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Volume 5905

TO THE GOD OF THE APES ~ 1933.01.22
In the month of Mechir - that is January -- in the second year of the reign of Cham-sem, his infant son, the prince Tutamken had been presented to the courtiers. "Tutamken shall be dedicated to Thoth, god of the apes," the high priestess said.

And in childhood the young prince had learned to play with the little brothers of the apes -- the monkeys. He had followed them to the trees and had learned to leap with them from branch to branch. He could run even as nimbly as they up theh palace walls, using the hieroglyphics for a foothold. As he grew to young manhood, Tutamken had followed them far beyond the palace gorunds, and he had learned their language and the language of the apes. 

Great in power the young prince had grown and the priests caused him to be venerated because of his kinship with the sacred beasts. But when he demanded that Tarzan, because of his kinship with the apes, be likewise worshipped, the Egyptian priests paused to take council. After Tarzan had been show the tortures inflicted upon those who incurred the displeasure of the gods. . .  he was led before the court of Egyptian priests for judgement. With the torch of flame, the high priest commanded all evil spirits to leave the enclosure. After long deliberation, the sentence of the court was imposed. To prove his kinship with the beasts , Tarzan would have to swim through the River of Sacred Crocodiles.

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