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TARZAN TV SERIES ~ 1991-1994


Wolf Larson was born on December 22, 1959 in West Berlin, West Germany as Wolfgang von Wyszecki ~ Height: 1.88m.
He is an actor and writer, known for Tarzan (1991), Code Name: Eternity (1999) and Just Can't Get Enough (2002).
He has been married to Carolyn J Larson since March 30, 1998.

The only "Tarzan" actor with an MBA degree.
First met his future "Tarzan" co-star Lydie Denier in acting class in Los Angeles.
Worked for several years as a college professor, teaching business and economics.
Performs most of his own stunts.
Once ran a calendar company as a side venture. The most profitable line of these were the "Skin Deep" calendars, which featured both men and women in sexy swimwear. Wolf himself is Mr. February 1992.
Parents are Gunther and Ingeborg.
Has a younger sister, Joana.
His father, the late Dr. Gunter Wyszecki, had doctorates in physics and mathematics and was an expert in the study of color. Dr. Wyszecki became the Director of Applied Physics of the National Research Council of Canada in 1961 and helped establish a national color standard for the Canadian flag.
Once worked as a waiter at the Chippendales nightclub.
The managing director of the American Academy of Acting, along with fellow actor Adrian Zmed. [2003]
His surname was originally "von Wyszecki". Ultimately, his family decided to drop the "von", as they felt it sounded pretentious.
Personal Quotes
(On playing "Tarzan", following in the footsteps of arguably the most famous portrayer, Johnny Weissmuller) "It's a bit like playing "James Bond" after Sean Connery.
The good side of television is that your character grows and changes with you. And you have a check assured at the end of the month. The other side is can sometimes become boring if it lasts for a long time, after you've done every possible thing with the character. With film, it isn't much of a problem because you only play the character for a short time before moving onto something else."


Lydie Denier was raised in Martinique and attended school at the Lycee Shoelcher in Fort de France, Martinique. She became a model at 14 years old. Her big break through as an actress was when she played the role of Jane in the TV series Tarzan (1991) from 1991 till 1993. Her TV debut was on General Hospital back in 1989 playing the role of Yasmine Bernoudi. Lydie is also an accomplished artist. She paints acrylic on canvas and her work has been sold both in Europe and America. She is also a writer and a producer. Her film company is Pathway Pictures in Los Angeles.

Won a "Miss Legs International" pageant in 1984.
Lydie Denier is the 15th screen Jane in Tarzan written by Edgar Rice Burroughs.
Lydie Denier is the first actress to portray the role of Jane in Tarzan on television.
Lydie has worked with 4 actors who have portrayed the role of Tarzan: Wolf Larson, Ron Ely, Joe Lara and Miles O'Keefe.
In 1995, Lydie Denier was engaged to Chris Stevens, the ambassador to Libya killed in Benghazi on September 11, 2012.
Lydie played two different characters on two different Tarzan shows ~ She played Colette de Coude in a TARZAN EPIC ADVENTURES episode
Lydie is an American citizen.