have told Jane why Cheetah feared being bit by him. Tarzan is not happy the artifacts are going to a museum but Jane feels they are the best place for them. In an odd last moment, Tarzan puts the key back and closes the hidden shrine door, saying, “Tarzan has kept his promise.” Is the treasure all on the plane? Is there anything left in the hidden room? It’s an odd ending, a bit haunting but it feels hollow and meaningless as if they weren’t sure how to end this.

Jane tells Tarzan in a perfect world, she would insist the treasure remain where it was, at the shrine. “Unfortunately, this is not a perfect world.”

“The world can be perfect, Jane,” Tarzan tells her and then goes to return the mask/key to the spot and close the chamber.


Again, and I keep repeating this: this is NOT a bad episode by any means. And yet it feels rushed and with something missing. There is a great premise…in fact, two great premises here, maybe three…and I’m not sure any of them are fulfilled or brought to a satisfactory conclusion. I believe in milking a good plot and premise and this certainly could have been longer than the 20 minutes or so it was and in fact, I wrote earlier that it could have been a two parter but really it could have been a three parter or four parter.

First, Tarzan’s loss of memory and recovering it could have had several factors during the adventures here and he might have had some more rapport with Jane that brought his memory back or even Simon and Roger AND Jane and Cheetah. We get almost nothing in that regard. It could have reflected Jane’s influence on Tarzan and maybe we could have even had a flashback to how they met or how he met Jane, Roger and Simon. Again, we get nothing. Yet.

Second, Tarzan’ reverting to savagery: it starts out he’s fairly dominant and scary and then he’s letting Winslow out!? What? The savage would have left him there ---at least for a time. He burns his fingers on the soup and does not seem to even notice the villains’ horses (what happens to those horses?). He’s suddenly sedate. His reintegration into being friends or into society could have been milked for an interesting number of episodes. Now, it would be a whole season but that’s too much.

I can only guess that the makers of this show thought they were just doing a Saturday Morning Kids’ Show that was a throw away show. Certainly, the finished product was MUCH MORE than that and yet…and yet…it feels incomplete when episodes like this reach a high standard and then sort of just end in a trite fashion.

To be fair, this one does NOT end with the usual laugh at Roger or Cheetah or some joke someone’s made and no one is HA HA-ing it up at the end. It is much more retrospective but that might be the series finding its feet as…this was an early episode filmed or produced or written. Nothing was given to us by way of info about Winslow and if he escaped jail or where he’s going back to at the end. What? That kind of missing detail is annoying and frustrating for a show that has four good actors and a fantastic pair of leads.

Likewise: the tribe. I’m sure they were a made up tribe and not real world. Even so, it would have been nice to see how they met Tarzan and how he ended up trusting them. Having the kid actors was an opportunity to do something like that but we do NOT get much. How was Hans killed? Starved? I’m guessing he was skeleton.

Instead, we’re sort of not invested in this scary tribe and their treasure. In fact, at times, it almost feels that Winslow might be right to take the treasure if they’re all dead and no one is using it or seeing it. BUT he’s such a creep (good job by the Dublin actor, Gavan O’Herlihy who passed away at age 70 in the UK). Winslow, after being saved by Tarzan, tries to get him to shake his hand! Just before knocking him down and almost out again!

I haven’t seen all of TARZAN AND THE LOST CITY movie but I wonder if that has something similar to this.

The end theme sounds  A BIT different.

 All in all, a good episode but as I seem to be writing a lot here, it could have been so much more.



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