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Volume 5976

WITHIN THE TOMB ~ 34.06.03
Surrounded by the spears of the military escort, Tarzan dared not spring form the coffin in which he had hidden to escape the House of Death. With solemn rites, the mummy case was soon embarked on the funeral barge, and none suspected that it did not contain the dead prince Menotep. In the wake of the floating bier rode the ceremonial galley of the pharaoh and a host of vessels laden with mourners. At last they reached the Valley of the Royal Tombs. Then, to the doleful rhythm of a dirge, the procession trod the lane of death to the sombre "Mastaba" which had been built as the "Eternal House" of  Prince Menotep. Tarzan knew it now for his own tomb! Through a labyrinth of gloomy corridors marched the stately procession to the secret chamber of the vault. There, while the high priest chanted mystic words, the coffin was placed in the sarcophagus, and the pallbearers began to lower it into the shaft.

Then Tarzan's voice boomed from the depths: "I am Prince Menotep. I have visited the realm of the gods and they have granted me a new span of life. Lift me!"

Believing some great magic had been wrought by the gods, the high priest commanded the trembling pallbearers to hoist the sarcophagus. Then Tarzan, in his mummy's disguise, raised the stone lid -- a feat of strength which the onlookers believed could be performed only with divine aid. But as he moved toward freedom, a terrified spectator fell in a faint and struck him. The death mask dropped, and Tarzan's face was revealed!

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