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A Fanzine from Bill Ross dedicated to Edgar Rice Burroughs' Tarzan

ERBzine 7413: Covers 1-28
ERBzine 7414: Covers 29-56
ERBzine 7415: Covers 57-82

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*** Issue #29 - December 1984. Cover art by Kevin Van Hook. Review of the film
"Tarzan & the Smuggler League". Illustrations by Roy G. Krenkel and G. M. Farley.
*** Issue #30 - Jan. 1985. Cover art by Mike Grell. "Music to Read Burroughs By",  McClurg ERB promotional flyers,
reprint articleby Major Edgar Rice Burroughs from Paradise of the Pacific magazine, Dec. 1942.
*** Issue #31 - Feb. 1985. Cover art by Stan Bycho. "Apparel of Tarzan" by James Moody, "Trip to Bob Hyde's" by Bill Ross,
ERB letters to John Coleman Burroughs, news. Art by Roy Krenkel, Joe Ferrier and Kevin Van Hook.
. .

*** Issue #32 - March 1985. Cover art by Joe Ferrier. Tarzan the Wonder Horse,
Tarzan's March sheet music, ERB board games.
*** Issue #33 - Apr. 1985. News, letters, Tarzan Weekend in Iowa City,
Science and Evolution in At the Earth's Core, Jock Mahoney comes home.
*** Issue #34 - May 1985. Cover by Joe Ferrier. News, letters, "Edgar Rice Burroughs: The Narrator" by James Moody,
more promotional postcards from McClurg, Tarzan's Toy Box, Tarzan and the Crystal Vault of Isis.
. .

*** Issue #35 - June 1985. Cover by Joe Ferrier. "Pellucidar and Future Visions" by Gary Lovisi, Tarzan's Toy Box,
Tarzan and the Crystal Vault of Isis, "Fictionalizing Tarzan" by Martin Williams, more promotional dustjackets and postcards.
*** Issue #36 - July 1985. Cover by J. Allen St. John. Articles on ECOF 1985 articles and photos.
*** Issue #37 - Aug. 1985. Cover by Dave Hoover. Tarzan and the Crystal Vault of Isis,
Tarzan's Toy Box, Tarzan in the Jungle bobbing target game from 1935.
. .

*** Issue #38 - Sept. 1985. Cover by Jim Sullivan. Review of TSR's Tarzan and the Well of Slaves, news, ads.
*** Issue #39 - Oct. 1985. Cover by Stan Bychko. Tarzan's Toy Box, "Beyond the Narrator" by James Moody,
Tarzan Club membership card, Collecting ERB, ads and news.
*** Issue #40 - Nov. 1985. Cover by Dave Hoover. "Korak, A Question of Age" by Ken Hall,
"Warlord of New England" by Anthony Kossa, Tarzan and the Crystal Vault of Isis, ads and news.
. .

*** Issue #41 - Dec. 1985. "Newspaper Serialization of Stories by ERB" by Brad Bowman, ads
*** Issue #42 - Jan. 1986. Cover by Dave Hoover. "One Day Last Summer" by Kevin Julius, news,
Picking up Girls in the Jungle Was Easy" by Doug McAndrew, reprint of a Signal Gasoline ad featuring Tarzan.

*** Issue #43 - Feb. 1986. Cover by Dave Hoover. "Spaced Out: A Barsoom Pastiche" by Gary Lovisi,
Tarzan and the Crystal Vault of Isis conclusion, "Organizing can be Fun and Easy" by Tom Lindgren, a Signal Gasoline ad
*** Issue #44 - Mar. 1986. Cover by Dave Hoover. Reproductions of ERB, Inc.
postcard book announcements, ads, "Black Michael - Black Peter" by James Moody.
*** Issue #45 - Apr. 1986. Cover by Dave Hoover. News, "ERB's Heraldic Heritage" by Joe Ferrier,
Tarzana Chamber of Commerce letter and t-shirt offer.
. .

*** Issue #46 - May 1986. Cover by Joe Ferrier. ECOF 1986 convention information, reprint of a telegram to ERB
from his German publisher, letter from ERB to Charles Dieck, reprint of an open letter by ERB to German readers,
information on a Tarzan Film Festival, news and ads.
*** Issue #47 - June 1986. Cover by Joe Kubert. Reprint of Tarzan of the Apes
coloring book from 1933, reprints of ERB letters, news and ads.
*** Issue #48 - July 1986. Cover by Stan Bycko. "Journey to Tarzan, Texas"
by anonymous since the author admits some of what they did was illegal, letters and ads.
. .

*** Issue #49 - Aug. 1986.  Cover by Dave Hoover. ECOF 1986 convention report,
reprints of newspaper articles about ECOF 1986, ads.
*** Issue #50 - Sept. 1986. Cover by Frank Hamilton. "Pellucidar: A Place Whose Time Has Come" by Alan Hanson,
Tarzan's Toy Box, "Grandpa, Were You an ERB Fan?" by Leon Janzen, reprint of ERB letter to The Bristol Times from 1931.
*** Issue #51 - Oct. 1986. Cover by Tom Lyle. "Collectible Tarzan Toys" by Ralph Brown,
reprint of an ERB letter from 1930, "In Search of Stars in Pellucidar" by Alan Hanson, ads
. .

*** Issue #52 - Nov. 1986. Cover by Joe Ferrier. "John Carter of Mars" by Rick Miller,
"Reminiscences of the Scott Years" by Doug McAndrew, ads.
*** Issue #53 - Dec. 1986. Cover by Richard Corben. "The John Clayton Mystery" by James Moody,
reprints of newspaper ads for Lex Barker movies, translation of Chinese Tarzan Card sheet from the 1920s.
*** Issue #54 - Jan. 1987. Cover by Frank Hamilton. Vern Coriell obituary by Robert Barrett,
review of Coriell's Burroughs Bibliophiles by Bill Ross, ads for Johnny Weissmuller Tarzan movies, ads
. .

*** Issue #55 - Feb. 1987. Cover by Dave Hoover. "The Greystoke's Destination" by James Moody,
more newspaper ad reprints of Johnny Weissmuller Tarzan movies, ads
*** Issue #56 - Mar. 1987. Cover by Larry Kamp. News, J. Allen St. John illustrations
from Swiss Family Robinson and Most Dangerous Game, ads


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ERBzine 7413: Covers 1-28
ERBzine 7414: Covers 29-56
ERBzine 7415: Covers 57-82

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