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Volume 5997

THE PIT  ~ 1934.10.28
When Dester Molu, white god of the Waioris, pronounced sentence of doom, Tarzan's keen eye darted about him. But he saw no hope of escape. Suddenly his sharp ears caught Bohgdu's guttural tones coming stealthily form the roof high above him. "Master, I am here."  Tarzan raised his voice in a chant.

"He sings my praises," Dester told the savages; but in truth the captive thus disguised his orders to the ape. Bohgdu obeyed. He crept to the hole through which the Great Hall was illuminated, and covered it with his giant body. When the Waioris saw the lights so weirdly fading, they were stricken with dismay, for they believed that Tarzan was working some evil magic. In the murky gloom, the ape-man leaped through the ghostly circle of terrified warriors. 

The one door was closed, so Tarzan raced to the wall with the swiftness of an antelope and mounted the wood framework. As he swung along the rafters of the steep roof, bullets from Dester's gun screamed and thumped around his shadowy form. At last he came to the opening. Bohgdu moved aside and Tarzan raised himself through. Then the ape and ape-man glided dizzily down the precipitous slope toward freedom. When they slid from the eaves, they alighted on sheaves of palm leaves seemingly spread on the ground. But the leaves mysteriously gave away and Tarzan and Bohgdu were plunged into a deep, dark pit!

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