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Volume 5980

IN ENEMY HANDS ~ 34.07.01
As the mysterious maiden rushed into Tarzan's protecting arms two men pursued her -- one a fierce Malay, the other a villainous Arab. The Malay snarled and raised his pistol. As Tarzan whirled to protect the girl with his own body the Arab cried, " Do not fire, fool! She is precious merchandise and must bear no blemish. We must take them both alive!" He called into the forest. A strange horde surged forth -- Arabs, savage Sudanese, Lascars, snarling Malays, Chinese -- as evil a crew of renegades as was ever assembled from the backwash of Asia and the Barbary Coast.

Grasping the maiden, Tarzan sprang to an overhanging bough hoping to bear her to safety in the jungle. But hardly had he started his aerial escape when a branch snapped, and Tarzan fell with his precious burden into the hands of the enemy. The fugitives were seized and led to the ship in the hidden cove. There the Arab addressed the maiden: "You shall not leave our hands again until the highest bidder claims you in the slave market of Harakeesh! Then he pointed to Tarzan and commanded: "Chain him to an oar so that he may help speed this maiden to her fate!"

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