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By Ken Manson

While watching daytime games shows in my retirement,
I noticed many questions were about Tarzan
- mostly focusing on loincloths
- or Edgar Rice Burroughs.
I started writing them down. By show:
Match Game
* Cheetah said, ‘I think the apes are mad at Tarzan; they just tied his BLANK in a knot.’”
“Loincloth” or “vine’ were the most common answer

* “Tarzan said, ‘Tarzan never again let hippie stay in treehouse. He smoked my BLANK’.”
Vine and loincloth were common answers.

* “Tarzan said, ‘When  Tarzan yell, he get bloody chest. So I no longer beat chest, I beat BLANK.’”
Jane, unfortunately, was the common answer.

* “Jane said that on Saturday night the elephants got drunk and started (BLANK)-ing like Tarzan.”
“Yelling” was the most common answer

* “Tarzan said ‘I do not like vacuum cleaner – I turned it on and it sucked  my BLANK into the machine.”
“Loincloth” is common answer

* “Tarzan got drunk at the jungle party and stuck his BLANK into an alligator.”
 “Loincloth” is common answer

* “Tarzan did not have a flag, so when he marched in the jungle parade, he wore a star-spangled BLANK”
“Loincloth” is common answer

* Tarzan said, ‘Me sad. Jane leave Tarzan for man with BLANK-er loincloth.’”
Smaller or bigger were common answers.

* “When Tarzan went to the first annual jungle wife-swapping party, he swapped Jane for a BLANK?
Ape was common answer

* “You know Tarzan’s yell? The first time he did this was when a gorilla BLANK-ed him.”
Take a choice

* In the jungle, Jane said, “Tarzan has become fashion conscious. He bought a loincloth with a BLANK on it.”
Common answer is alligator (. . . of course, ERB fans know that alligators do not live in Africa :) - BH)

* Tarzan said, “Mmm. Me not like witch doctor. He make me undress and then he BLANK my loincloth.”
Burn or eat is common answer

* “Tarzan said, ‘Civilization just reached jungle. They just passed law. It say, ‘Curb your BLANK.’”
Elephant was the common answer.

* “Tarzan said, “Never turn your back on a man-eating plant; a big one just ate my BLANK’”
Jane or loincloth were common answers

* Who was first played in the movies by Elmo Lincoln and later by Johnny Weissmuller?

* In Gold Run section, for initials ERB -”Who created Tarzan?”
Edgar Rice Burroughs

The Chase
* What author wrote the “Tarzan of the Apes” 1914 adventure novel”?
ERB, of course.

Sale of the Century
* I am an American author, born in Chicago in 1875. I wrote a total of 67 books, including 26 about one of the most famous characters in fiction. That charcater was born the son of a titled Englishman.
He is found in the jungle, raised by a family of apes. He grew up to be tall, strong and handsome. He has been featured in motion pictures, radio show, TV and comic strips. His name is Tarzan of the Apes. I am his literary father. I am Edgar Rice …”

* Name the man who swam in two Olympics, set 67 world or Olympic records and played Tarzan of the Apes.
Johnny Weissmuller

* In literature, Lord Greystoke is the “real identity” of this jungle hero.
Tarzan of the Apes

* Hero’s family includes Jane, Cheetah, apes.


Ken Manson has been a journalist all his working life -- as a reporter and editor -- finally retiring in June, 2021, after 16 years as a freelance reporter for various Chicago Tribune newspapers. That May, he married his longtime girlfriend, Debbie Lipinski, and they are looking forward to spending the rest of their lives together.

Like many of us, he was introduced to ERB first through the Johnny Weissmuller Tarzan movies and then the rest of the author’s works through the Ace editions. Ken particularly likes the Pellucidar series.

He was introduced to ERB fandom 15 years ago through the Muckers and has contributed to all but one of their 56 magazine issues. Ken has attended almost all the Dum-Dums and ECOF Gatherings in those years and he has worked at the four Illinois conventions – Hillside, Oak Brook and two in Morris -- hosted by the Muckers. He organized the 2019 ECOF in Oak Brook, Illinois, where Joe Jusko was the guest of honor, and ran the dealers’ room at all four Muckers convention.

Ken was a member for two years of ERBapa and has contribted many articles to ERBzine.

He hopes to someday join the board of the Burroughs Bibliophiles.

Ken occasionally uses the pseudonym of Hemmington Main, or Hemmy Main, after the writer character in "The Rider"

He continues to add to his ERB collection and buy new books from ERB Inc. In retirement, he finally has time enough at last to go through his backlog of books and magazines.


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