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Volume 6467


Part 6
By R. Johnson

Maureen Birnbaum Goes Shopynge (1991)
Ref:  Robin Hood legend
Although easy to date, this is one of my least favorite adventures of Maureen, probably because, like most men, we see clothes shopping as  tedious, to be polite, and best suffered with a good book, preferably one with footnotes on what to say when she exits the dressing room in her fifteenth outfit.

From Lagosh in 1947 Maureen returned to the Sherwood Forest Mall in London (right next to the Goodwill) to meet with Robin Hood and his Merry Men.  Robin informs Maureen that “so long as there is a Sherwood Forest and evildoers about, we’re sort of immortal.”  Obviously Robin has crossed form the Mundane to the Mythical, but probably because of the really poor FX-fest remakes of his adventures on TV and the cinema, he is stuck in the Sherwood Forest mall (next to the goodwill on Wonderland Road, North London).  Yes, that place really exists at 1225 Wonderland Road, North London.

Maureen and Maid Marion engage in a duel of shopping which lasts the day with Maureen winning by default and her Whooshing to Queens, 1991, to reveal to Elizabeth her latest adventure.  I won’t bore you with the details of the duel as unless you are a woman, you probably don’t care what shoes she bought to go which what dress and how it brought out the color of her eyes, though Maureen did pay for her goods with her father’s credit card that she had taken (or been given) between earlier adventures.

The bottom line is that Maureen left Lagosh, 1947, to visit the mall, then to Queens, 1991.  But when was the Mall adventure?    Elizabeth commented in the foreward that Maureen looked nice, dressed like a normal person and this is the clue that Maureen was at the mall in 1991!

Had Maureen arrived at the mall during the 1960’s, Elizabeth would have commented on her being so out-of-fashion.  Had Maureen been at the Mall in 2050, Elizabeth would have commented on ‘that’ as well, but she simply stated that Maureen was “dressed like a normal grown person...” which indicates that she was wearing clothes that would be normal fashion for 1991.

It is clear that Maureen did not go directly from London to Queens as in the afterword, Maureen statesthat she knows from her careful observational studies that mars would be in the sky that night.  Thus Maureen must have left the Mall, gone outside to see the night sky, saw Mars and chose to jump across the pond to Queens to visit Elizabeth.  Remember that London is five hours ahead of Queens so sometime during her shopping spree, she had the time to look into the night sky, see Mars knew that Mars would rise in Queens as soon as it became dark in New York.

Maureen promised to leave Elizabeth alone, left the house at dusk, saw mars and whoosed away forever.


Sherwood Forest Mall


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