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Volume 6509

 Take Them Alive ~ 35.01.13

Plunging amongst his enemies, Tarzan seized the spear that was aimed at Bohgdu, the wounded ape, who was his faithful ally. Before the savages could recover from their surprise, he had slain two of them with swift thrusts. And Bohgdu, with fast-ebbing strength, clutched the throat of another and strangled him.

Now many spears were raised to kill the ape-man, but Dester Molu cried, "Take him alive!" When the warriors hesitated, their white god shouted: "They who subdue the evil one shall win a place in paradise."

So the savage fighting-men rushed upon Tarzan and broke the spear from his grasp. The ape-man drew his knife and fought on, though he knew he could not conquer so vast a company. Meanwhile Bohgdu had fallen. In his eyes blazed the fierce fire of battle, but his painful wounds rendered him helpless. At last Tarzan was overwhelmed by the savage horde and a cruel laugh rattled in the throat of Dester Molu.

Then the jungle lord spoke, "Before you kill me, let me tend the wounds and relieve the suffering of that poor beast." Tarzan glanced sharply at his foe. For what dark purpose did the brutal Dester wish to preserve the lives of his enemies?


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