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Volume 5982

When Tarzan tried vainly to break his chains, the master of the galley-slaves laid the lash strongly on his back. Again the maiden's cry reached the ape-man's ears as the sailors rushed to throw her overboard. In the belief that she harbored an evil spirit. Then the Arab slave merchant seeking to protect his precious merchandise, fired into the assailants. One fell; the others slunk away. Later Tarzan was brought on deck to rest, for the slave dealer desired to preserve the strength of his mightiest oarsman. Then came the roll of distant thunder. The sky grew dark. Lightning flashed. The sailors looked aloft and were afraid. 

An elder among them spoke: "It is such a storm as I have never seen. Yonder clouds are the chariots of death!" Violent gusts of wind, heralds of the coming gale, struck the ship and heeled her over and waves ran high. The sailors were determined now to appease the wrath of the storm by hurling the maiden into the sea as a sacrifice! When they rushed upon her, the Arab captain fired upon them again, but they would not halt. Then mighty Tarzan battled the fanatic mob to save her but he was overpowered by force of numbers. Pleading for mercy, the hapless maiden was seized, and flung into the raging waters!

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