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Volume 6508

BOHGU'S SACRIFICE ~ 1935.01.06
When Tarzan defied the command to surrender, Dester Molu ordered his savage company to fire. Eagerly they discharged a torrent of deadly missiles, such as no creature could live through. For a moment the simple-minded Bohgdu stared uncertainly; then he swept Tarzan into his arms and raced along a bough. Swiftly the ape placed the ape-man against the trunk of the tree and covered him with his own body.

"What do you do?" Tarzan demanded.

"I shield you, master," Bohgdu answered simply. "You helped me. I help you."

The unwilling Tarzan slowly began to free himself form the powerful grip of his zealous servant. Then an arrow pierced the body of the ape. Bohgdu released his hold, and toppled backward! When the great beast fell among them the warriors ceased their fire and thronged around their victim.

"Bohgdu!" cried Tarzan. A low growl answered him -- a growl full of pain and suffering but Bohgdu still lived! Tarzan hurried downward. He saw the stout-hearted ape stagger to his feet -- to spend his final strength in valiant battle with the foe, until death should claim him! Then a warrior raised his spear to slay the wounded beast, but Tarzan plunged recklessly downward amidst his savage enemies to halt the death stroke!


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