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Volume 5978

JAWS OF DEATH ~ 34.06.17
Flung toward the monster's gaping jaws, Tarzan turned his agile body in mid-air and landed astride the crocodile's back. Writhing and lashing, the beast gradually forced the ape-man toward its tail to fling him into its cavernous mouth. But Tarzan caught up a floating stake from the river and thrust it between the great brute's jaws. Then, fearing a fatal blow from the lashing tail, Tarzan drew his keen blade and stabbed the monster in a vital spot. Astride the dying, but still floating crocodile, he paddled shore ward as two more of the reptiles swam toward him. 

Just in time he leaped for an overhanging bough and safety! The ape-man descended then and continued his perilous trek through the swamp and jungle, until he came at last to the precipitous mountains. Here Tarzan sought out the secret cavern through which he had entered this strange Egyptian land. But now the tunnel was laced with iron bars! He tried to squeeze through, but was halted by a roar and a lion sprang at him! The tunnel had been made into a cage of fierce beasts so that never more could any man enter or leave this fearful realm!

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