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Volume 5919

SEAL OF DOOM ~ 1933.04.30
While the princess clung to Tarzan pleading with him in the tongue that he did not understand, to return to the city. . . within the temple, the high priest prayed that Nikotris would succeed in bringing the ape-man back. . . and the prayer was echoed by the crowds around the fallen statue of the apogee Thoth.

In the jungle, Tutamken, recovered from the blow with which the great ape PTO had felled him, was leading the wounded Von Harben  through the unmarked trail. It was not until Von Harben came to the royal barge and acted as interpreter that Tarzan understood the pleas of the Egyptians. They believed they could never avert the wrath of the gods unless he returned with the sacred apes. In compassion for the suffering people Tarzan agreed to return and called the apes to him. 

When the barge reached the palace, word spread rapidly that the ape-man had returned. There was dancing in the city streets for joy at the good omen. The granaries closed against famine, were opened to the eager crowds. In the palace, a festival was started to end the days of mourning. The high priest led Tarzan and the apes into an enormous bare room. Once they were all inside the high priest closed the door on them and had it sealed up. He vowed to hold Tarzan and the apes prisoners for life lest by their escape they cause the anger of the gods to fall again on the Egyptians.

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