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Volume 5904

When all had departed, Erich Von Harben still lay unconscious on the staircase leading to the apes' pit. And Nikotris, the daughter of the pharaoh, saw him. Tenderly she knelt beside him and found that he still lived. At her command a litter was brought and Von Harben was carried to the great outdoor hospital. 

That night Nikotris prayed to Peneter-Deva (the planet Venus) to make the stranger well. Rapidly he recovered and rapidly he learned to talk in the Egyptian to the fair Nikotris who came daily to see him. With her aid he learned to decipher the hieroglyphics that told the strange story of her people.

Meanwhile Tarzan, who had been brought into the secret confines of the temple, saw the high priest pour the burning pitch into an opening in the pavement. Below in a dungeon prisoners were chained. When the burning pitch flamed down upon one of them. . .  the prisoner heard the high priest cry, "So the gods punish traitors!" But Tarzan understood not and he followed the high priest until. . .  the high priest suddenly knelt. Opened a door in the floor, and pointed. Tarzan drew back at what he saw.

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