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Volume 6293

Tarzan Art I
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I enjoy all the different interpretations of ERB's original stories, and I try to offer my own interpretation rather than an exact visualization of the text. 15 foot tall Tharks make John Carter look too small in the picture, and I feel like I want to put at least some token amount of clothes on the Martians.

Burroughs was a genius at creating weird creatures to fill his stories with. When I try to visualize these creatures, I try to keep an alien look, but have them still resemble their Earthly counterparts. I want my Martian lions to be immediately recognizable as lions. I try to make my thoats look, for the most part, like multi-limbed horses. Sometimes I draw these various Edgar Rice Burroughs inspired creatures as more alien and beastly, and sometimes less so.

I believe that if it's reasonable to imagine that the human form might be duplicated on other planets, then it's reasonable to imagine that other equally well adapted forms might also be present. Some animals such as horses, cats, lizards, and others have such perfectly adapted shapes that it's hard not to imagine them being found on other planets.

Tarzan may be my favorite source of inspiration. When I draw Tarzan I focus on the period when he and Jane first met. I do lots of other Jungle Lord themed artwork, but the bulk of what I've done is Tarzan and Jane inspired. I don't always necessarily stick 100% to ERB's original story. My vision of the Jungle Lord is a mix of the character from the original novels, Tarzan of the movies, the comic books, and the artwork of Frank Frazetta, Jesse Marsh, J Allen St John and other artists too numerous to mention.

Most of the artwork I do is either acrylic paint on canvas board or ink on Bristol paper. When I work on a piece of art, I start with a pencil thumbnail, I'll usually do it over as a second larger, more detailed and finished sketch. I then copy or trace that image onto the canvas or paper that I'm going to use for the final version.

For an acrylic painting, I usually start with a Raw Umber, monotone under-painting and then add color. For ink, I first put in line work with an art pen and then put in solid blacks with a brush and ink. Lastly I go back and add textures and finishing touches using both a pen and a brush. I sometimes like to add watercolors to my ink drawings. I work in a variety of styles from realistic to cartoon. Old Dell Walt Disney and Warner Bros, and Harvey comic books are another big influence on my art.

I am a fan. I try to create more of the stuff that I love.




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