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Volume 5992

ON THE BARRICADE ~ 1934.09.23

Tarzan now faced two dangers -- the challenging ape which clutched the princess, and the beasts that were closing in! The ape-man sprang upward to a spar on the mast, then swung himself desperately at the ape Bohgdu. Just before Tarzan struck him, Bohgdu let the girl fall, the better to protect himself. Then the two, ape and ape-man, waged a terrific battle atop the barricade, while the jungle animals on the deck, roaring with excitement, moved toward the rampart.

At first the giant bulk of Bohgdu almost overwhelmed Tarzan, but the ape-man, with lightning swiftness, locked the arms of his opponent, and the ape cried: "Ka-Goda -- I surrender. You are master. You order. I obey." Tarzan uttered a sharp command to his new ally. Then the two leaped over the sharp-clawed animals which were scaling the barricade. The ape-man and Bohgdu let themselves down over the side of the ship, for it was Tarzan's purpose to lead the beasts away from his friends. Across a bridge of rocks they raced toward a ravine, and the animals followed in savage pursuit. But in the canyon ahead of them loomed a great boulder. Behind them echoed the fierce roars of the onrushing beasts! They were trapped!


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