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Volume 5977

When the death mask fell and exposed Tarzan's disguise, the high priest frantically summoned the soldiers, who stormed into the chamber of the vault with spears raised to run the Ape-man through. But Tarzan retreated and hoisted the great lid of the sarcophagus as a shield. Thus protected, he crept along the wall, entered the corridor, and blocked the passage with the stone shell. So great was the haste of the soldiers in pulling away the obstruction that it fell and wounded them grievously. Tarzan fled through the corridors and came to the doorway, where the outer guard blocked his escape! But before they could seize him, he leaped to a tree. While the soldiers stood powerless he paused and ripped away the confining mummy bandages. 

Then he swung from tree to tree down the long lane of death that stretched from the tomb to the river where he found a dugout and set out to brave the crocodile-infested stream. He paddled swiftly, resolved to leave forever this strange Egyptian land where death constantly shadowed his footsteps. But a giant saurian, rising from the slimy depths, capsized the frail craft, and Tarzan was flung toward the gaping jaws of the monster!

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