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Volume 5991

CHALLENGE ~ 1934.09.16

As the raging leopard rushed from the dark hold, dazzled by the bright light, he leaped blindly at the shadowy Tarzan. The agile ape-man darted to one side and plunged his knife into the snarling beast. Meanwhile Princess Mihrama and the crew in frantic haste were erecting a barricade, nor were they too soon, for now the fierce menagerie streamed from the hold, blinking to accustom their eyes to the brilliant sunlight. Tarzan, ready for battle, took his stand against a mast, seeking to divert the attention of the beasts from his friends. With his back turned, he did not see a giant ape issue from the hold and lumber across the deck on padded feet. Quietly the big beast scaled the barricade, seized Princess Mihrama, then vaulted to the top of the rampart. AS the maiden's screams mingled with the ape's cry of victory. Tarzan whirled. "Kreeg-ah -- Beware!" he cried. "Release the white she."

The ape threw out his chest at the command in his own language. "Who are you?" he demanded.

Tarzan replied, "I am Tarzan of the Apes -- mighty hunter, mighty fighter!"

"I am Bohgdu, mightiest of my tribe," the great ape roared from atop the barricade; and Tarzan recognized the challenge of his voice. But while the ape bellowed defiance from his point of vantage, the beasts on the deck closed in on the lone fighter!"


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